Singapore PR Consultancy: Does it really help to realize your Singapore Immigration Dream?

Singapore PR Consultancy: Does it really help to realize your Singapore Immigration Dream?

There are more than 50 immigration consultancy firms in Singapore. Their primary business is to assist foreigners who wish to apply for Singapore Permanent Residence (PR) / Citizenship. Services vary from just applying for Singapore Permanent Residence (PR) / Citizenship to outbound immigration services. 

Some agencies will only fill up the application form for you, while others will advise on strategies to enhance your profile such that it stands out and increases your chances of consideration for Singapore Permanent Residence (PR) / Citizenship.

Given all these different options out there, it is crucial for consumers to clearly understand exactly the kind of services they are looking for and which agency can provide them at a reasonable price while ensuring quality, reliability, and expertise. Furthermore, services desired should be understood and classified as “must-have” and “good to have” as the price difference for the same could be huge.

A rule of thumb

The Singapore immigration industry is currently not regulated, so engaging a Singapore PR consultancy firm that delivers what it promises and serves your best interest is vital. It is important to understand and differentiate the services which can actually be provided, and which seem impossible to deliver. Here are some pointers or simple rules to identify a good Immigration Consulting agency.

#1 – Response time

How do you measure response time? Within 24-hours, within three (3) working days? Response time is one of the parameters on how a service provider determines the quality of the service provided. Many people use response time as a metric to measure the service they receive. In our opinion, in our line of business, response time is crucial. We respond to our client’s requests/inquiries on the same or following working day. We always put ourselves in our client’s shoes. Promptness of response also indicates the promptness in service provided later.

#2 – Google reviews – why are ours important?

Be mindful while taking Google reviews at their face value. The number of customer reviews on Google has risen exponentially in recent years. Unfortunately, not all reviews are authentic. Many businesses entice clients or even people who are not clients into leaving good reviews. Due diligence is always advocated and one way to look out for authentic, honest reviews is to focus on reviews that are personalised and descriptive. 

#3 – Quality of the consultant

Hiring a good consultant is never easy. Not all immigration consultants from big, reputed immigration agencies are good. Neither does it mean that someone from a small agency not charging a considerable service fee is terrible. So, how exactly does one determine who is a good immigration consultant? Read our article: Top 5 Mistakes People Make In Choosing An Immigration Consultant.

Some consultants may have a personal agenda and throw a sales pitch at you, and they may over-promise and mislead you. Read our article here: Top 5 Singapore Immigration Agencies Lies (How to avoid these ‘House of Lies’? Note that integrity is an invaluable quality. To give good, honest service, you must add something vital, and that is sincerity and integrity.

The Immigration People holds integrity as one of its core values. They hold themselves and their operations to high standards. When they hire consultants, they emphasize on integrity and groom them to the high standards of their company. TIP management believes strongly in doing the right thing. Having integrity means one must be true to themselves and would do nothing that misrepresents, demeans, cheats the clients, or dishonours themselves or the company they worked for. TIP is one of the agencies that boldly published their price package on their website as they focus on transparency, be it on price listing or service provided.


Choose wisely when you are looking for a partner to work on your Singapore PR/ citizenship application. It is better to speak with more than one service provider and at the same time to research online to get a better idea, do some homework first. Prepare yourself before meeting an immigration consultant. You will benefit more and be protected from fraudulent and unscrupulous elements.

Be smart when choosing a Singapore PR consultancy firm.

About The Immigration People

The Immigration People (TIP) comprises dedicated staff with more than fifteen years of collective experience in Singapore immigration matters with knowledge contributed by ex-ICA and ex-Ministry officers.  

TIP is also a fast-growing and awards winning immigration agency in Singapore. They were awarded the ‘Best Startup in 2020’ by ‘The SME 100 Awards’ and the winner of the Fast Enterprise Category awarded by APEA 2021. They started their operation in Sept 2019. 

Reach out to us to find out more. You are welcome to book and appointment with our Immigration Consultant to experience it yourself. Read our article: Complimentary Private Consultation Session – What to expect?.

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