The Finest Slimming Centers in Singapore

The Finest Slimming Centers in Singapore

Achieving a healthy weight can be a challenging journey for many individuals. While being slightly overweight may be a minor concern, those who are significantly overweight or obese often face impacts on their quality of life and serious health issues. If you’ve struggled to lose weight independently, seeking support from a slimming center could be a crucial step. To maximize the benefits of this assistance, it’s essential to identify the top slimming centers in Singapore. Explore our guide to discover the key locations that can provide essential support on your weight reduction journey.

Disclaimer: The companies listed in this article are presented in random order and are not ranked based on any criteria. The inclusion of a company in this article does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the author. The information provided is for general informational purposes only, and readers are advised to conduct their own research and due diligence before engaging with any of the companies listed.

Best Slimming Centers in Singapore


Donna Beauty

Where everything falls into place
The Finest Slimming Centers in Singapore
Donna Beauty – Slimming Centers Singapore
Donna Beauty – Bringing Together The Best of Western Technology and TCM Wellness Philosophy and Techniques

Donna Beauty – Bringing Together The Best of Western Technology and TCM Wellness Philosophy and Techniques

About Donna Beauty Since the start of time there is a search for eternal, immortal beauty. Hence, Donna …
ServicesSlimming Center Services: Magic Polar Slimming Treatment, Indiba Slimming Treatment, RF Body Contour
Price RangeView the menu and prices here.
Contact Details+65 8797 6271
AddressMultiple locations islandwide

Donna Beauty® was born from this concept. They know that it is impossible to live forever, but combining the finest of western science with TCM wellness therapies can slow down the process. Their founder has brought in technology and information that has been proven beneficial after years of study and studies with world-leading specialists.

TCM is centered on restoring internal energy by balancing yin and yang. TCM has been shown beneficial in several studies, and they have hand-picked procedures and treatments that are acceptable for people of all ages.

Donna Beauty® also provides the convenience of Western-style treatments. Doctors all across the world have verified and endorsed these technologies. Their therapists are well-versed in a variety of therapies, technologies, and their advantages.


  • Holistic Approach
  • Oriental TCM combined with Western Style Treatments
  • Multiple locations islandwide
  • Affordable and transparent price
Customer Reviews

Kelly wong was very detailed with her work(friendly too) and not to mention the environment here is calming. 10/10 would recommend -White Sand, Donna Spa – Amos Tan

Therapist Lan Lan did an amazing job in ensuring my comfort throughout the session – Shereen Roh

Different standards depend on the person assigned to attend to you. But I must say all are experienced and very friendly. – Tan-Yeo Ellese


Halley Body Slimming Clinic

The Finest Slimming Centers in Singapore
Halley Body Slimming Clinic – Slimming Centers Singapore
Halley Body Slimming Clinic – A Singapore Aesthetic Clinic for Weight Loss and Fat Removal

Halley Body Slimming Clinic – A Singapore Aesthetic Clinic for Weight Loss and Fat Removal

Halley Body Slimming Clinic (Halley Body) is a medical clinic that aims to help patients achieve their body …
ServicesSlimming Center Services: Weight Management, Fat Reduction, Skin Tightening, Body Firming and Muscle Toning, Vaginal Rejuvenation and Muscle toning
Price RangeView the menu and prices here.
Contact Details+65 6246 8806
Address277 Orchard Road #03-16 orchard gateway Singapore 238858

Halley Body Slimming Clinic developed its medical assets, techniques, and intellectual assets to help people slim down and lose weight safely and effectively. Halley Body is one of the only clinics in Singapore with six CoolSculpting machines specialized in the reduction of undesired body fat in regions such as the belly, flanks, thighs, arms, breast fat, and chin, and it can treat four non-overlapping areas at once to decrease treatment time.

Their physicians and consultants continuously monitor and carry out treatments, according to strict US and Singapore health standards, drugs, medical technologies, and procedures to help you. Their lead doctor, Dr Terence Tan, has served on various regional and global CoolSculpting Advisory boards, and his research has been presented at various medical conferences worldwide.


  • Weight Management
  • Fat Reduction
  • Body Firming
Customer Reviews

Of late, I’ve become very self-conscious of my saddlebag thighs and my batwings! Blame it on my age, tropical weather or covid weight gain! After a lot of research and deliberation, I chose Halley’s and boy am I glad I did. The applicators are the real deal, the staff is very courteous, Dr Tan is very knowledgeable and the results even after the first sitting- are impressive! Give this a go if you are on the lookout for something like this. 5 stars for sure! – Je D

Dr Terence Tan is patient in listening and understanding his client’s needs. He is well supported by a team of customer-service-oriented staff. – Cherie

Did Coolsculpting with them. Good service. Yet to see the result in 3 months’ time. It may not be the cheapest one, but they give you confidence in what they do. They have doctors to ensure things won’t go haywire. Signed up for Vanquish as well. The staff are very attentive. And tried to make my experience as comfortable as it can get. – Joanna Ibrahim


Slim Couture

Be your own kind of beautiful
The Finest Slimming Centers in Singapore
Slim Couture – Slimming Centers Singapore
ServicesSlimming Center Services: Divine slim
Price Range$220/ session with a minimum of 8 sessions
Contact Details+65 6534 0747
Address20 Cecil Street #02-05 GSH Plaza Singapore 049705

Slim Couture, a Singapore-based firm, has committed itself to assisting individuals in losing weight healthily while adhering to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Slim Couture has been delivering effective weight reduction programs and slimming solutions to male and female customers with weight concerns since 2010, thanks to its unique weight loss program, Divine SlimTM.

Slim Couture has received public recognition and has won a number of honours, including the Promising SME 500, Singapore Quality Brands, and the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award. Slim Couture is a recognized company that can help you appear your best, as evidenced by the honours they have earned.


  • Signature Weight Loss Program – Divine SlimTM
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Specialized Techniques 
Customer Reviews

Second time back at Slim Couture. The reason for choosing Slim Couture was because you will lose weight if you follow the diet closely. It is not very hard to follow as the food choices can be found easily. The experience was as good as the first time with different staff. Treatment complements the diet and advice were given by the staff on how to adjust. First, few treatments were painful and bound to have blue blacks. Overall a good experience with a weight loss of 8.5kg. – Debbie Seet

I have a slipped disc and weight was one of my concerns, therefore I decided to try this out to lose some weight before I was to decide to go for slip disc surgery and so far I’ve lost weight which kind of improve the pressure on my lower back. The session involves guasha and cupping, as it help sculpts your body after a few session. It depends on the individual and is great to see your body becoming slimmer. The result is definitely even more visible when you follow their diet, which is to eat healthier and drink lots of water. – M Ce S Ca

I have come to know Slim Couture via social media postings two years ago. I do have my doubts when it comes to slimming centres, but trust me, I have tried so many methods to lose weight, Slim Couture is currently one of the best methods I have ever been through. This treatment made me feel good about myself, definitely healthier too. Through 1.5 months (12sessions), I have lost almost 6kg, 4.2% in fats level, and a total of 20.7cm overall. Super looking forward to reaching my ideal weight, with my remaining sessions with them! 😀😀 – Lee Joanne


TCM Shanghai Chinese Medicine Center

Dedicated and Experienced team of doctors
The Finest Slimming Centers in Singapore
TCM Shanghai Chinese Medicine Center – Slimming Centers Singapore
ServicesSlimming Center Services: Slimming Package includes 5 sessions of acupuncture and 5 sessions of cupping
Price RangePromotional price of $380
Contact Details67561528
AddressBlk 925 Yishun Central 1 #01-243 Singapore 760925

The Shanghai Chinese Medicine Centre is perhaps Singapore’s top TCM clinic. Dr Li, one of their experts, has more than 30 years of expertise in this field. She creates individualized slimming programs for her customers depending on their specific health concerns. Acupuncture, cuppology, traditional herbs, and expert counselling are all part of the curriculum. This therapy will efficiently lower their clients’ weight to their target BMI Level and, more crucially, rehabilitate them to the healthiest condition without bouncing back using traditional ways.


  • MOH Registered Physicians
  • Family Wellness Packages
  • TCM Slimming
  • Pre & Post Natal Care
Customer Reviews

Was always struggling with lower back problems from my sport, went to the polyclinic and the doctor just prescribed me painkillers and said it’s nothing much. However, my back pain had been bothering me for a very long so I decided to try out TCM. After a series of acupuncture, cupping and Chinese medicine, the back surprisingly doesn’t hurt anymore! You really have to be patient though, you may not feel the results at the very start of the treatment process but I guarantee that with Dr Li’s professionalism and experience, you will start seeing results a few sessions later! – Jia Jun

After visiting numerous professional TCM practitioners, Dr Li Rui has lifted up to her standards and well-known experiences for her various treatment. During the months of treatments, she had promoted my recovery with regularly extensive diagnostics and treatments (e.g. medicine varies towards my conditions from each visit), and advice. With the effective treatments for recovery, the cost of each visit is relatively reasonable in comparison to other TCM clinics which I had visited. Glad to find a good TCM doctor in this neighbourhood. – Kwek Hansiong

The pain in the back and lower abdomen has been bothering me. My friend introduced me to visit Dr Li. After several sessions of treatments with a whole set of medicine, acupuncture and cupping got obvious progress. The doctor is truly professional, very patient and friendly. Very worthy and highly recommended. – Ailing Lee


London Weight Management

The Finest Slimming Centers in Singapore
London Weight Management – Slimming Centers Singapore
ServicesSlimming Center Services: Signature ezSlim Treatment, Power slim treatment, Dieting, London Slimming treatment
Price Range
Contact Details6222 1234
AddressMultiple locations islandwide

London Weight Management has an established track record of offering result-driven slimming treatments for women with weight problems dating back over two decades. Despite fierce competition, London Weight Management’s remarkable weight loss expertise continues to be widely sought.


  • Weight Problem Treatment
  • Professional Team
Customer Reviews

Every session guarantees weight loss, and the consultant has been informative in providing meal plans for me to maintain my weight. I am very satisfied with the treatments and the London Express Coffee, which I take daily. Now that I am slimmer, I can confidently take photos and buy size S clothing! My colleagues have noticed a difference in my weight and have complimented me on the change in my appearance. Well done London! – Tan Lay Qing

Thank you Even for the great session! She understands my body well and sets the right blanketing temperature. Duration can be set to like last time too short for this round. Keep up the effort! – May F

Everyone at the outlet made me feel welcome. Both Regene and Jeslyn consistently checked if I was feeling alright, and ensured my comfort during treatment from beginning to end which I appreciate. They helped to target my problem areas, and I feel assured in their expertise in tailoring the treatment for my needs. Very happy with my visit today. – Faezah

Finest Slimming Centers in Singapore


Tummy, hip, and thigh
The Finest Slimming Centers in Singapore
BottomSlim – Slimming Centers Singapore
ServicesSlimming Center Services: Thermal cellulite treatment, Stretch mark treatment, Lower body reductive treatment, Signature tummy, hip, thigh, slimming therapy, Thigh firming/ contouring therapy
Price Range
Contact Details(+65) 6363 2525
AddressMultiple locations islandwide

BottomSlim was created to empower women to achieve their goals and conquer life’s challenges. Life is a circle, and they experienced different problems at different stages of their lives. BottomSlim thinks that by respecting their bodies and encouraging women, they can overcome these obstacles. BottomSlim aspires to make a positive difference in your life as well as your looks.

BottomSlim. BottomSlim is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction that works. To flatten that belly, tame wobbling thighs, and firm up cellulite-riddled bottoms, you don’t have to walk a thousand kilometres or resort to risky, unpleasant operations.

BottomSlim specializes in body contouring for the lower body, including the belly, hips, and thighs. They employ clinic-tested, patented slimming procedures and technology to help you get rid of those unattractive lumps, bumps, and bulges and reach your ideal shape.


  • Clinically -Tested Slimming Techniques and Equipment
  • Non-Surgical and Painless Alternative To Liposuction
  • Empowering Women
Customer Reviews

It was my first time coming here and I did the detox + slimming + oxifat treatment. The oxifat was painful but bearable. It was understandable that it will be uncomfortable/painful since it’s metal massaging over the area. There’s a huge difference after doing just one treatment, I lost 4cm on my waist! The service was amazing, unlike what I saw from other reviewers, they did not try to hard sell or force me to sign their packages. Overall, definitely coming back again 🙂 – A K


Body Perfect

Look great from every angle
The Finest Slimming Centers in Singapore
Body Perfect – Slimming Centers Singapore
ServicesSlimming Center Services: Corrective steps Cool fat Blast fat Melt fat
Biological steps Burn fat Detox fat
Stimulative steps Drain fat Tighten skin
Price Range
AddressMultiple locations islandwide

BodyPerfect has been an expert in weight management since 2006. We have helped thousands of women and celebrities regain their silhouette without dieting, pills and injections. Combining Science, Tradition and Technology, this proven multi-faceted approach is effective with results that last. Their TREATMENT PROMISE: Gain lean mass, lose fat and improve body hydration. Every visit* targets more than 100 grams of pure fat and burns about 400 – 900 kcals. These results persist for a few days and the right food combination will contribute to a sensible weight loss journey that lasts a lifetime.


  • A better weight loss and conturing philosophy
  • Diet and slimming advice
  • Body Balance Composition
Customer Reviews

Great service by Agnes who is not at all pushy! Very generous with skincare tips too! The facial has been really helpful for my acne prone skin. My face does not swell and the redness after extraction goes away quite quickly. – Meien Gui

Effective and professional service by Agnes who takes pride in helping me slim down in a short period of time especially my upper thighs. I am very happy with the results and the team for making booking appointments easily. Would highly recommend this centre to anyone looking to slim down without a second thought. – Gemmie G

Great service by Karen for Skin Perfect facial treatment from Plaza Singapura outlet! She listens, truly care for my condition and gave me advices the products/routine that suits my skin condition best~ no hard-selling involved 🙂 each visit always a relaxing session. Thank you Karen! – Yap Iris


Dorra Slimming Singapore

A new you awaits
The Finest Slimming Centers in Singapore
Dorra Slimming Singapore – Slimming Centers Singapore
ServicesSlimming Center Services: Intense fat burning slimming treatment, Speedy detox treatment
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6881 8181
AddressMultiple outlets islandwide

dorra, the French lower body slimming expert has arrived in Singapore with their latest fat-burning and body-shaping technologies designed to resolve your problem areas and banish those unsightly bumps and bulges on your tummy, hips and thighs – even stubborn ones that you’ve had for years!


  • French Lower Body Slimming Expert
  • Fast and Effective
  • 100% Female Environment
  • Slim Down in Comfort
Customer Reviews

This is my very 1st slimming treatment. Excellent service by therapist Eve Tang😘. Very friendly and helpful therapist. Hope i achieve my desire result soon. Will update you after my 10 sessions. – Sbixtha Personal

A big thank you to my consultant, Fiona for her professional services rendered to me. A patient, dedicated and knowledgeable staff who will explain the benefits and outcome of each treatment. Would also like to thank the treatment specialist, Grace Yer who planned the treatments for me so that I can attain my desire result. – Sandra Lee

Fiona was exceptionally knowledgeable at what she does making me feel as a client very at ease and comfortable. Every question was answered professionally and without judgement. Customer service was at its best. – Gay Abenir


Prive Bodyworks

One-stop award-winning medi-spa offering expert
The Finest Slimming Centers in Singapore
Prive Bodyworks – Slimming Centers Singapore
ServicesSlimming Center Services: Body contouring, Firm and tone
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9848 2888
Address390 Orchard Rd, #03 – 03, Singapore 238871

Advanced clinically-proven machines coupled with expert-guided nutrition and healthy lifestyle advice, reveal a slim, svelte figure that’ll turn heads wherever you go. Even if have been eating healthily and exercising regularly, there are times that it may still be difficult to get rid of stubborn pockets of fats. At Prive, through a comprehensive personalized body analysis, our friendly consultants can recommend the best appropriate non-invasive method to help reduce stubborn fats on areas such as the abdomen, tummy, love handles, bra fat, muffin tops and thighs to help you achieve the perfect body.


  • Tailored Aesthetic Treatments
  • Affordable
  • Accessible
  • Medical Grade Products
  • Clinically-Proven Machine
Customer Reviews

Compliments to Dr Soh and the team and thank you for taking care of my Ultherapy treatment. Was initially very worried about the pain but the nurses were very assuring. They applied more numbing cream for me and it was actually quite bearable. Treatment results are great and I really do see a difference, especially in the photos they took for me. – Ivy Tan

Have been doing Hydra Facial here, Love my therapist! I always feel so good & relaxed after the treatment🙆🏻‍♀️💕 – Furlisia

Dr Kwee is very friendly and approachable and she really listens and recommends what is best for me. She always goes the extra mile for her patients and treatments with her are very enjoyable and relaxing. – Ryley Chua


Ensoul Medical Clinic

The Finest Slimming Centers in Singapore
Ensoul Medical Clinic – Slimming Centers Singapore
ServicesSlimming Center Services: Pigmentation Removal, Active Acne Treatment, Scars Removal, Body Sculpting, Body Slimming, Fat Reduction for Belly, Arms, Thighs, Gynaecomastia, Back, Love handles, Cellulite Treatment
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6836 2833
Address360 Orchard Rd, #08-01, International Building, Singapore 238869

Located at the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore, The ENSOUL Medical Clinic has been established based on over 30 years of medical experience. Guided by their founder and Medical Director, Dr Kenneth Thean, his vision for excellence is embedded within the clinic’s ethos. Bringing his wealth of medical experience, the lion’s share of our treatment is dedicated to treating complex skin problems like stubborn pigmentation, melasma, pimples and acne scars.

To better address a broader range of aesthetic problems, ENSOUL is fitted with an enviable repertoire of more than 50 contemporary medical devices. Supported by a suite of more than 10 speciality medical lasers and 40 energy-based devices, the one-stop destination Clinic offers an exhaustive range of bespoke skin solutions. The availability of standby equipment, to tackle emergent situations and contingencies, further adds to the overall confidence levels of doctors and patients.

As every treatment modality has its own exceptional inherent benefits, they have developed unique treatments that combine multiple innovative technologies to harness their greatest effect in a synergistic cascading manner that is clinically proven effective and safe. About 80% of their treatments target common skin issues like pigmentation, acne and acne scarring. Hence, rest assured that you will be in good hands as their team of medical doctors has established a deep understanding of these skin diseases and the treatment plan. Their doctors


  • Weight Management
  • Fat Reduction
  • Body Firming
Customer Reviews

First time doing any laser treatment and I am glad I came to this clinic. Doctor Chiam is friendly and assuring throughout the entire process. Staffs are very knowledgeable, accommodating and patient to explain everything that I am confused about. There’s already a clear difference in my skin’s improvement since I went there twice for my acne hyperpigmentation. The clinic is also very clean and neat 🙂 – Eun

Dr Thean was amazing! My skin was full of acne scars and melasma marks but him and his team were amazing. Beautiful and aesthetic clinic. Couldn’t recommend Ensoul more ! After the Quad Laser my pores are visibly smaller, my skin texture has significant improved and my lips are so much pinker- no need for lipstick or foundations! Amazing – Sarah Mae Thomas

Experience tremendous result after my 4th sessions. Received compliments from friends & relatives that my face is fairer and years of stubborn pigmentation has faded. Dr Thean is skillful, professional & passionate in his work. He knows very well the best treatments for his patients. You are definitely in good hands. All the staff are friendly & amazing. Excellent and meticulous service under Stella’s care. Many thanks to Dr Thean & his team! – Eva H

In retrospect, if you’ve faced challenges in shedding excess weight, turning to a slimming center could be the key to your ultimate success. These centers, staffed by trained professionals specializing in weight loss, offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you on your journey to a healthy weight. Seeking assistance from a slimming center can provide you with the support needed to reach your goals. Our aim is that this information proves valuable in your quest for the perfect slimming center in Singapore, propelling you toward success in your weight reduction endeavor.

Do check out our list of Fat Grafting Clinics and have time to try their finest services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a slimming center?

A weight loss clinic or a weight loss facility assists people in losing weight and learning appropriate eating habits. Some of these facilities, known as medical weight reduction centers, focus on doctor-supervised diet, exercise, and supplement programs.

Are Slimming Clinics safe?

The Slimming Clinic’s weight reduction injections and medicines are absolutely safe, having been professionally tested and skillfully administered by our skilled specialists.

What do weight loss specialists do?

You will meet with a weight loss doctor (who has experience and training in weight management) who will do a full examination of you, allowing us to create a weight reduction program that is tailored to your individual needs. This will include: a thorough medical examination to discover the source of your weight increase.

What services do slimming centers in Singapore typically offer to support weight loss goals?

Explore the range of services commonly provided by slimming centers, designed to support individuals in achieving their weight loss objectives.

How do trained professionals at slimming centers contribute to the weight loss journey, and what expertise do they offer?

Understand the role of trained professionals in slimming centers, gaining insights into the expertise they bring to guide individuals on their weight loss journey.

Are there specific weight loss methods or programs offered by slimming centers, and how can individuals choose the right one for their needs?

Explore the variety of weight loss methods and programs available at slimming centers, receiving guidance on selecting the most suitable option based on individual needs.

How often should individuals visit a slimming center for optimal results, and what factors influence the frequency of visits?

Gain insights into the recommended frequency of visits to slimming centers and understand the factors that may influence the optimal schedule for effective weight loss.

Can slimming centers in Singapore tailor their services to address specific weight loss goals or concerns, such as targeted fat loss or overall toning?

Learn about the customization options available at slimming centers, allowing them to address specific weight loss goals or concerns, such as targeted fat loss or overall toning.

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