Singapore Lactation Bakes: Mummies’ Breast-friend

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In general, breastfeeding is recommended for mothers for the first six months after their baby is born, and it comes with tremendous benefits for both the mother and the baby. However, not all mothers out there experience a smooth breastfeeding journey. About 67% of mothers struggle with breastfeeding, which tells us that breastfeeding is not as easy as it looks.

A group of them are low supply mothers, those who are unable to produce enough breast milk for their baby’s growing needs. Our founder, Joanna Goy, falls under this group of mothers.

Singapore Lactation Bakes: Our Story

SLB Brand Story

Joanna started out as a slow and low yielder. When she had her first child, she was only able to produce a single drop of milk through pumping. When her milk came on the fourth day, she was only able to produce 30 to 50ml per pump session. Fear and thoughts on whether she would be able to provide enough for her child plagued her daily.

By the time her second child was born, Joanna was still struggling with a low milk supply. Despite studying various methods to solve her problem, nothing worked for her.

It was around this time that Joanna connected with a group of lovely mothers online. They were open to sharing various methods that they have used to successfully boost their own supply. However, most of the methods were those that Joanna had tried and yielded no results.
Her lucky moment came when one of the groups shared with her a solution that she had not come across in any of her research — lactation cookies.

There was a problem with lactation cookies though: they are expensive. Thus Joanna rolled up her sleeves and, armed with a spatula, began making her own lactation cookies. There weren’t any immediate results, but a few days later Joanna was able to produce around 80ml in a single pump session!
As she continued to bake and eat these cookies, her milk supply gradually increased and it became thicker too. She was able to produce 300ml, and can even afford to give her two daughters a milk bath daily.
And that is how Singapore Lactation Bakes was born.

Growth of SLB

Singapore Lactation Bakes started out in the humble home kitchen of our founder, where Joanna would bake late into the night and through the early mornings. We initially shifted to a retail kitchen and eventually moved to a manufacturing plant in March 2020 to increase the accessibility of our cookies to more mothers in Singapore. We are now supporting close to 20,000 mothers in their breastfeeding journey, and our product line has expanded beyond cookies to provide more variety for our consumers.

Singapore Lactation Bakes: Our Story

We now offer up to ten cookie flavours, including a sugar-free and dairy-free option. We also have muffins, brownies (which are perfect for chocolate-lovers), cookie cups, vegan-friendly granolas, and nursing tea! There are also Gift Sets and Bake Sets for mothers who want to share the joy of Singapore Lactation Bakes with other mothers!
In addition to our bakes, we are also selling nursing covers for mothers who seek coverage when they breastfeed on the go. These covers are made with 100% milk silk, providing you with a comfortable and lightweight coverage. Milk silk, which contains 18 amino acids, is also found to be antibacterial and anti-ageing, and can help with both blood circulation and regulate your body temperature.

Our Products

Our recipes are specially curated by our founder Joanna, who is a certified lactation counsellor, and currently undergoing the course to attain her International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). With over 10 years of breastfeeding experience and after supporting countless mothers in Singapore since 2015, she strives for continuous improvement in our lactation bakes to better support breastfeeding mothers’ needs.

However, we would like to put it out there that our lactation bakes are NO substitute for the best breastfeeding practices or counselling from a professional lactation consultant. Our bakes are simply a more nutritional alternative for mothers to satisfy their cravings after a tiring breastfeeding session while maintaining their figure.

Our bakes do contain some key ingredients, also known as galactagogues, that can support your breast milk supply. They are rolled oats, brewer’s yeast, and flaxseed. We pack almost double the amount of brewer’s yeast as compared to other lactation recipes on the internet, which provides mothers with essential Vitamin B and trace minerals, helping them to fight off postpartum depression, boost their immunity, and beautify their hair, nails and skin.

Our Partners

With our shift to a Singapore Food Agency (SFA) Manufacturing Plant, we are the first in our industry to be recognised with an SFA Manufacturing License. This allowed us to distribute our products to retailers in Singapore, making it more convenient for mothers to try our products.
Currently, our products can be found at hospitals such as Mount Alvernia Pharmacy, Thomson Medical Hospital Pharmacy, and retailers like Motherswork and Mothercare. We are also partnering with Tian Wei Signature is providing add-ons to their confinement meal packages.

SLB Mission

At Singapore Lactation Bakes, we design lactation products that support mothers during this special period of their life so that you can better support their growing baby. We believe in making foods and herbs FUN and DELICIOUS for our consumers. That means jam-packing our products with wholesome superfoods to help mothers power up your energy, mood, and MILK.

Our motto at Singapore Lactation Bakes has always been “Mummies first and profits second”, and our business is made to be more than just selling lactation bakes. Through our founder’s own personal experience as a mother who struggled with breastfeeding, we aim to inspire other mothers in their own breastfeeding journey.

Let us be your pillar of strength after an exhausting breastfeeding session. Let us be your cheerleader when you are experiencing baby blues. Let us be your most trusted companion in your breastfeeding journey.
If you are a mother yourself or simply want to share some fun and delicious bakes with others, head over to now!

Singapore Lactation Bakes: Mummies’ Breast-friend
Singapore Lactation Bakes: Mummies’ Breast-friend

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