The Finest Partition Wall Contractors in Singapore

The Finest Partition Wall Contractors in Singapore

Setting out on a quest to reinvent your area? You need to go no further than our in-depth reference to Singaporean partition wall contractors. Partition walls are flexible solutions that need skilled construction, whether you’re looking to improve the privacy of your living areas or create a more divided and distinct workplace plan.

You may learn about reputable builders who specialize in building partition walls that are both visually beautiful and useful by using our recommendations. These experts provide experience to reinvent the dynamics of your interiors, from cutting-edge home designs to contemporary workplace sets. Come along as we investigate the realm of partition walls, where form and function meld to create spaces that are simultaneously stylish and functional.

The Finest Partition Wall Contractors in Singapore

Best Partition Wall Contractors in Singapore


Victor Contractor

Drywall Partition Contractor
ServiceDrywall partitions, Glass partitions, Office partitions
Price Range
Contact Details 9382 6981
Address605A Macpherson Rd Blk A #06-06 Singapore 368240

Drywall and Glass Partitions for Offices and Commercial Spaces.

We provide partition wall systems including drywall and glass walls for offices and commеrсiаl properties. As a direct partition wall contractor, we can provide competitive rаtеѕ with no middleman cost involved.


All-In Plaster

Trusted Drywall and Partition Wall Contractor in Singapore
ServicesDrywall Installation, Office Partition Wall, HDB & Home, Partition Wall, Partition Wall Repairs
Price RangePricing upon discussion
Contact Details+65-8369 0797
AddressBlock 28 #03-25, Balam Road, Singapore 370028

All-In Plaster specializes in installing drywall & partition wall using the high-quality material for residential, HDB, Office & Commercial properties across Singapore. Our workers are well-trained and experienced in handling all kinds of partitioning work.

Partition walls need to be properly in sync with the overall look of the house, and this is what our team always try to achieve in our projects.


VM Ceiling

Ceiling And Wall Solutions
ServicesOffice Partitions, Room Partitions at Home, Plaster Wall Repair, Drywall Repair
Price RangePrice upon discussion
Contact Details+65 6653 2620
Address1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07H, Singapore 169201

We are your False Ceiling & Partition Wall Specialist,

VM Ceiling is a contractor that delivers exceptional False Ceiling and Partition services at reasonable direct contractor price to residential and commercial clients in Singapore. We offer a one-stop solution to all your false ceiling and partition wall needs that includes relevant services such as Electrical, Lighting, and Aircon Installation.

We offer comprehensive partition wall installation services using the most suitable material to meet your needs – choose from premium quality materials like Glass or Rockwool Internal Partition Insulation to soundproof your rooms.


Kow Yee Civil & Construction

Best Drywall Partition Contractor in Singapore
ServicesOffice Partition wall, Residential Partition Wall
Price RangePrices upon discussion
Contact Details6702 1428
AddressBlk 4035 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 1
#01-41 S(569642)

Whether you’re looking to add an en-suite to your master bedroom or create a new office space at work, Kow Yee Civil and Construction can provide you with the perfect solution.

As a Housing and Development Board (HDB) registered contractor in Singapore, you can be certain your new drywall partition is going to fulfill your every need.

Partition walls can separate off any areas in the home or work environment but it is important to make sure you select the right tools for the job. By hiring a professional company to complete the work, you are ensuring the installation of your drywall partition will include only the best materials sourced for your needs.

From sound proofed partitions for your private meeting rooms through to fire rated materials for high risk locations, you can be sure to receive only the best quality materials perfect for your partition.

That is because, at Kow Yee, we understand the different needs of every customer and have the expertise to fulfill them.


Soon Chew Enterprise

Reliable office partition company
ServicesOffice Partitions, Suspended office false ceiling
Price RangePrices upon discussion
Contact Details6742 8600
Address8 Ubi Road 2 #05-05 Zervex Building Singapore 408538

At Soon Chew Enterprise use only skilled and experienced installers. We have completed drywall partitions for many different type usages. Construction of gypsum partition for office, partitions to showrooms and retail space, and installing waterproof partitions to create bathrooms in commercial and industrial factory premises, this is just a part of our regular renovation work activity as an office renovation contractor.

The Finest Partition Wall Contractors in Singapore


Experts in Partition Wall and False Ceiling Design
ServicesDrywall Partition, Gypsum Board, Plasterboard, Glass Partition, Office Partitions, Partition Wall
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8333 7667
Address50 Serangoon North #05-03 S555856

We are one of the leading partition wall and ceiling contractors in Singapore specialise in all types of medium size commercial ceilings and walls fixing projects including but not limited to; medical facilities, retail, accommodation & resort, industrial, education facilities, medical facilities and government projects.

Being the best partition walls and ceilings contractor in Singapore operating in the supply & installation of false ceiling and drywall partitions in construction industry, we take pride in constructing high-quality facilities in a timely and economical manner.

We have extensive experience in a wide range of clientele. We are able to tailor various procurement strategies to meet the specific needs of our clients and their projects.

We are committed to a corporate philosophy: Quality, Integrity, Hard work, and Teamwork


Paramount Construction

Drywall Partition Direct Contractor
ServicesResidential Drywall Partition – Creating Bedrooms, Study and Small Home Office, Bedroom Partition – Walk – in wardrobe, Commercial Office Drywall Partition (Fire/Non-fired Rated Partition Available)
Price RangePrices upon discussion
+65 8877 8643
Address2 Yishun industrial st 1 North Point Bizhub #04-28 S(768159)

Paramount Construction Pte Ltd is a hassle-free one stop solution for your ceiling and drywall partition needs be it for the office or homes. We are dedicated to bringing you the best services and quality workmanship at a reasonable/affordable pricing. To us, each job is only completed when we see smiles on our customers’ faces. We value each individual customer greatly and strive to go beyond our customer’s expectations and scale to greater heights.


Jaystone Renovation Construction

Drywall Renovation Contractor
ServicesDrywall partition
Price RangePrices upon discussion
+65 6653 6215
Address1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07N Singapore 169201

If you need a quick and affordable solution to create a new room or space in your home or office. Drywall partition is the fastest and most affordable way to restructure existing space or create new functional spaces. A partition wall is a vertical panel made of lightweight material that divides space. To make a drywall partition soundproof or heat-resistant, the partition wall is reinforced by appropriate insulation materials. At Jaystone Renovation Contractor Singapore, 0ur staff are trained to install drywall partitions from different gypsum board manufacturers.

If you require additional specifications such as soundproofing a private meeting room or insulating a partition wall with fire-retardant material, our experienced staff will be able to install the partition wall according to your exact specifications.

To install partition walls, speak to our renovation consultants for a quick and affordable quote.


Chian Jin Building Contractor

Drywall Partition Specialists
ServicesResidential drywall installation and repairs, Commercial drywall installation and repairs, False ceiling installation
Price RangePrices upon discussion
Contact Details+65 6367 5988
Address18 Mandai Estate #06-03 Multi-Wide Industrial Building Singapore 729910

Need an extra room in the office or at home? Drywall partition is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to create new functional spaces or restructure existing space.

And if you have specific needs such as soundproofing a private meeting room or insulating a partition wall with fire-retardant material, our experienced drywall craftsmen at Chian Jin Building Contractor Pte Ltd will be able to install the partition wall according to your exact specifications. A partition wall is a vertical panel made of lightweight material that divides space.

Our craftsmen are trained to install drywall partitions from different gypsum board manufacturers, but notably, from reputable brands such as Boral, Gyproc and UCC. To make a drywall partition soundproof or heat-resistant, the partition wall is reinforced by appropriate insulation materials.

Chian Jin is an experienced drywall partition contractor in Singapore which has been servicing both residential (HDB, landed and condominium owners) and commercial clients in Singapore for over 20 years. Chian Jin Building Contractor Pte Ltd is a registered drywall partition trade contractor with BCA Singapore.

In conclusion, our exploration of Partition Wall Contractors in Singapore has unveiled a realm of possibilities for transforming spaces with elegance and functionality. From open-plan offices to contemporary home designs, these contractors excel in bringing your vision to life through expertly crafted partition walls. The seamless blend of form and function is not just a promise but a commitment from these professionals, ensuring that your interiors not only meet but exceed your expectations.

As you embark on the journey of redesigning your spaces, let the expertise of our featured contractors guide you toward innovative solutions that redefine the way we inhabit and utilize our surroundings. Elevate your interiors with the artistry of partition walls, where every division becomes an opportunity for architectural brilliance.

Do check out our list of Epoxy Flooring and have time to try their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of installing partition walls in residential spaces?

Partition walls in homes serve various purposes, such as creating separate rooms, enhancing privacy, and optimizing space utilization.

Are partition walls suitable for open-plan office spaces, and how can they benefit workplace dynamics?

Yes, partition walls in offices contribute to efficient space management, provide designated work areas, and enhance privacy for improved productivity.

Can partition walls be customized to match specific design preferences and aesthetics?

Many contractors offer customization options, allowing clients to tailor partition walls according to their design preferences and interior themes.

What materials are commonly used for partition walls, and how do they impact the overall design?

Materials like glass, drywall, metal, and wood are commonly used. Each material has unique properties that influence aesthetics, sound insulation, and durability.

Do partition wall contractors provide consultation services to help clients choose the right design for their space?

Yes, many contractors offer consultation services to understand client needs, recommend suitable designs, and provide valuable insights for informed decision-making.

How long does it typically take to install partition walls, and does it disrupt ongoing activities in the space?

Installation times vary based on factors like complexity and size. Contractors aim to minimize disruptions and often work with clients to schedule installations efficiently.

Are partition walls effective in creating a sense of division in open living spaces without compromising natural light?

Yes, contractors often use materials like glass to maintain an open feel while creating defined spaces, allowing natural light to flow through.

Can partition walls be integrated with additional features such as soundproofing or storage solutions?

Yes, contractors can integrate features like soundproofing materials or built-in storage solutions into partition walls based on client requirements.

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