Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You and your family must be overjoyed. On the other hand, new mothers may be overwhelmed with the new addition in their tummies; and be swarmed by the many dos and don’ts shared by people around them. New mothers, especially working women, might be concerned about career prospects 9 months down the road.

To all mummies, stay cool and calm, as My Queen will partner with you as you embark on your maternal journey with our prenatal and postpartum wellness care activities curated just for you.

Women Need Prenatal Care

Pregnant women need proper prenatal care during their 3 trimesters of pregnancy. It is common that mummies will feel discomfort during their 1st trimester, before easing into their usual routines during the 2nd trimester, and finally feeling challenged with the increased weight to move around. Besides physical body changes, our mummies will also have to adjust to their unexplained mood swings and worries too.

My Queen Can Help

At My Queen, we do design babymoon retreats that come with informative and interactive workshops, to help new parents to learn more about baby care. Our care team is always ready to guide the new parents during the workshops. We do provide prenatal yoga sessions to help the new mummies in keeping fit before the delivery process.

We encourage couple bonding during the 2D1N staycation at My Queen. Mummies will definitely need their partner’s unwavering support throughout the pregnancy. We promote active communication among new parents to welcome their precious little ones.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Women Need Postpartum Care

Motherhood is a new chapter for our new mothers. It is a joyous celebration and yet mummies will be challenged by the many intricacies in adjusting to their new roles. It is common for the mummies to be worried about their body changes, bothered by their body aches, and concerned about not being able to care for the baby needs. New mothers will experience undue stress and anxiety. It is relatively risky for them to experience post-natal depression should they not be given proper postpartum care.  

The postpartum care system commonly adopted in Singapore would be an engagement of a  confinement nanny. However, mummies are already trying to adjust to the new changes in their lifestyles; and are given the additional stress to accustom to a new nanny’s presence in the house.  

In the Chinese custom, many confinement practices are often restricting and rigorous for most modern mothers to adhere to. It causes additional stress to new mothers. We do know that the family members are trying to help, though at times they can result in unnecessary conflicts.  

It can be perplexing for mummies to feel confined within a room. A stressed-out mother will worry about a poor milk supply for the little one. It is a vicious cycle for the poor mummies.  

My Queen Can Help

My Queen is a Prenatal and Postpartum Wellness Centre set up to partner with our quintessential women in their maternal journey that extends beyond the baby’s first month. 

My Queen is located in Sentosa, a 500-hectare southern island of Singapore. We take delight in our environment, a vast space with lush greenery away from the bustling city for proper recuperation & rejuvenation. We encourage the new mothers to take a morning stroll, breathe in the fresh air, listening to the chirping of birds. Mummies will be mentally healthy without having a cluttered minds. We will guide the mummies to practise postnatal yoga to stay fit. In fact, we encourage mummies and daddies to take an evening stroll along Palawan beach while we care for their little ones. 

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Our care team, led by our 2 nursing leaders, each with over 40 years of experience in maternal and infant care will provide round-the-clock care to not only your baby but to the mothers as well. We will help to take care of the babies while the mummies adjust to their new roles. Our dieticians offer mummies nutritious meals based on daily calorie count requirements too. 

Congratulations on your preganancy!

Our centre focuses on empowering our mothers with accurate information. We have curated daily educational workshops and activities specializing in proper baby care,  breastfeeding tips and self-care for our new mothers. Throughout the wellness plan, we seek our mummies to prioritise self-care. The mummies can take up handicraft skills during their stay in My Queen. 

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

We welcome daddies to join us to take up proactive roles in caring for the family. Daddies can learn from our care team to practise baby massage for their little ones. Our new parents will learn to be competent in taking cues from their babies’ needs.  

Throughout the stay, besides our care team’s support, daddies and mummies can also share among themselves their work experiences and life hacks! A strong active community is built,  with the camaraderie of family spirit!

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Finally, we will also treat our mothers with weekly spa treatments to aid in their relaxation. We do envisage our mummies to be competent and confident after our 28-day postpartum wellness care system. A happy mum, a happy child and a beautiful family. 

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