The Finest Repatriation Funeral Services in Singapore

The Finest Repatriation Funeral Services in Singapore

We would like to introduce you to Repatriation Funeral Services in Singapore as you embark on a somber path of compassion and assistance. Navigating the complexities of repatriating a deceased loved one during a time of sorrow calls for tact and a dedication to providing comfort to bereaved families. Our guide shows the way to sympathetic repatriation funeral services, where knowledgeable staff members are aware of the difficulties associated with returning cherished ones to their ultimate resting place.

These services serve as pillars of support at a trying time, handling everything from smooth logistical arrangements to cultural sensitivity. Come along as we delve into the world of repatriation funeral services, where attention to detail goes hand in hand with ensuring that the departed are treated with dignity.

The Finest Repatriation Funeral Services in Singapore

Best Repatriation Funeral Services in Singapore


Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors

ServicesInternational repatriation, Catholic funeral services, Christian funeral services, Buddhist funeral services, Taoist funeral service, and freethinkers funeral service
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours
Contact Details+65 6226 3333
Address88 Geylang Bahru, #01-2724, Singapore 339696

With over a century of expertise, Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors has evolved into one of the most dependable funeral organizations on the island, catering to the funeral requirements of everyone in Singapore, regardless of religion.

Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors provides funeral services to Catholics, Christians, Buddhists, Taoists, and freethinkers, among others. Each funeral ceremony is tailored to the deceased’s tastes and the family’s demands.

Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors offers repatriation services that include transportation of remains both inside and outside of Singapore. It offers a global network of funeral partners to provide a seamless repatriation to any location in the world.

This may be useful for families who wish to transport their loved one’s body to places hundreds of kilometers distant from Southeast Asia, such as South America, Africa, and Europe.

Finally, consumers seeking an ecologically friendly funeral and repatriation service may take advantage of its green funeral package. It tries to reduce environmental impact by utilizing less garbage and more eco-friendly alternatives.


  • Customised funeral service
  • Eco-friendly funeral service
  • Handles funeral services for all religions
Customer Reviews

I am grateful for all the assistance given by the Ang Chin Moh team. They are always available to provide advice and quick to render help whenever I call them. The support given takes away the stress during our family’s grieving period. – April Chia


Singapore Funeral Directors

ServicesRepatriation, Buddhist Funeral Services, Taoism Funeral Services, Christian Funeral Services, Catholic Funeral Services, Soka Funeral Services, Free Thinker Funeral Services
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours
Contact Details+65 9339 3136
Address161 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150161

Singapore Funeral Directors provides an economical way to say goodbye to your loved ones. Whatever your faith or belief, they’ll be able to help you send farewell. Many people value their expertise since they are recognized for providing appropriate support to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

With Singapore Funeral Directors, you can get high-quality service at the finest prices. Check out their website for additional information on specialized funeral services. You may also phone them to discuss your desired specifics and adjustments.


  • Well-versed in the different funeral rites
  • Handles funerals promptly
  • Excellent services
Customer Reviews

A friend recommended us and we are pleased with the services provided by Singapore Funeral Directors. Jessman and his professional team have patiently supported and guided us through these difficult times. We are appreciative and reassured by their advice. Strongly recommend them. – Teo Sylvia


Flying Home

ServicesRepatriation services, local cremation and burial, embalming, and caskets
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours
Contact Details+65 6253 0001
Address01-1345A, 4 Toa Payoh Industrial Park, Singapore 319056

Flying Home is one of the few funeral homes that offer international repatriation services. It has extensive expertise in providing repatriation services to nations in Asia, America, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific.

The repatriation service includes organizing documentation and endorsements, moving the corpse to another hospital, embalming by international standards, and transportation by land, air, or sea.

Flying Home also collaborates with international funeral directors to receive the repatriated body in the country of destination and arrange a funeral ceremony as soon as feasible. Customers are urged to call the customer support hotline at any time of day, even at midnight.


  • Handles repatriation to most countries and territories
  • Land, air, or sea repatriation available
  • 24/7 customer service
Customer Reviews

5 Stars to Flying Home, Ang and the team were so empathetic in organizing the Repatriation back to Australia for our beloved Uncle. He guided us through what we had to do and they were so professional. The empathy and extra help we received made organizing a funeral and cremation a breeze. They even went out of their way for way to deliver the ashes in record time. – Nicole Corbett


Singapore Casket 新加坡殡仪馆

ServicesRepatriation services, pre-funeral services, funeral services, parlor hall rental, embalming, make-up, and post-funeral services
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours
Contact Details+65 6293 4388
+65 6296 5993
Address131 Lavender St, Singapore 338737

Singapore Casket is a funeral home that offers a comprehensive variety of funeral services, including memorial hall rentals, embalming, make-up, pre- and post-funeral services, funeral service streaming, and international repatriation.

We must acknowledge that it offers one of the most comprehensive funeral coverage packages on the island. For example, families who are unable to physically attend the funeral may choose to watch a live feed established by the funeral planners.

It even has a dedicated repatriation staff that works around the clock to ensure a seamless and quick repatriation process, from contacting insurance companies to speaking with abroad funeral directors.

Overseas clients do not have to worry about language issues because the team speaks Tagalog, English, Bahasa, Mandarin, Tamil, Cantonese, and a variety of Chinese dialects.

Singapore Casket has a solid working connection with numerous embassies overseas, so the repatriation procedure will proceed as easily as possible. Its team is even familiar with most nations’ legislation and documentation requirements.


  • Multilingual staff
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Extensive funeral coverage
  • Air-conditioned holding area with surveillance
Customer Reviews

Thanks to Henry and Jeffrey for their clear explanation and arrangements, the funeral went on well. We used Diamond Room which was a good-sized room for us and were able to focus on receiving our friends and relatives who came to pay their last respects to our beloved dad. Thanks to Singapore Casket for your good service and sensitivity to our differing needs. – L Thang


Harmony Funeral Care Singapore

ServicesRepatriation services, Catholic funeral services, Buddhist funeral services, Taoist funeral services, Christian funeral services, Soka funeral services, baby funeral services, exhumation services, and funeral food catering services
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours
Contact Details+65 9489 2424
Address38 Sin Ming Dr, #01-523, Singapore 575712

Harmony Funeral Care, one of Singapore’s leading funeral homes, has arranged over a thousand funerals for all religions, including repatriation services, in its more than 60-year history.

Harmony Funeral Care provides funeral services to newborns, Catholics, Christians, Buddhists, Taoists, and even freethinkers. It is also one of the few funeral homes that provide exhumation services.

Harmony Funeral Care can repatriate remains into and out of Singapore at reasonable rates that would not burden any bereaved family. This is why we consider it one of the best providers of repatriation funeral services in Singapore.

Harmony Funeral Care collaborates with hundreds of funeral homes around Asia to provide a seamless and hassle-free trip for the bereaved. It has returned bodies to China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Austria, Australia, India, Malaysia, and the United States.

It’s well-known for its reasonably cost funeral services, so you might wish to check with them first. The funeral fees vary based on the coverage.


  • Competitively priced funeral packages
  • Handles worldwide repatriation
  • Offers funeral food catering
Customer Reviews

On behalf of my family, I want to thank everyone at Harmony Funeral Care for a good job well done. It was done professionally, with attention to detail, and with compassion. Everything went smoothly. We are grateful. God bless every one of you. Your role in this line cannot be underestimated because the compassion throughout the entire process provided much comfort to us during our recent bereavement. Thank you all once again. – Lisa J

The Finest Repatriation Funeral Services in Singapore

In conclusion, our exploration of Repatriation Funeral Services in Singapore unveils a realm where compassion, sensitivity, and professionalism converge to provide solace to grieving families. These services stand as unwavering pillars of support, guiding loved ones through the intricate process of repatriation with utmost care and respect. From seamless logistical arrangements to a deep understanding of cultural nuances, each detail is meticulously handled to ensure a dignified farewell for those who have departed.

As families navigate the challenging journey of saying goodbye, the expertise and commitment of repatriation funeral services become a source of comfort and assurance. Trust in the compassionate embrace of these services during moments of profound loss, as they work tirelessly to bring loved ones back to their final resting place with the reverence and care they deserve.

Do check out our list of Buddhist Funerals and have time to check their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is repatriation in the context of funeral services?

Repatriation in funeral services refers to the process of returning the remains of a deceased individual to their home country for burial or cremation.

Why might someone choose repatriation funeral services?

Repatriation funeral services are chosen for various reasons, including honoring cultural or religious preferences, fulfilling the deceased’s wishes, or allowing family members to conduct funeral rituals in their home country.

What are the key steps involved in the repatriation process?

The repatriation process typically involves embalming, obtaining necessary documentation, coordinating with international authorities, arranging transportation, and adhering to customs and regulations in both the departure and arrival countries.

Are repatriation funeral services only for Singaporean citizens?

No, repatriation funeral services in Singapore are available for individuals of any nationality. These services cater to the diverse needs and preferences of families, regardless of citizenship.

Can repatriation be done for both burials and cremations?

Yes, repatriation can be arranged for both burials and cremations. Funeral service providers are equipped to accommodate various preferences and cultural practices.

How long does the repatriation process usually take?

The duration of the repatriation process can vary based on factors such as the destination country’s regulations, documentation requirements, and transportation logistics. It is advisable to consult with funeral service providers for a more accurate timeline.

What documents are required for repatriation?

Commonly required documents for repatriation include the death certificate, embalming certificate, a certificate of free sale, and any necessary permits or clearances from relevant authorities.

Are there specific cultural considerations in repatriation funeral services?

Yes, repatriation funeral services take into account cultural considerations, including customs, rituals, and religious practices. Funeral service providers work closely with families to ensure cultural sensitivities are respected.

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