Kirolounge is one of the most affordable/patient-centered chiropractic clinics in Singapore

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First Kirolounge was started to operate in 2011, This year 2022 was the 10th year anniversary since Kirolounge was founded with a strong mission to provide extraordinary health for everyone through chiropractic.

Dr Hiro is originally from Japan and migrated to Singapore in 2021 with his wife and a new family member. A baby boy Coen. He decided Singapore to become his second home and commit to his life in order to help people by using Chiropractic care and his original recovery care.

Why do we choose Dr HIRO?

Not only his practice of chiropractic, but his principle of life is to pursue authenticity and genuineness in his life. This strong pure principle of being an honest man/chiropractor was developed in his childhood on his father’s organic farm in Japan.

Dr Hiro is not looking for instant relief from pain. Because his principle of practice is to resolve problems from root causes, otherwise problems become repetitive. Especially if you are suffering from chronic pain/ache/discomfort for a long time, changing from lifestyle is very important.

  1. No hard-selling of packages
  2. Clear goal settings
  3. Find out root causes in your body/root causes in your lifestyle
  4. Sharing lifestyle tips

How many times do I have to visit till recovery?

Each person’s complaints/problems can not be generalized like how each individual is different. However, if the problems you are having are within chiropractic care management(musculoskeletal related problems), we would like to offer a review session to share objective/visualized improvements with you in 4- 10 sessions at the latest.

Why do I have to come back to maintenance care?

After 4-10 intensive sessions, most patients recover fairly well. We usually recommend patients continue to do maintenance care visits even after recovery(without pain/ache/discomfort). The reason is that many patients tend to go back to square one if they don’t do maintenance care. The reason is very simple. Problems are developed in your lifestyle, if you don’t take care of them, then it appears as symptoms.

What are the Kirolounge adjustment plans?

Kirolounge is one of the most affordable/patient-centred chiropractic clinics in Singapore. No hard-selling of packages is our motto. Whatsmore, we don’t provide high volume packages. We only provide light packages(4times tickets + 8 times tickets) for patients to enjoy adjustment more affordably. 


4 adjustments $240(each $60)  *Annual membership required

8 adjustments $440(each $55)  *Annual membership required

A la carte: $90

In order to enjoy affordable Kirolounge adjustment plans, you need to join the Kirolounge annual membership. The reason for the membership system is that we would like patients to maintain their physical condition because we know that the whole point of recovery is not just instant pain relief, it is to enjoy your life sustainably.  

To inquire about the annual membership

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Kirolounge is one of the most affordable/patient-centered chiropractic clinics in Singapore
Kirolounge is one of the most affordable/patient-centered chiropractic clinics in Singapore

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