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At OETEO, we want to put the fun back into parenthood through our innovatively designed apparels. One of our best-loved products is Easyeo, a first-of-its-kind baby romper without zips and buttons. How’s that for convenience?

But we’re more than just a fun brand name and a clever product. OETEO is the belief that parenting should be enjoyable for everyone involved. Whether it’s Daddy, Mummy or baby. Because these moments, precious as they are, don’t happen twice. And we want you to embrace the moment, knowing that everything else has been taken care of.


OETEO was founded by Joanne and Wilson. Parents themselves, after wrestling with unruly rompers and an upset child, they figured there must be other couples out there facing the same plight.

With that, OETEO was born. That’s “Ee-Tay-O”, spoken with the newfound zest and energy after using our products. Combining 40 years of experience in the apparel industry, and a whole lot of creativity, we successfully created a line of fuss-free and incredibly comfortable baby apparel.

Just like your little one, we approach life with a creative zest. We’re one community, and our team is very passionate about bringing joy to every family around us. OETEO always strive to address your needs as a parent, while keeping pace with the latest styles.

Our products

To cater to your little one’s needs, we carry a variety of fabrics from organic cotton to bamboo fabric. All our apparels are gentle on your baby’s skin and are produced without any harmful chemical treatments. Our Bamboo Fabric is one of the most popular options for Singapore’s humid weather!

Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabric is known for its many wonderful qualities for sensitive baby skin. It has a similar softness to silk as it is naturally smoother with no sharp fibres that irritate the skin. Most importantly, it keeps baby feeling cool in warm tropical weather!

Sweat Absorbant
Bamboo wicks away moisture to evaporate more efficiently than most other fabrics, keeping baby’s skin dry and comfortable throughout the day.
Antibacterial and anti fungal properties
Bamboo’s natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties prevents bacteria and odour from building, keeping baby’s skin smelling fresh and preventing fungal infections.
cool and breathable
Bamboo fibre is covered with micro-gaps that provide better ventilation to keep baby cool, for a better sleep through the night.
Natural bamboo does not cause allergic reactions, unlike wool and other natural fibres, making it suitable for sensitive baby skin.
eco friendly
Bamboo is one of the most renewable resource on the planet as it grows easily and abundantly in many parts of the world. Due to its antibacterial properties, it can be grown organically with no pesticides, and its fabric is 100% biodegradable.

At the core of OETEO, it has always been about creating and innovating thoughtful designs, and making it accessible to all parents. Some of our innovations includes

  • Easyeo – Rompers with no buttons, snaps or zips!
  • Easywear – Rompers with built in mittens and booties
  • Easysuit – two-way zipper suit & blanket
  • Blankeo – multi-functional blanket & pillow

OETEO is also proud to be part of “Made With Passion” – a national brand jointly developed by the Singapore Brand Office (SGBO), the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and supported by the Enterprise Singapore (ESG). Made With Passion celebrates lifestyle brands that make up the rich tapestry of Singapore. In addition, OETEO’s signature Easyeo was awarded Singapore Good Design in 2020.

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