The Finest Loan Providers in Singapore

The Finest Loan Providers in Singapore

Set off on a financial adventure via Singapore’s varied terrain of lenders, where your goals receive the assistance they require. We explore the complex world of loan alternatives created to meet a range of demands in this extensive overview.

Join us as we examine the variety of loan providers, from company finance to personal loans, to make sure you have the funds to support your aspirations. Welcome to the world of Singaporean loan providers, where personalized financial solutions pave the route to success.

Best Loan Providers in Singapore



Get Access to Quick, Fast Loans via Term Financing with SmartFunding

Get Access to Quick, Fast Loans via Term Financing with SmartFunding

At SmartFunding, we offer SMEs Term Financing as one of the options to finance their business. What is term financing, …
ServicesTerm Financing, Buy Now Pay Later
Price RangeInvestor fees = 20% of interest paid by Borrowers
Borrower interest = 6 – 18% per annum
Contact Details+65 9782 7165
Address71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #06-04, Singapore 139951

With the ongoing pandemic that’s impacting a lot of businesses across industries and nations, it has never been a better time for all of us to stand together and help one another. Individual investors may assist local SMEs restore or develop their enterprises for the benefit of the entire community through community finance. What you should know about us is as follows: Community investment is a major focus for SmartFunding.

Above all, they are dedicated to addressing the varying requirements of the communities we serve. They think that a community can only develop if everyone works together, and this includes ordinary individuals who want to invest in local SMEs that they care about, no matter how big or little the investment is.



ServicesWealth Management, Investment Management, Risk Mitigation, Estate Planning
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6309 2488
Address38 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089616

They are a boutique-sized, professional practice firm that focuses on doing the right thing. As an independent wealth adviser and fund management company licensed by MAS, they offer various wealth solutions to assist you in financial planning.

They’ve earned a reputation as a retirement planning expert, advising clients on how to save for retirement and how to withdraw from it once they’ve retired. Although many of their clients have private banking ties, they turn to us as a trusted counsel for a second perspective.


Accredit Licensed Money Lender Tampines

ServicesCredit Solutions, Lifestyle Financing
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6226 2662
Address503 Tampines Central 1, #01-315, Singapore 520503

Since 2002, Accredit Money Lender has been a subsidiary of Quick Credit Pte Ltd, who are industry professionals who have provided transparent and high-quality service. They’ve helped thousands of borrowers acquire cash when they’ve run into financial difficulties since they initially started. They are ready to help you with any situation, whether it is a medical emergency or the purchase of the latest item.

They have a long history of strong collaborative partnerships with various Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs). Their partners include Adullam Life Counselling, Silver Linings, Blessed Grace Social Services and Arise2Care. Their extensive work with distressed borrowers and VWOs have led to a significant and tangible benefit to the lives of distressed borrowers.

Their customer-centric philosophy leads us to abide by good lending practices, and they constantly push ourselves to raise their standards of lending even higher.


Bugis Credit

ServicesPersonal Loan, Business Loan, Monthly Loan, Payday Loan
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6345 9123
Address470 North Bridge Rd, #02-12 Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735

Bugis Credit Pte Ltd is one of the top most reputable licensed money lender in Singapore, offering personal, business, monthly, payday, and foreigner loans since 2007.

They have been in business for the last 13 years serving their customers, redefining the ways a lender in Singapore serves its customers. In fact, they take pride in ourselves for having one of the best-rated reviews online and offline. The reviews are a testament to their care and attention to our customers’ needs, and they take pride knowing that each review shared with a genuine thanks to their service.


Fast Money Pte Ltd

ServicesMonthly Loan, Fast Cash Loan, Business Loan, Foreigner Loan
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6224 4746
AddressYishun Ave 5, #01-35, Singapore 760101

Imagine a scenario where you have unpaid bills all over your table and you are in need of cash to finance your needs. This is where Fast Money enters the scene. With their instant cash loans, they will solve your financial problems in a timely manner. As a licensed and legal money lender in Singapore will not only offer quick cash loans, but also highly competitive interest rates.

Fast Money is your solution for quick and easy money. With them, your application procedure is not stringent. All their need is produce verification documents from your side and their professionals will make your loan approval process easy. With their reliable and efficient money lending process, they are one of the most reputable and best money lenders in Singapore.

Finest Loan Providers in Singapore

GM Creditz

Services Personal Loan, Business Loan, Monthly Loan, Payday Loan
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6588 1886
Address111, #01-41 North Bridge Rd, Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098

Established in 2009, GM Creditz is the best legal moneylender at the heart of Singapore. It provides a wide array of loan options including personal, foreign, business, monthly, and payday loans.

True to its promise and tagline “borrowing money made easy,” the agency offers hassle-free, fast, and affordable loan plans specially created to every individual’s unique objective.

What sets the agency apart from other money lenders is it considerably assesses each and every client’s application–even those with a history of bad credit scores. It has built the business on solid principles by offering a fair and transparent service and responsibly providing its customers with the money they need at a rate they can afford.


Transview Credit & Consultancy Service

ServicesBankruptcy, Debt Repayment Plan
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9675 7309
Address109 North Bridge Rd, Funan IT Mall. Singapore 179097

They are the only company in Singapore that is genuinely helping troubled clients with debts which they are unable to service anymore, so that they can regain their life and live normally. For those with huge debt which is impossible to pay back, they can help you file for bankruptcy and arrange for discharge in 3 years time. For those who are already under bankruptcy, they can also advise and help you through a smooth discharge from bankruptcy.

Unlike other companies in the market that didn’t provide after service after bankruptcy, they are the only company that see the client through their entire bankruptcy period until they discharge and provide all necessary assistance to them during these few years.


Soon Seng Credit

ServicesRenovation Loan, Wedding Loan, Medical Loan, Study Loan
Price Range
Contact Details+6226 8860
Address1 Park Rd, #01-21 5 mins walk from Chinatown MRT, Exit C, People’s Park Complex, Singapore 059108

Many Moneylenders will tell you that they offer the best loans with the best interest and have the best repayment package. But are they really the best? What would you consider to be the best? Because at Soon Seng Credit, they regard honesty as the best policy, and they would like to think that we have been and will be, honoring and applying that policy in our daily operations. 

Here at Soon Seng Credit Pte Ltd, “The Best” means that they have your best interest at heart. They could spend all day telling you that their offer the best interest and the best repayment scheme, but they won’t. 


Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd

ServicesPersonal Loan, Business Loan, Debt Consolidation Loan, Grab/Gojek Loan, Wedding Loan, Renovation Loan, Medical Loan, Bridging Loan, Study Loan
Price Range
Contact Details+6384 0088
Address1187 Upper Serangoon Road(Hougang Central) #01-21
The Midtown. Singapore, 533971

As the cost of living in Singapore grows year after year, more and more individuals are finding it difficult to save money for daily pleasures like as shopping and eating out while living paycheck to paycheck. Financial troubles can strike anyone at any point in their lives, such as running out of money or needing to attend to a loved one’s emergency.

Occasionally, at some point in our lives, they have had or are having to raise a sizeable amount of money on short notice with little to no excess money on hand. Fortunately, Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender in Singapore that offers cash loans that are readily available on the spot and are incredibly affordable with low interest rates and monthly repayments.

Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd is a distinguished licensed moneylender in Toa Payoh, registered in the registry of moneylenders with the Ministry of Law. Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd is dedicated to extending our services to people who are in need of personal loans in Singapore. Your concerns are a matter of great importance to us and it is our priority to do our best to help you in every way that they can. Their loan experts are certified and experienced professionals who are quick and thorough in addressing any concerns that you may have.


Raffles Credit

ServicesPersonal Loan, Business Loan, Foreigner Loan, Monthly Loan, Payday Loan
Price Range
Contact Details+6235 1788
Address17A Circular Road Singapore 049373 (We are at Level 2) Nearest MRT station: Raffles Place & Clarke Quay

Raffles Credit is one of the most distinguished licensed moneylenders in Singapore with some of the best selection of loan packages for their clients. As one of the best lenders around, they are committed to pushing the boundaries of what it means to be in the business of lending money to their clients.

Having helped thousands of Singaporeans over the last decade, they firmly believe that everyone should have equal and easy access to financial services, no matter their credit background or current financial capabilities. No one should find themselves in dire straits because of a small easily fixed mishap they’ve made. No one is beyond help. All it takes is just one simple fix.


QuickLoan Pte Ltd 

ServicesPersonal Loans, Cash Loans, Wedding Loans, Medical Loans, Home Renovation Loans, Payday Loans
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6223 1788
Address10 Anson Road #01-15 International Plaza Singapore 079903

QuickLoan Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender in Singapore that provides customers with quick loans for all needs with low-interest rates. Loans will be distributed immediately in the form of cash within 30 mins upon loan approval.

QuickLoan’s staff is welcoming and attentive to any client that approaches them, going above and beyond to find the perfect loan plan that suits their client’s needs. With their knowledge of the current rates and developments in finance, they’ll be able to provide the loan with the best rate for you.


  • Offers free consultation for all services
  • Accommodates locals and foreigners
  • Excellent customer service

As we conclude our exploration of the dynamic landscape of Loan Providers in Singapore, you now possess the insights to navigate the world of financial solutions with confidence. From personal aspirations to business endeavors, the path to securing the right loan for your needs lies ahead. Thank you for accompanying us on this journey through the diverse array of loan options. May your future financial ventures be marked by success and prosperity. Farewell from the realm of Loan Providers in Singapore—where dreams meet resources, and financial goals find a pathway to fulfillment.

Do check out our list of Renovation Loans and have time to try their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a loan?

When money is given to another person in exchange for repayment of the loan principle plus interest, it is referred to as a loan. Before any money is issued, both parties agree on the loan conditions.

What are the types of loans?

Personal Loans
Credit Card Loans
Home Loans
Car Loans
Two-Wheeler Loans
Small Business Loans
Payday Loans
Cash Advances

What is the difference between loan and credit?

Loans and credits are two different types of financing.
While a loan offers all of the money requested all at once when it is provided, a credit provides the client with an amount of money that may be utilized as needed, whether it be with the whole amount borrowed, a portion of it, or none at all.

Why should I consider using a loan provider in Singapore?

Understand the benefits of utilizing loan providers for various financial needs, from personal expenses to business investments.

What types of loans are available from providers in Singapore?

Explore the diverse range of loan options offered by providers, including personal loans, business loans, and more, tailored to different requirements.

How do I choose the right loan provider for my needs?

Get insights into the factors to consider when selecting a loan provider that aligns with your financial goals and preferences.

What are the interest rates and repayment terms typically offered by loan providers in Singapore?

Understand the variations in interest rates and repayment terms associated with different types of loans offered by providers.

Can foreigners or non-residents access loans from providers in Singapore?

Learn about the eligibility criteria and considerations for foreigners or non-residents seeking loans from providers in Singapore.

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