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Hello and welcome from AN ALL WOMEN TEAM at Shan!

We are in the business of languages and jointly participate in making this diverse world a lot simpler to understand.

We at Shan are driven by the motto ‘to deliver quality output in the time committed’. Our printed price list enables us to be fair to all. We do not use our client logos or names to take business and take great care of our agencies, vendors and translators. We always respond to calls, emails or online chats. We have also added a self-imposed penalty on non-delivery and all these add to our high level of ethics in this business where human frailties are unavoidable.

On behalf of my team, I wish you, the very best years ahead and sincerely hope that through our association, we can build a strong trustworthy business relationship.
I’m keeping my words short hoping they mean more than a soliloquy. Warm affections!

Poonam Lamba (Mrs)
Looking for the best?

…….. We won’t stop you!


Shan Translation Pte. Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2015 QMS Certified Company with our head office in Singapore. Shan represents ‘Ansh Intertrade Pvt. Ltd., India’, as Sole Worldwide Collaborators.

Shan is in the business of translation, transcription, subtitling, content writing, localization, audio dubbing, voiceover, animation and digitizing data. Our projects are received from clients worldwide and then outsourced to professional vendors and native translators. These professionals are carefully selected for their domain specialization and nativity to provide the optimal output.

Over 1000 clients of Shan provide regular business with appreciation of our honesty which spans over a decade. Vendors/translators like us for our efficiency in payments and good accounting.

When you give us work, do expect good quality output, best prices and the widest range of language pairs offered in the world. Our prices are the best in the world because we offer our services only to other translation companies.


The concept of becoming a company supplying services to ‘Translation companies only’ was really a difficult shift in business acceptance in the beginning. We faced non acceptance from the markets, operated on very low profits, with a skeleton staff of 2, incurring huge losses and a very quickly falling confidence.

In the first year, we were devastated with a sale of less than 5$ per month. Just the day failure was accepted, came a generally large order and the sale bumped to about 500$ per month by the second year (still very low). Our motto for the third year was to achieve at least 1 order per day. Our patience and resilience have brought us now at over 100 orders per day, a database of over 30,000 translators, a 40 member ALL WOMEN TEAM with collaborations in many countries and over 1000 clients worldwide.

We started with a price list of 12 language pairs which is now more than 2200 language pairs making it the largest price list in the world – fixed and fair to all.


Reasons why over 1000 Translation Companies deal with Shan: Certification – An ‘ ISO 9001-2015’ QMS Certified company. Head Office – Singapore

  • Incorporation – Private Limited Company incorporated in Singapore.
  • Management – The only company with ‘An all Women Team’.
  • Pricing – You can’t be overcharged any more. Over 2200 Language pair price lists (fair to all and only for translation companies) to compare and instantly give a quotation to your clients.
  • Responsibility – 30% Self-imposed penalty for non-delivery.
  • Client Respect – We do not publicly parade our clients or their logos to get more business.
  • Resources – Over 25000 Translator base, 2000 transcription experts, 400 Content writers, 500 voice artists and a 40 member own women team.
  • Languages – Translation in over 2000 language pairs (largest price list in the world), Transcription, content writing, voice over in over 300 languages.
  • Automation – Efficiency enhanced through own multi-user, multi-location, online, self- designed CMS portal ‘GURU’ to manage multiple orders efficiently.
  • Presence – We proudly represent M/s. Ansh Intertrade Pvt. Ltd. (India) as their sole worldwide distributors. We also have 5 small vendor companies in India who only buy and supply to us.
  • Worldwide presence – Presence in Language centric countries helps improve our services. We have marked our presence in India, Germany, Russia, UAE, Africa, Myanmar, USA, Japan and Armenia through Shan.
  • Turnaround – Shan handles around 150 new purchase and sale projects each day (largest turnaround by any translation company).
  • Response time – We provide prompt service and always respond to client’s queries.
  • Transparency – All staff are mentioned on the website with contact details. The Price List is published and downloadable with no ambiguity in cost for the client.

The above qualities have earned Shan the business trust of more than 1000 international translation companies.


‘These little things we do…’


TRANSLATION (Text to Text)

Reading from a document in one language and typing in another language.

TRANSCRIPTION (Audio/Video to Text)

Listening to an audio/video file and typing the text in the same or in any other language.

SUBTITLING (Video to Text with timelines)

Watching a video and typing the text with start and end time for each dialogue in the same or another language.

CONTENT WRITING (Creatively writing text based on subject given)

Based on the topic given by the client, the writer researches and writes text in his or her own words creatively. We offer this in over 300 languages.


Typing/retyping from pictures or documents into word/excel. We offer this service in over 150 scripts.

DESIGN (Change in presentation)

Creating and designing any matter to make it look more presentable and appealing for the reader usually done in Corel Draw.

DIGITIZING (Change of format)

Conversion of any matter into such format that is compatible for any required electronic device.

DATA ENTRY (Placement of text to database)

Copying from raw text and arranging on desired database field.


Providing Audio for audio visual data in another language keeping in mind that the lips sync is done as perfect as possible.


Arranging audio artists and providing sound by keeping in mind the visual and that the audio must be able to be placed in a way that another language must lip-sync as much as possible.


Creating graphic characters and backgrounds and animating them to match a storyline.

We also offer strategic alliance, collaborations, partial or complete buyout and other alliances as may be required.


We firmly believe that knowledge of the demographics of the reader is the most essential part to ensure quality results.
Here are some factors that we keep in mind while handling all our projects:

NATIVITY: Many people can translate, but local information and knowledge in the use of localized terms becomes paramount. For example, you cannot write ‘Bharat Dwar’ in Hindi for ‘India Gate’ – hence it is important for a translator to have localized information.

FONTS: Certain fonts are meant for internet uploads and do not work on Photoshop or CorelDraw. The knowledge about the end use of the translation and font (Unicode or TTF) is very important while translating any document.

READER DEMOGRAPHICS: Knowing the target reader of the document to be translated, (their age, purpose, gender and social class) too brings out the best in a translation project. In most translation projects, some words are best written in English rather than the local language for the general reader. In other cases, a translator must be more precise and language usage should be done accordingly for advanced readers.

DOMAIN EXPERTISE: It is natural that a translator who has knowledge in the Medical Domain may not necessarily be able to handle Legal documents. Domain expertise is therefore a crucial part in the choice of linguist before assigning a project.

ACCURACY: In the case of print-worthy translations, a document needs to be proofread and edited (TEP) by an alternate translator in order for it to become perfect. Mistakes and missing text can cause severe printing losses.


Being a translation agency, we too faced embarrassment in certain projects due to reasons below:

Very short deadlines: Clients are in a hurry and sometimes an existing translator responds late about not being able to take up the project. We have a database of 25,000 translators, yet sometimes we face this problem.

Careless translator: Translators are sometimes in a hurry and miss a few lines. For this we check up the document to ensure that all paragraphs are matched and are perfect.

Main translator busy: Translators are generally freelancers and not totally dependent on one person’s work. We have backups, but it does happen at times that the second best was not good enough.

Time zone delays: In order to ensure Nativity, we assign projects to translators from across the world which may cause delays due to time zone differences.

Large projects & division of work: Normally we don’t divide and always prefer using just one translator per project. Grammatical changes occur when multiple resources are used and the consistency in the whole output may be at risk.

At Shan, we still find ourselves far ahead in our understanding of the client’s needs; this is why we do about 150 different new projects on most days.


As a company policy we do not parade our clients in order to get business from new clients. We are proud to say that our clients refer us to other clients. Over 1000 premium translation companies have tried and now trust Shan for many years, due to our business ethics, savings on purchase management, work quality and pricing.

Here is a general idea of our clients :

  • We represent companies in India, Russia, Myanmar, Germany, Armenia, USA, Africa and UAE as sole worldwide representatives.
  • 5 companies of India do business exclusively through us which is an irrevocable commitment.
  • We get regular projects from the most prestigious departments of the Indian Government which are highly confidential and sensitive.
  • India’s largest visa management company sends more than 15 documents each day for translation.
  • We have handled projects for some of the world’s largest chains of 5 star hotels.
  • An international airport reads our translated text in over 40 languages.
  • We have also been able to translate the world’s most read book in a European language.
  • Translation of educational books was handled for India’s largest Open University.
  • Training booklets were translated in many languages for Government Disaster Management.
  • Many legal documents have been translated for lawyers of the Supreme Court and the High Court of India. Medical papers translated for Pharmacy companies.
  • Advertisements, SMS translations and news columns were translated for Satellite News media channels.
  • Subtitling of many well-known films, documentaries, web series, cartoons, serials were also undertaken.
  • Shan has also written training booklets for driving guidelines for the Indian Ministries.
  • Hundreds of thousand international projects have been handled by Shan for the most discerning worldwide clients.



Singapore, India, Myanmar, Japan, Dubai, Russia, Germany, Africa, USA


Download our price list in USD by clicking on the below links:




ADDRESS: Shan Translation Pte. Ltd., 180B Bencoolen Street 12-05, The Bencoolen, SINGAPORE (189648)
SKYPE: Shantranslation
CONTACT NUMBERS: +91-9990600100 or 91-9654330034/35

Shan Translation – Your One Stop Shop For All Your Translation Needs
Shan Translation – Your One Stop Shop For All Your Translation Needs

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