Smart Zip® Finest ZipTrack Blinds Manufacturer – We make your home outdoor spaces into a convertible indoor sanctuary.

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Smart Zip® is Singapore’s leading local based manufacturer of Smart Zip Track with more than 30 years’ of collective experience in the industry. Founded in 2015, with over 5 years of operating history and counting since ZipTrack was first introduced in Singapore.

Smart Zip Blinds is the most recommended outdoor balcony zip blinds for your home to better protect your balcony from rain, sun and wind!


  • Strong wind resistance up to 140KM/h
  • Rain protection up to 95% 
  • UV protection
  • Keeps away mosquitos and flying insects
  • Reduce air pollution from outside, such as haze, smoke
  • Contains Aircon and use it like a indoor space!
  • 5 Years Local Warranty

With their unique proprietary ABS and DVBB systems, it is able to withstand strong wind of up to 140km/h and to ensure functionality of the blinds at your balcony even when being hard pressed by the wind.
Best overall rain protection with the 1% Phifer sheer weave fabric to protect from rain of up to 95%* away from your balcony!
More harmful UV rays protection at your balcony with Smart Zip Track Blinds!

If you are still wondering what balcony ideas to have for home, Smart Zip has many homeowners who have installed Smart Zip Track Blinds at their balcony and to make use of their underutilised spaces in the house!

Do check out their YouTube Channel for more showcase videos of all their past projects!

Why is it most recommended to engage Smart Zip’s services?

Smart Zip have their own teams with a 10,000sqft in house production power house located in woodlands, with over 30+ staffs, featuring our fabrication team, assembly team and quality testing team, on-site technicians and our sales specialists to give you a peace of mind, less headache, less hassle for your home renovation at your balcony while creating more convertible spaces at your semi-outdoor balcony! 

Last but also importantly, Smart Zip extend their services to Penthouses or Patios Trellis Roofings, Balconies Invisible Grille, indoor blinds and curtains.

Trellis Roofing for Penthouse or Patio Roof Garden

Many homeowners have an abundance of underutilised spaces which could be used to create more spaces for all different sorts of productivity, activity and lifestyle spaces for you and your family members.

We build and extended many homes roofing using aluminum composite or polycarbonate material which create more life spaces in your homes.
We have different homeowners who made use of their balcony spaces to become a rooftop GYM, or an indoor pub and chill area, or even a play area for their children! There are so many endless possibilities of activities to do at your balcony or roof! It is all up to your creativity!

Invisible Grille

Protect your children or pets from the dangers of high rise building. Without installing bulky heavy grilles which affects the aesthetic of your home. There are different types of materials for Invisible Grille such as Nylon, Teflon. or Nano Coating which can be called crystal or diamond coatings in the market! 

Associated Blinds and Day/Night Curtains

There are many types of blinds such as Venetian blinds, Korean blinds, Blackout blinds, Bamboo blinds, Roman blinds, Vertical blinds and zebra blinds.

There are also many curtains that we have! Blackout, sheers, day, Night curtain, some curtains are for indoor and some are not. Some are suitable for home use and some are suitable for commercial uses!

Smart Zip provides an attractive bundle package deal if you get at least 2 different types of services with them!

Smart Zip® Finest ZipTrack Blinds Manufacturer – We make your home outdoor spaces into a convertible indoor sanctuary.
Smart Zip® Finest ZipTrack Blinds Manufacturer – We make your home outdoor spaces into a convertible indoor sanctuary.

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