The Finest Financial Advisors in Singapore

The Finest Financial Advisors in Singapore

Singapore is a global icon of financial power and opportunity in the heart of Southeast Asia, where financial landscapes are as varied as the cultures that thrive. In this dynamic financial environment, both people and companies look for professional advice to set them on the path to financial success. Financial advisors in Singapore are essential in this situation.

Welcome to Singapore’s financial consulting industry, where your objectives become solid financial plans and your dreams become practical tactics. Our main goal as financial advisors is to arm you with the information, resources, and individualized advice you need to safeguard your financial future.

The financial environment in Singapore is both dynamic and intricate. We comprehend the special possibilities and problems that Singaporeans and residents confront, from wealth management to retirement planning, and investment strategies to tax efficiency. Our experience is in demystifying this complexity and creating customized financial solutions that fit your unique objectives and situation.

Why choose a Financial Advisor in Singapore?

  1. Knowledge of Domestic and International Markets: Our consultants are very knowledgeable about domestic financial markets, laws, and tax structures. We also make use of our global network to provide information on global investment possibilities, offering a comprehensive approach to wealth management.
  2. Personalized financial planning: We understand that your financial path is special. Our advisers invest the time necessary to comprehend your unique financial objectives, level of risk tolerance, and time horizon. We then create tailored solutions that support your goals, whether they are to buy the home of your dreams, pay for your child’s education, or enjoy a secure retirement.
  3. Proactive and flexible: Just as the financial environment is always changing, so are our methods. In order to keep you on the path to success, we regularly analyze market trends and legislative changes and make necessary adjustments to your financial strategy.
  4. Holistic Approach: In our opinion, financial wellness goes beyond just having a healthy investment portfolio. In order to provide a 360-degree approach to your financial well-being, our advisers provide complete solutions that span retirement planning, estate management, insurance coverage, and tax efficiency.
  5. Transparency and ethics: The basis of our client interactions is trust. We uphold the highest ethical standards and preserve openness in all of our interactions to give you total trust in the advice we offer.

We are your partners on the road to financial success at Financial Advisors in Singapore; we are more than simply financial planners. We promise to help you navigate Singapore’s complex financial system and provide you the information you need to make wise choices that will lead to a safe and prosperous future.

Come along with us as we set out on this financial adventure where your objectives will become attainable ambitions and your financial security will be our top concern. In Singapore, where your financial success is our business, welcome to a world of financial possibilities.

Best Financial Advisors in Singapore



The Finest Financial Advisors in Singapore
Providend – Financial Advisors Singapore
ServicesWealth management, specialising in retirement planning, Investment management, Risk-mitigation planning, Estate planning
Price RangeOur work involves a one-time planning fee of $5,000. After which, we will help to manage clients’ core investment. Every year, we sit down with clients to review their wealth plan. If there is a material change to their life circumstances, we will adjust their wealth and investment plan. There are fees that relates to on-going advisory services, which typically range from about 0.5% to 1% p.a. of the investments.
There will be no fees charged at the first meeting where we get to know each other better and check if we could add significant value to your current situation.
Contact Details+65 6309 2488
AddressNo.38 Duxton Hill Singapore 089616

Established since 2001, Providend is a fee-only wealth advisory firm and a registered fund management company, serving the highly affluent and expatriates in Singapore.

By operating solely on a fee basis, we are paid only by our clients and all product commissions are rebated back to them, allowing our advice to be free from conflict of interest and our clients’ interest to stay at the heart of our service.

They offer a full suite of wealth solutions and have built a solid reputation as a retirement specialist over the years. Many of their clients have private banking relationships but engage us as their trusted adviser for a valuable second opinion..


GFC Global Financial Consultants

The Finest Financial Advisors in Singapore
GFC Global Financial Consultants – Financial Advisors Singapore
ServicesRegular Savings/Investment, Portfolio Management, Income protection, Critical Illness Insurance, Education Planning, Retirement Planning,, CPF Investment, U.K SIPP & Pension Transfers, Legacy & Succession Planning, Tax Effective strategies
Price Range
Contact Details+6565322711
Address14 Robinson Road, #10-01 Far East Finance Building, 048545

Bruce Barron and Ian McMahon founded the company in Australia in 1997, and it moved to Singapore’s financial district in 2003. They’ve expanded over the years and now have a diverse team of seasoned consultants.

Global Financial Consultants, with over 20 years of experience, offers expats, PRs, and Singaporeans a unique mix of foreign wealth management and MAS-approved advisory products and services. They assume that pre-packaged investment strategies cannot capture the complexities of investment. As a result, they have individually personalized financial plans to help protect the financial future.

They will assist you in achieving your financial goals, whether they be for future schooling, retirement, or a new home. By presenting a blueprint for their financial wellbeing, they hope to bring value to our clients’ lives. Their systematic approach and frequent feedback aid in the development of long-term partnerships as we work together to achieve their objectives.


IPP Financial Advisers

The Finest Financial Advisors in Singapore
IPP Financial Advisers – Financial Advisors Singapore
ServicesFinancial planning/ Wealth planning, Investments and insurance, Retirement planning, Legacy planning, Business continuation planning, Employee benefit planning, Global funds, Global property funds, Comprehensive financial planning
Price Range
Contact Details+6565118888
Address78 Shenton Way #30-01 Singapore 079120

IPP Financial Advisers, is client focused, providing tailored financial advice to help you achieve your financial goals. Their proven methodologies in financial planning have seen many clients enjoy confidence, composure and financial success.

They are a licensed financial advisory firm founded in Singapore, primarily serving high net worth and high income clients. IPPFA specializes in financial planning / wealth planning, investments and insurance, which inexhaustibly includes retirement planning, legacy planning, business continuation planning, employee benefit planning, global funds, global property funds, alternative investments, life and health insurance, key owner/executive insurance, long-term care and comprehensive financial planning.


Singapore Financial Planners

The Finest Financial Advisors in Singapore
Singapore Financial Planners – Financial Advisors Singapore
ServicesFinancial advising, Financial planning, Retirement planning, Investment planning, Insurance planning, Financial Advisor Intermediary – Connect you to FAs in Singapore
Price RangeOur connecting services are free-of-charge as we believe Singaporeans should have unrestricted access to proper financial advice.
Address10 Anson Road,#33-03 International Plaza, Singapore 079903

They believe that financial planning in Singapore should be made easy for everyone. However, there are too many financial advisors in the market right now claiming that their products are the best in the industry.

With so much noise in the market, you’ll never know who to listen to.

Their goal is to raise the financial literacy of Singaporeans through education. Instead of telling you who to trust and which products are the best, they write guides and product reviews of the various financial products in Singapore so that you can make an informed decision.

With their strict selection process, they have identified financial advisors in Singapore from different firms who are unbiased and truly care about your needs.


Synergy Financial Advisers

The Finest Financial Advisors in Singapore
Synergy Financial Advisers – Financial Advisors Singapore
ServicesPersonal, Corporate, High Net Worth, General Insurance
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6654 1888
Address229 Mountbatten Road #03-30 Mountbatten Square Singapore 398007

Synergy is a financial advisory firm known to be proactive, progressive and reliable. They strive to be the new standard in financial guidance, creating significant value for our clients.

They care for the people who care for you. Their pursuit of technological updates, training roadmaps, support platforms and initiatives are thoughtfully designed to develop their people’s competency. It empowers and motivates them to grow and develop, thereby customizing unique solutions towards financial success for you, exceeding expectations every time.

The Finest Financial Advisors in Singapore

Financial Alliance

The Finest Financial Advisors in Singapore
Financial Alliance – Financial Advisors Singapore
ServicesPersonal financial advisory, Private wealth advisory, Islamic wealth advisory, Fee-based advisory, Corporate Financial Advisory
Price Range
Contact Details+6562221889
Address150 Beach Road #12-01/08, Gateway West Singapore 189720

Managed by industry veterans and experts, we deliver impartial and comprehensive financial advice aligned to clients’ interests and customized to clients’ needs. Supported by robust and thorough wealth management research & support, they empower their clients to gain access to best-of-breed financial products and services, be it life insurance, general insurance, investment, estate planning, etc.

As the leading independent financial planning company, they have achieved over 15 years of excellence in business practices, and are deeply honored to have gained due recognition from Spring Singapore since 2008.

Their Fintech infrastructure will then narrow down the thousands of products provided by various financial intitutions in Singapore before providing you with well-rounded solutions.


Manulife Financial Advisers

The Finest Financial Advisors in Singapore
Manulife Financial Advisers – Financial Advisors Singapore
ServicesPersonal Insurance: Family Protection
Health, Children’s Education Funding, Savings and Investment, Retirement Planning, Home Protection, Legacy Planning
Business Financial Advisory: Business Succession Planning, Employee Benefit Schemes, Keyman Protection, Commercial Business Insurance
Price Range
Contact Details+6568072250
Address103 Penang Road #02-01 Vision Crest Commercial Singapore 238467

At Manulife Financial Advisers, they are committed to putting our clients’ needs first.
Their clients will enjoy access to a wide range of solutions from Manulife as well as other trusted partners to meet their insurance, investment and retirement needs.

Backed by Manulife Singapore, a leading Canadian-based financial services group with principal operations in Asia, Canada and the United States, they are well-positioned to offer distinctive advantages with the flexibility of a financial advisory firm, as well as the strong governance and financial backing of an international financial services group.


Expat Advisory Group

The Finest Financial Advisors in Singapore
Expat Advisory Group – Financial Advisors Singapore
ServicesMulti – Currency Wealth Management, Retirement Planning and Pension Transfers, University Fee Planning, International and Multi-Currency Mortgages, Legacy Planning, Trusts and Wills, Tax Efficiency, Business Owners Solutions, Life and Health Insurance
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9320 9737
Address78 Shenton Way, Singapore 079120

Expat Advisory Group has received numerous accolades over the course of their decades of service, with many referring to them as one of Singapore’s best financial advisors. They’ve assisted both local and foreign clients with their financial management while living and working in Singapore.

Multi-currency management, retirement preparation, university planning, tax performance, and other financial strategies are among the services they provide.

Life and health insurance, as well as legacy planning, trusts, and wills, are all available to ensure the family’s financial security in the future.


Great Eastern Life

The Finest Financial Advisors in Singapore
Great Eastern Life – Financial Advisors Singapore
ServicesLife Insurance, Health Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Wealth Accumulation, Travel Insurance, Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Maid Insurance, Retirement Plan, Prestige Series
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6248 2211
Address1 Pickering St, Singapore 048659

Great Eastern Life, as one of the island’s oldest companies, has assisted countless clients in achieving stable and safe wealth and well-being. They have detailed strategies to help secure your company and staff as well as your family’s future.

They have employee health policies and wellness programs as part of their company solutions. They provide comprehensive insurance policies for the whole family as part of their personal solutions.

Clients praised the firm for ensuring the financial stability of their families and businesses, naming it one of Singapore’s best financial advisors.


AMTD Policy Pal

The Finest Financial Advisors in Singapore
AMTD Policy Pal – Financial Advisors Singapore
ServicesTerm Life Insurance, Endowment Plans, Whole Life Insurance, Integrated Shield Plans, Retirement Plans, Critical Illness Insurance, Pet Insurance, Travel Insurance, Easy Save V
Price Range
Contact Details+65 3163 9184
Address38 Eng Hoon Street Singapore 169783

If you want to invest in term life, whole life, or personal injury insurance, PolicyPal promises to find a life plan that will maximize the value of your money and your precious life.

Death Benefits, Permanent/Partial Disability, Temporary Disability, and Medical Expenses are all covered by their personal injury insurance.

You have the choice of purchasing insurance for yourself or any members of your family. They also have a cashback program where you can get 5% cashback in P$ credits when you buy Travel, Car, or Pet Insurance.

In summary, financial advisors in Singapore are your dependable allies as you negotiate the challenging financial landscape of this cosmopolitan city-state. They are prepared to assist you in achieving your objectives and securing a profitable future with their knowledge, individualized counsel, and dedication to your financial well-being. These advisers are your go-to source for quality financial advice in the heart of Southeast Asia, whether you’re planning for retirement, investing in the market, or protecting your wealth. Partner with Financial Advisors in Singapore right now to take the first step toward your financial success. Your monetary future is here.

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