MAVIS Tutorial Centre

MAVIS Tutorial Centre

Why Choose Mavis?

Educating 12,000 students and counting, with a pool of over 120 qualified and committed teachers on their roster, Mavis Tutorial Centre, established in 1986, is a pioneer in the industry and one of Singapore’s largest tuition centres with 15 locations islandwide.

As tuition is becoming more prevalent in the lives of many students and no longer perceived to be for weaker ones, parents are seeking external support to help their children learn better.

Mavis Tutorial Centre offers a range of tuition services from primary school preparatory courses to pre-tertiary classes. Teachers play a crucial role in shaping a child’s future. Many of them are NIE trained and some are even ex-teachers. During a week-long orientation programme, they have to shadow senior teachers to learn how to teach the students. Thereafter, they undergo numerous rigorous training programmes. They demonstrate versatility by delivering different teaching techniques to cater to the diversity of each child and make learning as engaging as possible.

Our Track Record

The passionate and results-driven teachers are also committed to helping our students consistently achieve excellent results. Since our launch, they have been performing and exceeding beyond national standards at the PSLE, GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels.

Mavis Tutorial Centre
Some of the friendly teaching faces at Mavis Tutorial Centre


The Primary & Secondary Level Heads ensure that the curriculum is up to mark and work with the different heads of department. As the curriculum continues to evolve, teachers endeavour to ensure that students receive a holistic education and learn various types of skills, aside from knowledge on various subjects taught in schools at the moment. We are also constantly updated on the curriculum based on the latest amendments as implemented by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Mavis Tutorial Centre
A group of students conducting science experiments

Home Based Learning

With the recent developments of COVID-19, online learning has become more commonplace and is widely accepted. For students who are unable to attend physical lessons, they can opt for hybrid lessons and attend them from home via our online learning platform.

Communicating with the parents and various stakeholders can be done via webinars. Important information and strategies in guiding parents in regards to the academic progress of their child or children will be shared during the session. Masterclasses are another form of organising extra classes for students in preparation for their key exams and tests. These masterclasses are video recordings that dive into specific topics, providing students with extra revision should they require. Lessons are more interactive in nature and technology has been harnessed to make learning interesting and engaging.

Knowledge Development & Edutech

Mavis is committed to knowledge development and the adoption of Edu-tech. Knowledge development is important as students are of different levels of learning ability and take to different styles of teaching as well.

We have invested heavily in a digital learning platform where students are able to submit their homework online for teachers to mark. At the end of the semester, students will be able to review their assignments with their personal digital files logged on the platform.

We also have plans to increase the number of webinars to cater to the needs of students and stakeholders.

The Future Of Singapore’s Education System

The future of education and learning is headed towards a more digitalised manner and via digital platforms. Hybrid learning and home-based learning will also become more commonplace.

Edu-tech will continue to advance and new technologies will be adopted by schools to conduct lessons. As Singapore’s education system continues to transform, Mavis will proudly continue to uphold its vision to Learn, Inspire, Achieve.

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