Donna Beauty – Bringing Together The Best of Western Technology and TCM Wellness Philosophy and Techniques

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About Donna Beauty

Since the start of time there is a search for eternal, immortal beauty. Hence, Donna Beauty® was birthed under this idea. We recognize that it is impossible for eternity, but we can slow down the process by bringing together the best of western technology and TCM wellness philosophy and techniques. After years of research and studies with world leading professionals, our founder has brought in technology and knowledge that is proven effective.

Why Donna Beauty?

Donna Beauty provides both oriental TCM and western technology. We are here for you in every stage of life, rejuvenating you from internal wellness to the external glow, allowing you to face the challenges ahead without worry.
TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is based on balancing yin and yang, restoring vitality from internally. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of TCM and we hand-picked the techniques and treatments that are suitable for all ages.

Understanding that TCM could be unsuitable for certain individual, Donna Beauty® also offers the flexibility of Western technology treatments. These technologies are certified and supported by doctors around the world.

Our therapists are well-trained and experienced in the various treatments, machines, and its benefits to be able to accurately advise every individual and provide the most effective treatment suitable.

Signature Services

1. Facial

  • GuaSha Eye Treatment
    • It works by moving along the meridian channels on the face, removing blockage, pushing the toxin and draining out excess fluids.
  • Intensive Eye Treatment
    • Ultrasonic massage and galvanic penetration of a special blend of natural vitamins and proteins to nourish and improve appearance of eye area.
  • Meridian BoJin Facial Treatment
    • Well Balanced energy flow rejuvenates cells and slows the aging process, to achieve instant lifting and radiance effect.
  • Brightening Lumiere Marine Facial
    • It corrects dark spots and uneven pigmentation. Smooths, evens, illuminates, and reveals a brighter complexion. The face is hydrate, illuminated and more youthful looking.
  • Source Marine Facial
    • This treatment helps to lastingly correct moisture levels in dehydrated skin, working to revitalise the skin deep-down and restore its velvety feel and original radiance.

2. Body Treatments

  • TCM 5 in 1 Moxibustion Ovarian Wellness Treatment
    • It helps to regulate the female reproductive system and female endocrine problems such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, abnormal vaginal discharge, gynaecological inflammation, chest and abdominal pain, menopausal syndrome, and other symptoms.
  • TCM 5 in 1 Moxibustion Slimming Therapy
    • Moxibustion promotes blood circulation and the body’s metabolism. It able to effectively penetrate the various layers of the body fat to achieve a perfect balance of body fat and a healthy body weight. It also treated constipation.
  • Indiba Slimming Treatment
    • The results are enhanced oxygen flow to skin tissues and increased cell metabolism, rejuvenating and improving skin elasticity. This treatment is suitable for the prevention as well as correction of skin ageing.
  • Magic Polar Body Treatment
    • Heating fats cells accelerates their natural metabolism and causes fat cells to shrink. The rise in temperature forces fat cells to secrete fatty acids, which is disposed through the blood and lymph system, reducing cellulite appearance, and treating localized fat deposits.

3. Hair Reduction

  • Dynamic Pulse Light (DPL)
    It works along with traditional IPL and a laser power source to target dark pigments in hair follicles and prevents new hair follicles from growing. While IPL can reduce the coarse hair growth, DPL is able to target even the finest strand of hair. It is safe, effective, and painless.

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*For 1st time customers or those who has not visited Donna Beauty in last 6 months, aged 21 & above

1. 3 Months of UNLIMITED Radiant Renewal Facials @$88 (U.P $888, Duration: 75 Mins Per Session)
Our Customised Facial includes deep cleansing, extraction & exfoliation, rejuvenating mask, Thalgo misting spray. It solves your skin concerns such as pores, pimples, pigmentation, dull, dry, and tired skin. You could feel your skin become tighter and nourishes, preps your skin for our glow masks.
2. Meridian BoJin/ GuaSha Facial @$38 (U.P $598, Duration:60 Mins Per Session)
It helps to decongest the skin, improve blood circulation, and rejuvenate cells.
3. Instant Pain Relief Treatment @$35 onwards (U.P $308.16, Duration:45 Mins Per Session)
It helps with digestive Issues, detox & wellness Instant pain relief, chronic/acute pain relief. It is a non-invasive treatment.

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Donna Beauty – Bringing Together The Best of Western Technology and TCM Wellness Philosophy and Techniques
Donna Beauty – Bringing Together The Best of Western Technology and TCM Wellness Philosophy and Techniques

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