Integrative Chiropractic – The first to offer chiropractic and manual lymph drainage, followed by structural integration

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A Treatment Room in our clinic

Integrative Chiropractic Pte Ltd is a local company set up in 2007 serving both the expatriate and local communities. For the expatriate, we provide complementary health services which they would find familiar such as chiropractic, structural integration (a technique developed by Ida Rolf, hence it became popularised as rolfing), craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, manual lymph drainage and in later years, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). We envisaged creating an integrated healing environment where one form of therapy melds into another synergistically.

At our premises located at Delfi Orchard, we strive to create a healing environment where the patient would feel comfortable and secure. We are a low-volume practice that prides itself in offering personalized customized service operating through word of mouth referrals, and to a lesser extent social media.

With multi-modal therapies offered, we hope most bodily issues commonly seen in a complementary health practice can be resolved by one or other modality, and if not, we encourage patients to seek medical attention and we follow-up on the medical care they are receiving from doctors and dentists.

We are adept at improving posture, skeletal structure and function through mechanical correction, and exercise for all ages. The exercises we give are not necessarily the kind that patients find familiar. These concepts for exercises are drawn from different disciplines and schools of thought in rehabilitation and movement therapy. Patients who take part in different kinds of sports like yoga, pilates, dance, marathons, muay thai, tennis and golf do come to us to complement their practice.
Likewise, we also care for those who do not enjoy exercise. Our goal is to encourage patients to improve their quality of life by living an active lifestyle, resolve intermittent pain issues in a timely fashion, and enhance self-image through postural correction.

Treatment Room

We see patients as young as newborn infants to geriatric patients in their 90s, several of whom were either severely disabled or suffering from terminal stage disease. We feel privileged to be placed in a position of trust to care for them. The main bulk of patients we see are adults, with a small percentage of patients under the age of 18.

Depending on the end goal of patients, be it performance, pain management, or lifestyle enhancement, we work in alignment with everyone in support of their life goals. Patients who opt for maintenance care return for treatment after the symptoms of the initial complaint have long subsided and disappeared.
In recent years, we have begun sharing our concepts and experience with other healthcare professionals such as fitness, gym, pilates and yoga instructors overseas. In the pandemic, these exchanges unfortunately halted abruptly in early 2020. Virtual sharing took its place instead on local platforms which we took part in organized by CAREhab in July and The Academy of Chinese Medicine in October and November 2020.

Our individual therapists and physicians have been active in performing community service over the last few years reaching out to the elderly and during the course of the last few months, extending the outreach virtually giving health talks on the spine, nutrition, in addition to providing traditional Chinese medicine consultations via Zoom.

In the future, we hope to have more exchanges with medical professionals across the health disciplines in Singapore to benefit more patients.

Study group formed by Green Partners PTE Ltd

Brand/Business Name: Integrative Chiropractic Pte Ltd
Telephone Number: +65 6 737 7558
Address: 402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard, #05-20/21, Singapore 238876
Other details: +65 9641 2005 (SMS only)

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Integrative Chiropractic – The first to offer chiropractic and manual lymph drainage, followed by structural integration
Integrative Chiropractic – The first to offer chiropractic and manual lymph drainage, followed by structural integration

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