The Finest Funeral Services in Singapore

The Finest Funeral Services in Singapore

It’s difficult to plan a funeral for a friend or loved one, especially when you’re grieving yourself. In situations like this, it’s best to delegate responsibility to funeral services so you may focus on grieving.

Here, we’ll look at the funeral organizations in Singapore that are recognized for providing the greatest funeral services. We understand how essential it is to provide a suitable burial for a loved one, therefore we took our time reviewing them before making our suggestions.

We’ll also go about how much funeral arrangements in Singapore generally cost to help you manage the expenses.

How much does a funeral services typically costs?

The total cost of a funeral ceremony in Singapore is mostly determined by the duration of the event and the deceased’s faith. The greater the length of the funeral ceremony, the higher the entire expense.

According to our study, funeral services in Singapore may be either incredibly inexpensive or outrageously costly. All you have to do now is locate a suitable funeral home at a fair cost.

In most cases, a funeral ceremony includes a space, appropriate décor, a casket, seats and tables, lighting, fans, and flowers.

We discovered that religious funerals can be more expensive due to the ceremonial materials and people required to carry out the ceremony. If you want to save money, choose a funeral service without a funeral director, but be prepared to handle all of the labor yourself, from obtaining a funeral permit to finding a coffin, flowers, and decorations.

In any case, the following is the average cost of funeral services in Singapore, broken down by religion:

Funeral TypeAverage Cost
ChristianFrom $4,500 – $5,900
CatholicFrom $4,500 – $5,900
BuddhistFrom $5,600 – $7,300
TaoistFrom $8,300
SokaFrom $4,600 – $5,800
Non ReligiousFrom $4,000 – $6,000

Please remember these are the average costs of funeral services with the involvement of a funeral director.

Best Funeral Services in Singapore

Because you want to offer only the best funeral service for your loved ones, here’s our most recommended funeral homes in Singapore that can assist you.


Singapore Funeral Sanctuary

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary – Dignified Departure

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary – Dignified Departure

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary prides itself on professionalism, family-centric, attention to details and …
ServicesBuddhist Funeral services, Taoist Funeral Services, Christian Funeral Services, Catholic Funeral Services, Pre-Planning, Post-Funeral Services
Price RangeBased on quotation on case complexity. For more accurate quotation, visit their website.
Contact Details+65 9639 2492
Address52 Ubi Ave 3, #03-47 Frontier, Singapore 408867

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary (UEN:53409653X) is a well-known funeral home with a Best in Singapore rating. They have developed a selection of packages and services appropriate for all family sizes wanting to organize any sort of funeral wake with the objective of delivering both inexpensive and excellent funeral services in Singapore. Furthermore, while interacting with their clients, they take a straightforward and open approach by offering a detailed description of their package elements and costs.


SK Funeral Group

SK Funeral Group

SK Funeral Group

SK Funeral Group is lead by Shao Kuang and his team of deliciated staff, the largest direct funeral supplier in …
ServicesBuddhist Funeral, Taoist Funeral, Christian Funeral, Catholic Funeral, Soka Funeral, Freethinker Funeral, Post Funeral Services, Advance Post Funeral Services, Infant Funeral, Sea Burial, Advance Funeral Planning
Price RangeProvides competitive pricing. Visit the Website or call now for details.
Contact Details+65 8877 1588
Address52 Ubi Ave 3 #03-47 Singapore 408867

SK Funeral Group is a group with more than 20 years of experience in the funeral industry in Singapore and provides the largest funeral setups variety for families to choose from upon engaging their services. Experience the best funeral services in Singapore with SK Funeral Group.

SK Funeral Group provides the most valuable funeral package of all religions in Singapore and its mission is to uphold the highest funeral standard in Singapore and the best funeral experience to all bereavement families.


Singapore Funeral & Casket Services

Singapore Funeral and Casket Services

Singapore Funeral and Casket Services

Singapore Funeral and Casket Services is the leading funeral service company in the funeral industry aiming to provide …
Price RangeQuotation upon request
Contact Details+65 6742 3988
Address52 Ubi Ave 3, #03-47 Frontier, Singapore 408867

They are the leading supplier with more than 20 years of experience in the funeral industry and they have handled a wide array of funeral cases from the simplest to the most elaborated one thus you can entrust your loved ones to their care.

Their firm provides the finest value funeral packages with the objective of providing clients with both quality and service pleasure. They realize that making the proper option during a time of loss is extremely tough, so they’ll  provide them advice based on their specific requirements.

Their dedicated team is well-trained and ready to manage any sort of funeral service, regardless of religion or race. They are committed to giving bereaved families with support and assistance in order to alleviate their grief and stress. They promise that their services will be provided with the utmost respect, quality, and integrity.


Seng Heng Celestial Funeral Services

ServicesTaoist Funeral Services, Catholic Funeral Services, Christian Funeral Services, Buddhist Funeral Services, Soka Funeral Services, Repatriation, Free thinker Funeral Services, Pre-planning for Funeral Services
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6388 7178
AddressBlk 1002 Toa Payoh Ind Park, #07-1475, Singapore 319074

SENG HENG CELESTIAL SERVICES started in 2001, by the late Mr Lim Kock Seng, with the focus on providing supplies aSENG HENG CELESTIAL SERVICES was founded in 2001 by the late Mr Lim Kock Seng with the goal of providing funeral services and support. Mr Lim Soon Tee, the late Mr Lim Kock Seng’s son, took over when he passed away. The firm has evolved to cover a larger variety of services for all types of funeral services under the current leadership of Mr Lim Soon Tee.


Singapore Funeral Group

ServicesComprehensive Funeral Services in Singapore. Buddhist Funeral services, Taoist Funeral Services, Christian Funeral Services, Catholic Funeral Services, Soka Funeral Services, Free Thinker Funeral Services, Pre-Planning, Post-Funeral Services, Funeral Parlours in Singapore, Land, Sea Burial, Cremation Services, Funeral Wakes at HDB Void Decks.
Price Range3 Day Free Thinker, Catholic, Christian, Soka Funeral Services @ $4588. Buddhist/ Taoist Funeral Services @ $5588/ $7588. No Wake Services from $1588
Contact Details+65 6817 4288 or 1800 800 1818
AddressBlock 38, Sin Ming Drive #01-523 Singapore 575712

Singapore Funeral Group is a team of funeral directors with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Having served families from all walks of life, they can easily identify and render assistance to your various needs. As featured on various mainstream media in Singapore, they’re a young team that’s shaking up practices in the industry. From religious wakes to modern funeral setups, they have the necessary experience to create a meaningful farewell for your loved one.

They are also able to incorporate modern elements into religious funeral services for a more memorable wake. They provide sendoffs in a modern and luxurious hearse for a dignified farewell. With a firm belief to only provide the best for their clients, they ensure that funeral setups are unique and personalised. Their showroom is located at Sin Ming Drive — with a high-tech embalming centre and full funeral facilities all under one roof. Should you require any assistance, simply drop them a call.


Nituo Funeral Care Services

ServicesBuddhist Funeral services, Taoist Funeral services, Christian Funeral services, Catholic Funeral services
Price Range$6,000 to $10,000
Contact Details+65 91059558
Address15 Lorong 13 Geylang Rd Singapore 388653

Nituo Funeral strives to deliver trustworthy funeral services. They cheerfully take your calls in the small hours of the morning, rain or shine. They strive diligently to guarantee a blessed goodbye because they recognize the responsibility they have to the community. They have been in business since 2012, and they’ve established themselves as a go-to place for Taoist and Buddhist funerals. They seek to ensure that their unique customs and ceremonies are preserved.


Trinity Casket

Services24/7 hotline to our team, No-commitment consultation (we come to you), On-call doctor to issue death certificate, Guided filing of police report, Embalming, beautician and cosmetic services in-house, All religions / no religion funerals, 0, 1, 3, or 5 day funeral packages, Choice of renovated funeral parlors, Church, void deck or home wake
Price RangeComplete packages starts from $2400
Contact Details+65 64514496
AddressBlk 38, Sin Ming Drive #01-527/531 Singapore 575712

Will you give them the honor of celebrating the memory of your loved one? At Trinity Casket, they believe that each life deserves to be remembered and celebrated.

Funeral arrangements are tough to make. Singaporeans, on the other hand, choose Trinity Casket because their dedicated Managers will walk you through each step. They remove the ambiguity, enabling you to focus on remembering your loved one.

All of their rates are reasonable, fixed, and clear, whether you pick one of their inexpensive packages or a bespoke service. They follow all safe management procedures and are approved partners of HSA, SGH, TTSH, KKH, and NUH, so you can rest certain that you’re receiving the finest in the business. To read all of their reviews, go to their website.

Since 1991, Trinity Casket has provided comprehensive service with skilled permanent employees. They also have their own private embalming facilities and adhere to the highest standards.


Nirvana Memorial Garden

ServicesBuddhist Funeral Service, Taoist Funeral Service, Christian Funeral Service, Catholic Funeral Service, Freethinker Funeral Service, Lady Embalmers, Prayer Services, Columbarium Niches, Ancestor Pedestals, Funeral Pre-Planning
Price RangeQuotation upon request
Contact Details+65 6791 2605
Address950 Old Choa Chu Kang Road  Singapore 699816

Nirvana Memorial Garden is a world-class, full-fledged bereavement care provider, as well as first privatised columbarium in Singapore. The whole building is designed with auspicious elements Feng Shui and fully air-conditioned. Their products and services include Funeral Services offered on both as-needed and pre-needed basis, Columbarium Niche, Ancestor Pedestal, Prayer Services as well Funeral Pre-Planning.

Nirvana Memorial Garden provides a 0% interest instalment plan, allowing clients to spread out their payments and lessen their financial strain.


Funeral Solutions

ServicesBuddhist Funeral Package, Taoist Funeral Package, Direct Cremation Funeral Service, Gong Teck, Exhumation
Price Range
Contact Details1800 800 1818
AddressBlock 38 Sin Ming Drive #01-523 Singapore 575712

Singapore Funeral Solutions believes in making memories last forever, and your loved ones deserve to make a final mark in everyone’s minds as they depart from our world.

With over 12 years of experience in the service, alongside the many decades of experience held by our staff, Singapore Funeral Solutions dedicates itself to guide your family in dealing with bereavement.

They understand that sometimes; your funeral service requirements may not fit a cookie-cutter package offered by companies like us. So they go one step further to offer you personalization and their utmost dedication in bringing you a memorable service that suits your preferences, and more importantly, a service that your loved one would have wanted.


Casket Fairprice

ServicesBuddhist Funeral Services, Christian Funeral Services, Freethinker Funeral Services, Roman Catholic Funeral Services, Soka Funeral Services, Taoist Funeral Services, Direct Funeral Straight Case Services, International Repatriation
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6455 9909
Address37 SIN MING DRIVE, #01-571 SINGAPORE 575711

A trusted funeral services provider in Singapore, Casket Fairprice has grown steadily to become one of the leading Singapore’s funeral service group since our establishment in 1993. From funeral parlours to casket services, they provide a one-stop solution to meet all your funeral arrangement needs.

Their website contains all the information relevant for a memorial and funeral service so you can make the best and informed decision for you or your loved one. If you have any questions which are not answered by what you find here or you require immediate assistance now, call at +65 6455 9909. Their funeral advisor will be able to guide you step by step through the whole funeral procedure. Their funeral packages start from $4,680 nett.


Direct Funeral Services

ServicesMemorial Hall, Curated Caskets, Wake Set Up, Religious Services, Dedicated Service Team, Personalised Funerals, Order Funeral Wreaths, Hearse, Post Funeral Services, Exhumation & Remains Relocation, Repatriation, Grief Counselling
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6555 1115
Address127 Lavender Street Singapore 338735

Direct Funeral Services (DFS) has grown into a major household brand in the death-care business since its foundation by Roland Tay in the 1980s, delivering modern, personalized end-of-life services to all those in need. Apart from delivering quality products and services for both the living and the deceased, DFS aspires to raise awareness about pre-death planning by inculcating the concept of filial piety to younger generations.


Ang Chin Moh

ServicesBuddhist Funeral Service, Taoist Funeral Service, Christian Funeral Service, Catholic Funeral Service, Freethinker Funeral Service, Other Religions Funeral Service
Price Range
Contact Details1800 226 3333
AddressBlk 88 Geylang Bahru #01-2724 Singapore 339696

Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors had its humble origins. Arriving from Nan’an County in Quanzhou, Fujian province, their founder, Mr. Ang See Karr saw the need for quality and essential funeral services for the Hokkien community in Singapore. A humble shop at Upper Pickering Street opposite the old Police Headquarters was subsequently founded and under the name “Ang Chin Huat Casket”, funerary services for the Chinese communities began.

They were one of the few funeral homes in Singapore when they opened in 1912. Indeed, Ang Chin Huat Casket is a forerunner in the funeral industry, evolving through time to become Singapore’s one-stop funeral service.


New Century Funeral Services

ServicesBuddhist Funeral Services, Taoist Funeral Services, Christian Funeral Services, Freethinker Funeral Services, Direct Cremation, Other Burial Arrangements,
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8121 5442
Address4 Toa Payoh Industrial Park Singapore 519056

New Century Funeral Services had come a long way to become one of the few leading funeral service provider in Singapore entrusted by public. They had gained a huge word of mouth compliments on their professional and upholding their promises to provide the most affordable yet complete funeral package for all that come to them for their services.


Embrace Funeral Services

24 hrs Professional One-Stop Funeral Services for all religions
ServicesFuneral services, grave exhumation services, remains relocation services
Price RangeBuddhist from $6000, Christian from $4999
Contact Details+6596921100
AddressBlk 87 Geylang Bahru Singapore 339695

Embrace Funeral Services Singapore (懷恩生命禮儀) is a one-stop professional funeral service provider that was founded by our 4th generation undertaker, Jeffrey Lee Yi Fu.

With over 20 years of experience working alongside his grandfather and father, Jeffrey began to learn the delicate value of life from a young age. He has a strong belief in embracing loved ones with a sense of gratitude and directly involves himself in ensuring that the utmost support and care is provided to bereaved families. Embrace Funeral Services then evolved with a modernized approach towards funerals while keeping true to cultures and traditions.

At Embrace Funeral Services, we are committed to providing the finest quality services where families can rely on their times of need. We seek to change the current perception of the celebration of life and death, so as to spread more compassion and respect within the community. Our company’s philosophy revolves around the ideology of “embracing families as if our own” so as to strengthen the interconnection in the society.


Singapore Funeral Directors

ServicesSingapore Funeral Directors offers an affordable means of parting with your loved ones. No matter the religion or belief, they’re sure to be able to assist you with sending off.
Their professionalism is a factor that many consider, as they’re known to provide adequate assistance to everyone, no matter their status in life. With Singapore Funeral Directors, you’re guaranteed high quality service at the best rates.
Acquire tailored funeral services, check out more of the details on their website. You can also call them to arrange your preferred details and customizations.
Price Range
Contact Details+65 93393136

《往生者安息,家属安心》A peaceful last journey for the beloved, a compassionate service for the family

At Singapore Funeral Directors, they always take their services seriously towards the family and the beloved. Apart from giving the loved one a dignified funeral, they would always be around to assist the family and provide their utmost support to the family so they can fully focus on what should be done and to perform their filial piety. Singapore Funeral Directors always uphold themselves through high expectations and give full attention to the family needs and wants. They will always be there for the family to tide over this difficult period.

Singapore Funeral Directors, is here to provide all individuals with their sound advice and provide a range of funeral services which could be cater to all individual needs.


1-Stop Funeral Services

ServicesFuneral arrangements, Embalming, Tentage, Funeral Supplies, Casket, Undertakers, Pallbearer Services, Logistics, Obituary, Ashes Columbarium, Prayers.
Price RangeFrom $300 to $9000
Contact Details+65 83822962

1-Stop Funeral Services is a team of young, dedicated and experienced funeral directors. Under the training of their founders, they aim to help families from all walks of life to go through the grief and pain of losing their loved ones. The last moments to keep the memories of your loved ones is just important to them, therefore they pledge to help their clients to understand the process and make necessary decisions in the simplest and smoothest way.

Their pricing is transparent without hidden cost. Their directors will also explain everything to you very clearly right from the beginning. This is why for 42 years, their founder has only relied on referrals & word of mouth.


Nirvana Singapore

ServicesProfessional staffs, Responsive team and free funeral consultation, Pre-planning for Funeral Services, Elegant funeral decorations for Buddhist Funeral services, Taoist Funeral services, Christian Funeral services, Catholic Funeral services
Price RangeQuotation upon request
Contact Details+65 9238 6601

Nirvana Singapore provides premium funeral services in Singapore. They offer a free funeral consultation, embalmment, deceased transfer, funeral setup, online obituary, and so much more. Their funeral package includes services that can give you a hassle-free experience with respect to the deceased. Along with these services are elegant decorations that can make your last moments with your loved ones more special.

In comparison to other companies, they have a very transparent pricing. It will be automatically discussed and finalized with you up-front, with no hidden cost.

It’s a one-stop funeral company that takes care of everything, from paperwork down to memorial services. That means you won’t have to worry about anything because their funeral directors will be on top of everything.

There are many emotions to deal with and essential routines to manage when we lose someone we love. The funeral service businesses listed above will assist you in reducing your anxieties and completing this phase of your grieving process in a pleasant manner.

Check out our top flower delivery services if you need to send condolence flowers. In that list, you’ll locate the florists who have the most exquisite blossoms for such events.

the best funeral services in singapore

Your complete guide in holding a funeral service in Singapore

Singapore Funeral Service Checklist

  • Register the death – The first step is to register a family member’s death in order to obtain a death certificate with the reason of death. This crucial document is required for holding the funeral and other connected concerns like as insurance claims, legal document transfers, and so on. All deaths in Singapore must be registered within 24 hours.
Documents required in obtaining death certificate
The following documents will be required of you:
– Certificate of Cause of Death issued by a doctor
– Deceased’s identification documents (Identity Card (IC) and/or passport) for cancellation
– Your identification documents (IC or passport).
– See other procedure needed by ICA
– There is no fee in registering a death
– It will be process and collected on the spot.
  • Hold a Funeral Service – We listed down the finest and reputable funeral service company that can help you in holding a funeral.
  • Send off the deceased – The send-off of the departed, whether buried, cremated, or “replanted” as a tree, closes the memorial service.
  • Remembering the departed – Traditional columbarium, obituaries, and even converting the deceased into personal jewelry are all appropriate ways to memorialize the gone.
  • Other associated costs – In Singapore, a funeral may cost anything from $5,100 for a simple, nondenominational memorial ceremony to over $40,000 for a lavish affair filled with high-end mementos. To keep funeral costs from spiraling out of control, start by looking at the listed funeral service. Choose one that meets your requirements, then adjust it to suit your particular preferences and likes as much as your budget permits.

Here are the 5 Considerations before getting a funeral services:

Burial or Cremations?

Discuss with your family if you want to bury or cremate your loved one. You will save needless costs if you make a firm decision.

Religious Rites

The major determinant of how a funeral is held is religious ceremonies. In many situations, the religious ceremonies that will be utilized for the burial are apparent. However, in certain families, when religious beliefs diverge, this may be a major source of strife.

Venue of the Funeral

Funeral packages do not usually include venue rentals. The necessary licenses must be obtained from the appropriate authorities by you or your funeral director. Tentage fees are not included in standard funeral packages for wakes performed in open locations where tentages are required. Your funeral director can offer you with further information on costs and service suppliers.

Duration of the Wake

This is greatly reliant on religious practice as well as the deceased’s and family’s wishes. If you have family members who are now living abroad and will be travelling back to attend the funeral, the wake may need to be extended for 5 days or more to accommodate their arrival. But during this trying times makes harder due to Covid 19 restriction, you may see the restriction imposed by MOH Singapore here.

Package Extras to watch for

To prevent any unnecessary expenses, call a respected funeral service provider and review all of the includes and exclusions. While most of the funeral service providers will provide you a list of the things that you needed. You may customized it and have your own supplier for a certain service that you will like to add.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a funeral?

A funeral is a ceremony held before a person is buried or cremated. A funeral allows the deceased’s family and friends to come together to grieve their loved one’s death, share cherished memories, and celebrate their lives. A funeral is an important first step in helping the grieving recover following the death of a loved one.

How is a body embalmed?

The fundamental concept is to infuse embalming fluid into the artery system. You make an incision and inject embalming fluid into it. The injection forces blood out and embalming fluid in, which is then distributed throughout the body via the arteries.

What are the stages of a funeral?

Traditional Funeral Services: The Fundamentals
Visitation: This is commonly referred to as a viewing or a wake.
Service of Funeral: This ceremony is usually held at a funeral home, a church, or at the graveyard.
If the family intends to bury the deceased, this step includes the car parade to the cemetery.

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