NBW Pest Control – The Number 1 Pest Control Company in Singapore

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NBW Pest Control Singapore is Singapore’s up and coming pest control services provider. Numbawan Pest Control Singapore, or better known as NBW Pest Control Singapore, provides both residential and commercial solutions in Singapore with effective and affordable pest control / pest removal services. Clienteles that we have offered our pest control / pest removal services include home owners residing in various residential settings that include HDB flats; executive/private condominiums; landed properties like bungalows and terrace housing units. Not forgetting our commercial based clients that include factories; warehousing units; F&B outlets; hawker stalls and even general office work spaces. Unwelcome guests that are commonly encountered in the tropics hot-like weather of Singapore includes rodents; ants; bed bugs; cockroaches; termites; house flies; wasps; bees; and even at times constrictors or venomous snakes! Over at NBW Pest Control Singapore, we believe in not only offering essential and constructive quick fixes to any pest infestations problems, but also at affordable and reasonable price packages that should be made affordable to all if not many. We are on 24 hours stand-by everyday; 365 days a year; simply because pests do not take rest, hence neither should we.

Residential pest control services

Termites Control

Treatment options includes tenting/indoor fumigation; dusting; and termiticides application

Bed Bug Control

Treatment options include discarding of potential infestation floor bedrocks; chemical spray treatment; steaming treatments and etc.

Cockroach Control

Treatment options include clearance of suspected nesting by using direct chemical spray; or gel treatments using baiting stations and etc.

Rodents Control

Treatment options includes eradication of rodents infestation via rat traps; glue traps; and rat pesticide application

Wasp & Bee Control

Treatment options includes actual wasps nests OR bee hive removal follow up with the usage of traps and insecticides for remnants of the colony

Fly Control

Treatment options include specialized fly control resolution methods that can range from fly traps, fly baits, insecticide dusts and etc.

Ant Control

Treatment options include insecticide spray, ants baits and etc.

Snake Control

Treatment options includes potentially high risk captive maneuvers by professionally trained personnel

Commercial pest control services

Office Spaces

Periodic treatment of ants baiting; cockroach nest clearance via chemical sprays; rodents trap

Building & Construction sites

Termiticides treatment plan and effective handling of emerging pests at point of excavation

F&B outlets

Year long contract service with F&B operators in meeting the requirements of a SFA food store license application

Why should you take up the services offered by NBW Pest Control Singapore?

We believe in offering help and rendering our services to people who may find themselves in a fix with pest related infestations which they are unable to resolve themselves. We take pride in executing our proper know-how and expertise in bringing the tense situation under control. Very often by the time our customer’s first contact with us, the situation would have had already been escalated a couple of notches up at least; hence it is absolutely critical that one should be getting the most proper, professional advice / assistance in the shortest time possible when one is dealing with a delicate pest infestation problem.

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NBW Pest Control – The Number 1 Pest Control Company in Singapore
NBW Pest Control – The Number 1 Pest Control Company in Singapore

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