How To Get Rid of Maskne/ Acne/ Clogged Pores with Singapore’s Finest Beauty Salon – My Cozy Room

How To Get Rid of Maskne/ Acne/ Clogged Pores with Singapore’s Finest Beauty Salon – My Cozy Room

I am sure you are familiar with the term “Maskne”, but do you know that it formally means Acne Mechanica? It is a type of acne caused by frequent friction and pressure on the skin, when the skin is rubbed, squeezed or stretched. It is easily identified as red and inflamed bumps on the skin. 

In today’s context, it is commonly caused by the wearing of masks for long hours. Hair follicles under our skin are blocked with oil, dead skin and bacteria. As a result, our skin is unable to “breathe” and dirt remains trapped under our skin. 

Have you heard of My Cozy Room Boutique Spa?

Strategically located in the heart of Singapore’s prominent shopping district, Orchard Road, expect to be pampered while experiencing the tranquil charms of Victorian heritage at My Cozy Room Boutique Spa. 

Escape into a mini French styled oasis and get your “Maskne” skin pampered at this award-winning local facial boutique spa with its bespoke facial treatment, while you experience gentle yet thorough extraction with minimal pain by their professional therapists.

Best known for their signature Extraction Facial, My Cozy Room has specially designed its facial treatments to suit the local skin conditions. Not forgetting, a newly launched premium skincare range, BeKind, carefully formulated to help you maintain healthy glowing skin. 

How do you know which Facial Treatment suits you?

Choosing the right facial treatment can be an intimidating process. But rest assured, our highly experienced therapist will conduct a thorough skin assessment to understand your skin concerns and provide the best-recommended solution. 

Here are the Top 3 Facial Treatments recommended to get rid of Maskne

Ultimate Maskne Freeze Facial (120 mins)

This Ultimate Maskne Freeze Facial uses an exclusive freezing cold mask and Cyro Therapy, also known as Electroporation, at an immensely cold temperature of (-10°C) to instantly free the skin from impurities. Powered by internationally renowned German skincare brand, BABOR and our newly launched in-house premium skincare brand, BeKind, expect instant results of rejuvenated and radiant skin. 

Enjoy a special 10 minutes of Cyrotherapy message (-7°C) by our professional therapists to minimise pores and lighten acne scars caused by “Maskne”. Complete the luxurious facial treatment with an ultra cold mask infused with peppermint extract to lock in all benefits and minimise the redness. 

Enjoy 50% off Ultimate Maskne Freeze Facial (U.P. $388, 120 min)
*Valid for first-time customers residing in SG only 

Premium Anti-Acne LED Facial (120 mins)

Clearing stubborn acne scars is the key to achieving healthy radiant skin. Our Premium Anti-Acne LED Facial focuses on eliminating bacteria growth on the skin, also scientifically known as Propionibacterium Acne. The LED light penetrates deep into the skin to destroy the acne-causing bacteria. And rest assured, this treatment is painless and risk-free. Featuring multi-functional LED light irradiators composed of 1632 medical SLDs equipped with blue, green, yellow, red, and IR (infrared) wavelengths with different purposes, this treatment is targeted towards various skin concerns, in particular, maskne and clogged pores. 

– Blue: Kills acne-causing bacteria and soothe inflammation (Suitable for maskne)

– Red: Soothe skin and regenerate to repair acne scars 

– Green: Stabilise and control oil production and minimise pores

– Yellow: Reduces redness after extraction 

– IR: Anti-inflammation and scar treatment

This facial allows your skin to fully absorb the benefits of our bespoke skincare products and bid goodbye to “Maskne”. 

Enjoy 50% off Premium Anti-Acne LED Facial (U.P. $388, 120 min)
*Valid for first-time customers residing in SG only 

Premium Pore Extraction Facial (120 mins)

Our signature Premium Pore Extraction Facial aims to free your skin from impurities and rebalances your skin’s equilibrium. This treatment focuses on unclogging stubborn pores with our highly skilled manual extraction process. The deep cleansing process allows proper purification of the skin before tightening the pores with our premium Alginate Mask Kit. 

Enjoy 50% off Premium Pore Extraction Facial (U.P. $288, 120 min)
*Valid for first-time customers residing in SG only 

Before and After Results:

Self care

Self care is the key to maintaining healthy glowing skin. Remember to always cleanse well daily and nightly with our newly launched premium skincare product, BeKind Purifying Cleanser before using our well-loved My Cozy Room Acne Drying Lotion to effectively dry and heal all pimples overnight. 

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Follow up religiously with our recommended skincare routine to reduce “Maskne”. Avoid wearing makeup under a mask and change your disposable mask daily to maintain clean skin.

Get your monthly facial fix at My Cozy Room Boutique Spa to get rid of your Maskne/ Acne! 

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