The Finest Places for Massage Services in Singapore

The Finest Places for Massage Services in Singapore

Embark on a sensory voyage as we unveil the enchanting world of Places for Massage Services in Singapore. Nestled within the bustling cityscape, these establishments beckon with promises of relaxation, rejuvenation, and holistic well-being. From traditional therapies to modern techniques, Singapore’s massage services offer a diverse spectrum of experiences.

Join us in exploring the diverse locations that cater to your every massage need, providing a sanctuary for those seeking relief from the strains of daily life. Whether you crave a serene escape or targeted treatments, Singapore’s massage destinations promise to soothe your senses and nurture your body, creating a harmonious haven in the heart of the city.

Best Places for Massage Services in Singapore


Donna Beauty

Where everything falls into place
Donna Beauty – Bringing Together The Best of Western Technology and TCM Wellness Philosophy and Techniques

Donna Beauty – Bringing Together The Best of Western Technology and TCM Wellness Philosophy and Techniques

About Donna Beauty Since the start of time there is a search for eternal, immortal beauty. Hence, Donna …
ServicesMassage Services: Jamu Tummy and Mask, Jamu Massage, Balinese Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Chinese Traditional Massage. Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Aromatic Essential Body Therapy

Donna Beauty – bringing together the best of western technology and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) wellness philosophy and techniques.

Since the start of time, there is a search for eternal, immortal beauty. Hence, Donna Beauty® was birthed under this idea. We recognize that it is impossible for eternity, but we can slow down the process by bringing together the best of western technology and TCM wellness treatments. After years of research and studies with world-leading professionals, our founder has brought in technology and knowledge that is proven effective.

TCM is based on balancing yin and yang, restoring vitality internally. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of TCM and we hand-picked the techniques and treatments that are suitable for all ages. Donna Beauty® also offers the flexibility of Western technology treatments. These technologies are certified and supported by doctors around the world.

Their therapists are well-trained and experienced in the various treatments, machines, and their benefits.


The Thai Spa

Authentic Thai Therapies
ServicesCouple Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Detoxifying Massage), Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Balinese Massage, Thai Massage, Foot Massage, Organic Facials, Pre Natal Massage, Body Scrub, Body Polishing, Foot Reflexology, Ear Spa etc
65 6252 4400
AddressUnit: 324, Level 3, North Wing 3 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038983

Experience a blissful blend of Authentic and Traditional Thai Massage rituals, essential oils & aromatic herbs at The Thai Spa at Suntec City. With a presence of 36 spa centres Internationally, the acclaimed chain of spas has become the go-to destination in Singapore for the best spa and massage experience!

The Thai Spa specializes in providing the most Romantic Couple Spa and Couple Massage experience in Singapore. The Couple Spa Room, also famously termed the VIP Spa room comes with an attached private couple jacuzzi. The beautifully decorated room with fresh roses and candles is one of the most romantic getaways in Singapore, away from the maddening rush! The couple massage is followed by a complimentary session in the couple jacuzzi which is completely private inside the massage room.


Absolute Massage

Warmth beyond sincerity
ServicesMassage Therapy comes in a house of school, ranging from Javanese massage, to Thai Massage, to Balinese massage, Shiatsu and acupuncture Massage and other more. The ultimate essense of massage therapy is that it’s a healthy, drug free option to make you stronger, happier, and healthier. NECK & SHOULDER MASSAGE, FOOT REFLEXOLOGY, BODY MASSAGE
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6214 9551
Address1 Pasir Ris Close, Downtown East @ E!Avenue #02-313, Singapore 519599

After a day of work, it is necessary to loosen up and relax because needless to say, people are not machines. Our body needs time to rejuvenate, and what better way than a helpful relaxing massage to do it?

Absolute Massage is a professional massage place, always ready to listen to your sickness, weakness caused by muscular tension or blockage energy due to your daily routine. We aim to provide quality massage services in a cosy and relaxed environment at an affordable price for the surrounding neighbourhood.


Dreamland Spa

A dream place for rejuvenation
ServicesRejuvenating treatments: Aroma Oil Massage, Kidney Care treatment, Low temperature hot oil massage, Japanese Imperial Health preservation
Price Range
Contact Details6257 8589
Address101 Yishun Ave 5 #01-25 Singapore 760101

Dreamland Spa is your gateway to a relaxing time of your life. The experienced therapists provide patrons a dual blend of total rejuvenation and amazing services. Our massage therapists understand your need to free up every muscle of the body at the massage parlour. Your body is recharged and replenished with a touch of finesse, thus making it a much-preferred destination for ultimate relaxation.

At Dreamland Spa, you can get a broad range of massage services including Kidney Care Massage and Ovary Care Massage. Be it Aroma Oil Massage or treatments like Cupping, Body Scrub and etc, you can experience a wide array of massage services that soothe troubled minds, and calms down tired bodies.

We also specialize in Japanese Bubble Massage – a guaranteed way to re-energize the entire body and replenish your youthful vigour. Our therapists are experts at untangling painful and sore nerves and muscles to leave you relaxed and refreshed. Give yourself the much-needed dose of soothing healing with the help of deep tissue massage meant to ease tired muscles.


i Spa

Best Massage Spa Services in Woodlands Singapore
ServicesWarm oil massage, Relaxing massage, Oil Massage
Price Range
Contact Details+65 63633933
AddressBlk167 Woodlands Street 11 #01-09 Singapore 730167

i Spa @ Woodlands Singapore is one of the best massages in Singapore. We offer various full body massage services to completely unwind your body, mind and soul. The experienced therapists provide patrons a dual blend of total rejuvenation and amazing services. Our massage therapists understand your need to free up every muscle of the body at the massage parlour. Your body is recharged and replenished with a touch of finesse, thus making it a much-preferred destination for ultimate relaxation.

Leave your worries aside and prepare to be pampered during the lush experience of a lifetime at i Spa Singapore. Enjoy an enchanting setting, and warm and inviting staff and explore all the amazing treatments available. i Spa is a place of true relaxation, and our entire team is devoted to calming your mind, body and soul.

Our massage services include oil massage, which concentrates on your neck shoulder back; warm oil massage, a full body massage technique which targets the inner layers of your muscles and tendons using warm natural oil. The heated oil spreads to your skin easily and infuses into the skin much quicker than normal cold oil which helps to increase blood flow to the soft tissues and may help to reduce inflammation; and relaxing massage, which uses kneading, long flowing strokes and deep circular movements to relax you and increase blood flow and lymph drainage

Finest Places for Massage Services in Singapore

Massage Master

ServicesMassage Master’s range of services: Head Massage Singapore, Shoulder Massage Singapore, Back Massage, Foot Massage, Foot Reflexology, Complete Body Massage
Price Range
Contact Details67020762
Address341 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469522

Human being wellness is our sole motive at Massage Master, as we offer the best massage services to relieve your body and mind. Hectic lifestyle and busy schedule contribute mainly to amplifying the poor health and therefore, we are here to serve the splendid massage treatments which help you relax and rejuvenate. We are proud to provide the top quality Singapore body massage services to our esteemed customers.

Their 24hr massage Singapore services let you check in here anytime and enjoy a soothing treatment. Starting from body massage to foot reflexology, our skilled therapists are proficient in specific techniques to release the internal stress, pains, aches and other symptoms of the corresponding body areas. We only use pure aromatherapy oils and premium extracts for absolute natural massage treatments.

Through a soothing body massage Singapore, reap the multiple benefits of improved blood circulation, tension reduction, posture enhancement, boosted immune system, flexible joint motion, acute and chronic pain alleviation and bettered digestive system. Massage therapies offered here work wonders for you to loosen up and recharged with full of positive energy. Get delighted with all the excellent therapies at cheap massage Singapore prices from us.


Bagus Wellness

Quality home massage delivered to you
ServicesSwedish Massage, Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Foot reflexology/ Back Massage, Prenatal Massage, Postnatal Massage
Price Range
Contact Details +65 8783 0225
AddressBagus Wellness provides certified massage therapists, on site spa quality massages, within Singapore.

Bagus Wellness provides spa-quality massages to your home, hotel, office, or event in as little as an hour. We thoroughly vet and hire only certified massage therapists in Singapore. When you book with Bagus Wellness, you know that you’re getting the best. At your appointment time, a therapist will arrive at your door with a massage bed, fresh linens, lotions, oils, and music to ensure a relaxing massage. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your massage.


Healing Touch

ServicesMoxa Signature Massage, Bojin Orthopaedic Massage, Chi Nei Tsang (气内脏) Anti-Ageing Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, 4P Tension Relief Massage, Thai Fusion Massage (Oil-Free), Acupressure Massage (Oil-Free), Body Scrub
Price Range
Contact Details6715 1515
Address9 branches islandwide


Happy, friendly, caring, fun yet professional and highly skilled. That’s who we are, people of Healing Touch. While we operate in an industry which is constantly short-handed, 90% of our team of more than 100 therapists are recommended by staff / ex-staff who work(ed) in Healing Touch. Such a level of support is the result of a conscious effort to create an environment and culture where our people feel valued and serve happily with a sense of satisfaction.

Beyond business, we aspire to reach out with a caring, loving touch to the communities at large. Sponsored spa retreats for the elderly from senior activity centres are one of the ways we express such care.


Cloud 9

Heavenly massages, delivered
ServicesDeep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Couples Massage, Cloud9 at Work
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9432 2223
Address28 sin ming lane,#04-141, midview city Singapore 573972

Here at cloud9, we are passionate about delivering wellness, Cloud9 is based on the belief that the world should be well.

We provide a platform for assessable, easily-scheduled wellness plans with a mission of providing treatment for the mind, body, and soul. we believe you deserve balance and peace. wellness is our passion. you are our inspiration.

Cloud9 sets the benchmark for quality service and convenience in heavenly massage delivered. Their cloud9 massage professionals are certified, screened in person, experienced and carefully chosen for excellent customer service. our team has decades of collective experience at the world’s premium luxury spas, hotels and gyms.

A heavenly massage is an out of this world experience.



Experience an authentic Thai Massage
ServicesTraditional Thai Massage, Aroma Oil Massage and Foot and Shoulder Massage
Contact Details+65 6221 3376
Address252A South Bridge Road, Singapore 058801

Healthland provides the highest level of Traditional Thai Massage, Aroma Oil Massage and Foot and Shoulder Massage. Males and females welcome! 15 years is proof of our dedication to customers! Since Healthland’s (previously known as Massage Authentic) opening in 2001, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering authentic Traditional Thai massage.

Believed to be over 2500 years old, Traditional Thai Massage is an effective healing art and a unique form of body therapy. It uses a sequence of gentle, flowing exercise movements and stretching linked to Yoga. This unique treatment incorporates a deep full-body treatment relieving joints and muscle tension. When physical aspects are conformed, the massage will influence the energetic side to restore the flow of energy throughout the body. Acupressure on Zen energy lines to the body is applied with the aim of harmonizing and energizing. Their therapists are constantly trained to meet both the energetic and physical aspects of Thai Massage.

Over the years, their pride themselves to be one of the rarest establishments in Singapore to commit to the full steps of Traditional Thai Massage.

As we conclude our exploration of the varied and vibrant landscape of Places for Massage Services in Singapore, we extend an invitation to immerse yourself in the blissful symphony of relaxation and rejuvenation. Each locale we’ve delved into serves as a testament to the city’s commitment to holistic well-being, offering a diverse range of massage experiences. Envision finding solace in the expert hands of skilled therapists, transcending the hustle and bustle of urban life. Whether you seek traditional therapies or contemporary approaches, Singapore’s massage destinations stand ready to cater to your unique needs. Embrace tranquility, invigorate your senses, and discover the perfect haven for revitalization amidst the dynamic energy of Singapore.

Do check out our list of Thai Massage Spas and have time to try their services.

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