Getting the Right Tools for the Right Job

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“Have the right tools for the right job.” 

Sounds easy right? 

Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case in reality. From our experience, everyone in the engineering industry faces the same issues of bad communications, lack of support and long sourcing time for the right tools they need. 

After years of facing the same problems over and over again, we decided to form President Trading to help everyone get the tools they need, efficiently.  

At President Trading, we take the time to research and understand our customers, allowing us to create customised solutions and recommend high quality products that we personally rely on- to solve your problems at work. 

Let us help get you the right tools today 🙂 

About President Trading Company

President Trading aims to equip engineers with the right tools to complete their work quickly, accurately and safely. We stock a wide selection of hand tools, measuring tools and consumables for workshop and job site operations. As Singapore’s leading industrial supplier of European and US brands, we guarantee good quality control and after sales support.

Ready. Right. Fast.

Ready Stock of 5000+ Products

Visit our centrally located shop for product purchases, viewings and demonstrations. Brands include MILWAUKEE, HEYTEC, VOGEL, AUTOSOL, WD-40 and more

Right Solutions

With over 40 years of experience in industrial supply, we aim to find and create the right solutions with you.

Fast Service

We value your time. As your trusted advisor, we aim to give you responses that are not just fast but also accurate.

Our Products

In hardware supply, it is important to have your tools ready for your work. At President Trading, we carry more than 5000+ products from various EU and US brands including MILWAUKEE, HEYTEC, VOGEL, AUTOSOL, WD-40 and more. 

MILWAUKEE TOOLS: Milwaukee Tools is an industry-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, accessories and hand tools for professional users worldwide. At President Trading, we stock a wide range of Milwaukee Power Tools including cordless tools. Whether you are on the go, in the workshop or in a building, we aim to get your work done with minimal effort. 

HEYTEC TOOLS: HEYTEC is a German Tool Manufacturer with more than 80 Years of Experience. They focus on offering mechanics and service engineers a hassle-free selection of tools in an organized manner. All tools are inspected in Germany and are guaranteed by the factory. Workshop Trolleys and master tool sets can also be customized to suit user application needs. The practical, lightweight and convenient selection of tools is the best choice for everyday work. 


Founded in 1949, VOGEL GERMANY  are manufacturers of precision measuring tools and test equipment. They have over 5000 measuring products for workshop and quality control engineers. This variety lets you select the right tool to complete your measuring jobs in the easiest, fastest and most accurate way. With over 70 years of experience in making measuring tools, VOGEL GERMANY tools are designed to exceed rigorous industry standards in quality control. Custom tools can also be ordered for special applications. President Trading carries multiple categories including vernier callipers, micrometers and precision gauges .

Visit our website for more details or our online shop to purchase your tools instantly! (Do follow us on social media for more updates!) 


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“A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.” 

Jeff Duntemann

Having the right tools of the trade at the right time is paramount to any successful project. At President Trading, we aim to support you with our simple vision –

Ready. Steady. Go.

Ready- to be ready with solutions, with the right expertise and products

Steady- to be reliable and trustworthy

Go- Speed of service

We aim to have this promise guide us as we bring quality solutions in quality time to partners and clients alike.

Getting the Right Tools for the Right Job
Getting the Right Tools for the Right Job

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