PrinteeSG: Tips To Getting Your Shirt and Jersey Printed in Singapore

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Getting your perfect shirt for an event or for your company uniform is difficult. Choosing the materials and getting your ideas across to the printing company is even worse. Let us breakdown on the stuff that you need to know before getting your prints done.

1. Have an idea of what you want

You will need to know what you really want, for example the color scheme for your design and where the prints should be located on the shirt.
If possible, bring a sample of a shirt material that you really like so that the company can assist you in finding the correct shirt material type.

2. What is your budget

Different printing techniques are priced differently, the following are the various printing styles commonly used in Singapore:

Sublimation printing is the most advanced method of printing available for materials which contains polyester (quick dry material).


  • Never fade, crack or peel
  • Long lasting
  • Bright colours and can achieve various shades of colour


  • Unable to print metallic shades
  • Only suitable for materials which contain polyester (min of 40%)
  • Costlier as compared to traditional forms of printing
  • Normally only used for custom made shirts

Silkscreen printing is the most primitive form of printing for t-shirts, it uses a screen where you flash your design on it. There are various setup fees for the board.


  • Inexpensive
  • Good quality of print


  • Must be in bulk quantity
  • Color limitation

Digital heat transfer printing is commonly used for low quantity printing or for team jerseys. You will need this printing type of personalized names and numbers due to it being able to cut out personalized names easily.


  • Inexpensive
  • Able to print out vivid colors
  • Able to print even 1 piece


  • May start peeling after 50 washes (1 year of wear and tear)

Direct To Garment printing is the direct spraying of ink onto a shirt. It will be fairly costly if you are printing on dark colored shirts as you will require one coat of white ink, then the design details will also be printed twice to ensure the colors are vivid. As there are so many layers on the shirt, you may feel that the print is thick. You may want to consider using heat transfer instead as it will have the same effect.


  • Very vivid colors
  • Low quantity printing


  • Costly
  • Not as long lasting as projected
  • Only printed on cotton material

Embroidery of logos is the process of stitching on a logo or wording directly on the shirt.


  • Will be VERY long lasting
  • Provide a smart look, a plus point for corporate event shirts


  • Costly
  • Limitations of color for threads

3. What is the timeline required for your customised shirt

Do be aware that there is no such thing as Cheap, Good and Fast in the world. You either settle for Cheap & Good but taking a little longer time or Good & Fast but slightly more expensive. Unless your event is a one off usage, then go for Cheap & Fast.

Do always remember to state your timeline for the customisation and get a price quotation from the printing company before you commit any deposit.
There are always vendors who are late for their orders, so have a leeway of maybe 1 to 2 days before your event!

4. Reputable company with good customer service

Responsive customer service is needed for printing your shirts. You will want to be able to communicate your ideas and requirements to the staff easily. Also, you will probably need timely updates on your order so that you can gauge when your order will be ready.

Final Thoughts:

If you need good, fast and affordable printing services, do get a price quote from at least 3 to 4 vendors before committing to any of them. A good way to find the perfect vendor will be to take a look at the reviews of your preferred vendor on Google. Do refer to the above points when finding your printing vendor, Cheers!

PrinteeSG: Tips To Getting Your Shirt and Jersey Printed in Singapore
PrinteeSG: Tips To Getting Your Shirt and Jersey Printed in Singapore

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