Singapore Food Blog,, recognised as one of Singapore’s Finest

Singapore Food Blog,, recognised as one of Singapore’s Finest

Author; Brian Kennett, founder of Is Life a Recipe

19th February 2022

To get the best internet cuisine recommendations, recipes, and reviews, Singaporean food bloggers are your best bets. But of course, we would say that, as we have been blogging for the past 14 years or so in Singapore. If you’re looking for a more in-depth look into Singapore’s cuisine, you’ll like reading food blogs, and hopefully, you’ll choose ours from now on as one of your personal favourites.

Is Life a Recipe just received the heady accolade of being one of Singapore’s Finest Food Bloggers, and for that we are truly humbled. It comes at a perfect time with the crew having a revamp of our branding, post-presentation & layout, social media integration and the addition of short-form Vlogs into our Blogs. 


A unique thing about Is Life a Recipe in comparison to other Singapore Food Bloggers is that Brian, the founder, is also an accomplished cook and writes most of the content himself. This is no ‘franchise’ out of content writing, Is Life a Recipe is written from personal experience. Brian’s cooking accolades extend to winning a challenge to be Chef for a night for Kilo Under Pressure, having his very own Thai Larb Gai Pizza on Jamie Oliver’s Specials Board across Singapore for a week, running a small company providing Chef Tables in the comfort of your own home as ChillaxBBQ (which you can read about on the blog), and even to self-publishing a cookbook of his personal recipes to raise money for the less fortunate in Cambodia.

Is Life a Recipe has been in production for some 14 years since Brian Kennett, originally from Margate in England, started writing the blog for fun when he moved to Singapore. The Is Life a Recipe site includes restaurant reviews of both top-end restaurants but also focuses on his passion for local fare and hawkers. There are also 100’s recipes that he has created from his eating experiences on his travels across Asia and beyond. He was recently coined by some foodie TV producers as the guy putting Asian into Caucasian, with his passion for local foods, hawker and street-food from across Asia. 

The Singapore Food Blog was started by Brian to document his family life, travel, and eating adventures while living in Asia so his family overseas could keep up to date with what was happening. When travelling to a new nation, he’d consume the local cuisine. To eat the “hand me downs” and generations-old recipes, with desperation to meet the individuals who are cooking it, and a drive to get his hands on those recipes. But 99% of the time, they never come forward because it is their great, great grandmother’s recipe or something along those lines. 

Brian would jot down his impressions in a notepad (which is still in use to this day) and return home to try to duplicate them in his own unique way. 

At Is Life a Recipe we have tried our hardest during Covid-19 times to promote our local food and support our local hawkers since it’s UNESCO Heritage for Singapore and in our view is the very foundations of the country. Eating at the local hawker always reminds me of this poem, that sums it all up.

Eating and dining is a communal activity that is central to our social lives, both within the family and beyond

It is over the dinner table that memories are made,

Deals are conducted,

Pain is shared,

We romance, bond, fight and celebrate.…

Long may that continue in our Singapore hawkers and Is Life a Recipe will continue to write about the incredible food on offer to entice you into a taxi or onto a bus and get you out there for food exploring. Sadly, though, we recently had to update some of our hawker and food courts blogs to show the closures and it’s scary just how many have passed by the wayside now. Please read our blogs, click the Hawker Reviews tab and #SupportLocalSG.

Since the initial conception of Is Life a Recipe our followers have increased substantially and they even encouraged us to branch out and start a YouTube Channel, quirkily coined The Angmo Cooking Show. Again, this is packed with recipes and restaurant reviews but also branches out into fun things to do for families. The site is getting some serious traffic in these Covid-19 times with parents needing inspiration of how and where to entertain their kids. 

The Is Life a Recipe Food blog and YouTube channel hasn’t stopped growing since its inception in 2007 in Singapore. The blog focuses on restaurant reviews and a plethora of recipes from across Asia. The new YouTube channel includes 1st person view recipes, a unique way of showing how to prep and cook his personal recipes, and reviews with his family of fun things to do.

The Singapore-based blog is now set to launch internationally via its acquisition of to extend its reach into European and North American markets, and to continue to promote Singapore’s amazingly diverse food offerings.

Watch this space for more reviews and recipes from Is Life a Recipe!


To contact Brian at Is Life a Recipe drops him a line at  or WhatsApp at 9724 6236.

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