Next Level SG: One of The Top Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore that takes your business to the Next Level

Next Level SG: One of The Top Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore that takes your business to the Next Level
Next Level SG

Digital marketing and social media marketing is the most important strategy that companies can adopt in the next few years.

At Next Level SG, we provide clients with a full suite end to end digital marketing strategy and service experience in order to help their business grow. 

We are an experienced social media team that has worked on projects ranging from retail, fashion, property developers, government initiatives and educational institutes. 

For our fashion brands we have successfully helped clients achieve their growth targets by generating more than 2,348% in return on ad spend (ROAS). We use an omni-channel approach by tapping into our in-house video production and design team. 

We amplify your current marketing team’s capabilities by saving you time, and testing the latest strategies with our own ad dollars so you do not have to. 

We free up our client’s time and mind space to work on the most important strategies and operational plans. The heavy lifting of A/B testing, optimisation of ads, creative strategy and generation of content will be executed by our experienced team that has deployed more than $2 million in advertising spend. 

We are experts in transitioning strong retail brands online or helping companies get ROI through E-commerce and video marketing.

Services You Need, All In One Place.

1. Paid Advertising Service

Through a Paid Advertising campaign, we can help you craft a persuasive copy and conversion optimised creative and target a specific keyword or audience based on interests, demographics, and behaviours, allowing you to reach out to many potential customers. Our team of experts are Facebook Blueprint Certified in Media Buying, Media Planning and Creative Strategy and have experience running campaigns for many niches.

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2. Live Streaming Production 

We help your business reach a larger audience by engaging with them in multi-platform streaming, product showcasing, live product demonstration and engaging with your customers. You get to work with a Shopee Certified Partner which gives you the priority to be at the top when you are conducting your live stream. 

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3. Video Production Service

Multiply your brand awareness through high-quality videos that help create a personal connection between you and your customers. Our team is able to handle full video production which includes conceptualisation and storyboarding all the way to production and post-production for videos of any length: long or short.

Why choose Next Level 

We Turn Advertising To Real Profit 

As a digital marketing agency, we are proud to be a Meta (Ex-Facebook) Business Partner & Shopee Certified Live Stream Partner. 

Our media buyers are Facebook Blueprint Certified in Creative Strategy, Media Planning, and Media Buying. Also, we are a multi-channel Digital Marketing solution provider in Singapore, that has successfully digitised over 200 Singapore companies in 2020 alone. 

We were one of the 3 companies that did the Digital Marketing Programme with Enterprise Singapore when the pandemic hit and we are also a pre-approved Productivity Solutions Grant vendor for the Digital Marketing Package. 

We have produced numerous successful campaigns and live streams for our clients and led many businesses to achieve their objectives and goals. 

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Let Next Level SG lead your company to success as we have done for many others. We may be a third-party Marketing Team but we will be an integral part of your business. 

Contact Us 

If you’re looking to grow your business through digital marketing, drop us a call or text at +65 8376 5715 or email us at

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