Why Is Nanoblading Hairstroke Eyebrow Embroidery a Better Option Than Microblading?

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Many clients have leveraged on Microblading, also known as 3D-9D eyebrow embroidery, to help transform their life and daily makeup routine. For many individuals, the ability to wake up from bed with gorgeous natural-looking brows every morning without having to put in any effort before going to work has proven to be a game-changer in the life of a modern-day woman.

Even though Microbladed brows are incredibly impressive and continue to be in high demand, a revolutionary eyebrow embroidery- Nanoblading Hairstroke is emerging.

Nanoblading promises even more intricate and natural-looking brows with longer-lasting colour retention, lesser stress to the skin and faster recovery time.

Microblading Vs. Nanoblading Hairstroke

At the moment, You may be confused as to which service is preferable for you, or you may be unsure of the significant differences between the two. Therefore if you are interested in finding out more, do continue to reading! 

Nanoblading Hairstroke is the latest as well as the most advanced eyebrow embroidery currently. It is performed by a highly skilled artist who utilises a high-performance semi-permanent makeup tool to get the desired results.

But, before we discuss more about Nanoblading, let us first discuss what Microblading is and how it differs from other types of eyebrow embroidery.

What is Microblading?

In Microblading, a small handheld instrument is used to implant pigment into the top dermal layer of the skin in hair-like strokes that replicate the natural appearance of brows. The whole process of Microblading takes about an hour. In Singapore, Microblading is known by many names, including 3D Brows to 9D Brows as well as eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow tattooing, and feathered brows. Essentially, all of these services refer to the same technique. However, they are referred to by different names depending on who you are talking to. Thus we will advise you to clarify with the salon which eyebrow is the one that you are interested.

For more information on Misty/Ombre Powder Brows or Hybrid Combo Brow, you may want to check out our previous article on 12 Important Facts On Eyebrow Embroidery In Singapore.

Microblading more suitable for certain skin types than others

For example, skin types ranging from normal to dry are excellent candidates for Microblading. In contrast, you may notice that your microbladed brows fade or get blurred over time if you have oily skin.

The reason is due to the skin’s excessive production of oil and absorption of the pigment.

As a client looking for a place to get Microblading eyebrow embroidery, you should have known that Microblading involves making tiny incisions on the outer layer of the skin.

Therefore in the hands of an inexperienced artist, there is a potential increased risk of error. Your skin acts like a sponge, but it has a limit to how much it can absorb. Hence it is essential to do your own research and check out the salon’s reviews before making an appointment.

When a hair stroke with pigment is incised into the skin, there is the chance that external materials such as the numbing cream, lymph fluid, and blood can dilute the pigment. 

Now you have just discovered the main reason for poorly healed strokes or much shorter eyebrow longevity. Although a skilled Microblading artist can lessen the likelihood of this occurring, it is still a possibility. 

In contrary to Microblading, our Nanoblading Hairstroke eyebrow embroidery completely eliminates these types of risks. Nanoblading Hairstroke allow you to have:

  •  fully saturated hair stokes 
  • better retention
  • less stress to the skin
  • smoother healing process 

The pigment is applied to the skin using cutting edge tools, which do not cut into the skin. Therefore, the Nanoblading strokes last longer since the device can implant more colour into each hair stroke due to the increased pigmentation.

The Process of Nanoblading Hairstroke Eyebrow Embroidery

The technique of providing Nanoblading Hairstroke eyebrow embroidery is quite similar to that of Microblading. Prior to beginning the actual process, our artist will walk you through the steps of sketching and mapping your brows exactly how you want them. Once you have agreed, our artist will numb the region around your brows with numbing cream to make sure that there is little to no discomfort. Then the Nanoblading hairstroke procedure will commence. 

How long will each session take?

It would be best to plan around 2 hours for this process, so set aside the necessary time.

Does the service hurt?

The ability to tolerate pain varies from individual. Having said that, the majority of individuals who underwent this service did not report suffering any discomfort, and several compared it to getting their eyebrows waxed.

Recall that numbing cream is applied to your brow area before starting the service so that you may relax comfortably while your eyebrow is being taken care of. 

Please notify our artist if you are experiencing any discomfort so that they can make any necessary adjustments.

Post Nanoblading Healing Process and Aftercare

In addition, your ability to follow our after care instructions is just as crucial as our artist being exceptionally talented at what they do. Therefore, closely following our after care instructions will significantly impact your ability to achieve the most excellent Nano brow result.

The healing process may cause your brows to feel slightly irritated and there may be some mild scabbing during this time.

Don’t be alarm, as this is all a part of the process! Our artist will provide you with our aftercare product that you should apply to your brows on a regular basis to soothe and mildly hydrate the brow area, which will help in the healing. The full healing process should take no more than ten days to complete. In addition to apply our cream, it is critical that you adhere to the set of guidelines outlined below throughout this period of time.

1. Avoid having your eyebrows come into contact with water.

If you are planning on a holiday where you will be participating in water sports, you may need to either wait for this brow service or modify your holiday plans! Likewise, those who do hot yoga or any other physical activity that causes them to sweat and get their brows wet will have to put those activities on hold for the next few days.

2. Do not pluck away the dry scabs.

Even while scabbing should be kept to a bare minimum with our Nanoblading hairstroke, you should still avoid picking if it does occur. Picking can remove pigment from the skin, resulting in the colour not lasting as long as it should

3. No sun-tanning.

4. Refrain from applying brow makeup to allow your nanobladed brows to retain maximum colour.

5. Touch-Ups and Results

Following your initial session, you will need to return for a touch-up, which will typically take between 8 and 12 weeks. This will allow your artist to check on your healing progress and colour retention during the touch-ups. Additionally, if you wish it, this time will be used to fill in or alter the form of your eyebrows. Touch-up appointments are usually between 1 to 1.5 hours.

Finally, you can start waking up to lovely brows for the following three years after successfully completing your aftercare regimen and attending your touch-up session. Isn’t it amazing how amazing it is? The need to spend extra time filling in your brows every day is no longer necessary. You just gotten yourself the freedom to spend your additional time anyway you want to.

Depending on how well your brows have retained their colour, you may decide to return back sooner rather than later for a colour boost. It is absolutely optional and entirely dependent on your personal preference. Based on the assumption that you return to the original artist who did the service and that you want to maintain the existing shape of your brows, the next session should be straightforward and should take less time than your initial appointment.

In Summary,

For many Singaporeans, Microblading remains the most popular eyebrow embroidery service. The power of eyebrow embroidery is assisting them in improving their everyday life. Nevertheless, Nanoblading Hairstroke is a new trend that you should be aware of because they are just as good or even better then traditional eyebrow embroiderybut are less intrusive to your skin and can provide you with even better outcomes.

The prerequisites for receiving the Nanoblading hairstroke, as well as the healing and aftercare processes, are quite similar to those for Microblading. Always remember that it is critical for you to follow our aftercare instructions to ensure that your brows heal properly and preserve their colour.

Lastly, it is possible to have your brows done for up to three years, but you can return to your brow artist for a touch-up as soon as you see fading based on your personal preferences. To ensure that you have chosen the most appropriate brow artist for your needs, we recommend to conduct some research before scheduling an appointment.

Interested to sign up for your Nanoblading Hairstroke Eyebrow Embroidery? Check out our special launch price!

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Why Is Nanoblading Hairstroke Eyebrow Embroidery a Better Option Than Microblading?
Why Is Nanoblading Hairstroke Eyebrow Embroidery a Better Option Than Microblading?

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