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How it all started

Having worked in the financial industry for 20 years, Bernard Sim, our lead photographer worked in various roles from admin, settlement clerk, Compliance Investigator, Futures floor trader to a Day trader. As it was a sunset industry at that time, he decided to attend a photography course in NAFA in 2009 and then a specialist in Product and fashion photography course in 2013. Eventually the lessons from the photography courses were put to good use when Bernard became a full-time photographer in 2017.

The initial plan was to do wedding photography, but it slowly evolved and Bernard started to shoot more pets and family portraits. Bernard is always learning and finding new ways to improve his skills. Always on the look out for new ideas. Magicdow is now one of the most sort after for Family and Pet portraits. 

What do we specialise in?

We do various genres of photography such as weddings, corporate portrait, events, family portrait and pet portrait. Of all these genres, we are known for shooting family and pet portraits. We always try to be different and unique and believe that we are the only ones in Singapore to shoot the “Mugshot” style.

We also try to do cute and funny shots by making them catch treats and also running towards the camera.

While these photos looks cute and funny, pet owners must take note of a few things in order to get awesome photos.

What to do before a pet shoot?

Get groomed! Many have overlooked this, we have experienced where dogs coming in looking disheveled. The most important part of a portrait are the eyes. The eyes say it all, if you want a good pet photo, the eye must be unobstructed by furs. Some dogs requires a few days after their grooming to look their best while some will look their best immediately after grooming. Only the owners will know how their furkids will look after grooming. 

What to bring/do on the day of the shoot?

  • Treats! Very important especially when your furkid is food motivated. Here at Magicdow, we don’t provide treats as we don’t want to give your furkid treats that they have never tried before which they might be allergic to. 
  • Apart from treats, you can also bring their favourite toy, again, only the owners will know best.
  • Before the shoot, bring your dogs to relieve themselves first so that can feel at ease during the shoot.
  • Bring water. You want to give water to the dog so as to keep them hydrated, especially for outdoors shoots.
  • For outdoors shoot, bring a towel in case your furkid step into a puddle of water.

What to do if you want to do a shot of your furkid catching treats?

Many have thought that their furkid can catch treats as they can catch balls, this may not be the case. We have met many dogs who can catch balls but cannot catch treats. Catching treats is not a natural born ability, you’d need to train them. There are many tutorials you can find on YouTube which is pretty easy to learn. It will probably take you a week or two. So train them first before coming for the shoot. It will be worth it.

Do you do other pets besides dogs and cats?

Yes! We do all pets. We have done chickens, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits and even a pray mantis.

We always get clients asking if they can be in the photos when doing pet photography. Pets are family too and of course; humans are encouraged to have their photos together with their pets. 

Humans will outlive their pets most of the time and it will be good to have them immortalised in a photo and keep a good memory of them for years to come. At Magicdow, we love animals if you are looking for a pet photographer, look no further. We will make your pets shine.

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