Inncelerator’s COVID-19 Relief Initiative Takes a Modular Approach To Digital Marketing for Business Growth is disrupting the digital marking space as it is the world’s first and only ‘online’ digital marketing platform offering a modular approach to create, market and grow your business.

Singaporean online digital marketing platform, Inncelerator offers businesses a 1 stop solution for marketing through their modular approach where clients pay for only what they need, and companies enjoy significant cost savings. This aids businesses through their ‘going digital’ journey and for Inncelerator to be the partner of choice for those taking their first steps into entrepreneurship.

Inncelerator was founded in September 2020 in response to the growing need for SMEs to digitalize their marketing efforts effectively. Inncelerator has to date, strategically identified specific components through 23 different modules covering aspects such as SEO (search engine optimization), website development, app development as well as management across different social media management that are essential for businesses in today’s day and age.

“We have seen such an incredible rise in new entrepreneurs and people upskilling, by starting their own businesses but they don’t know how – yes they have an idea and an end goal, but that is not enough and this is where Innecelerator comes in. Whatever business you want to start, no matter what your background is – with Inncelerator, you will have a qualified professional to guide you in your journey.” – Yasser Faiz, Client Relationships –

Through this modular approach businesses need not spend a small fortune all at once to grow their business but instead can take their time and focus on certain channels that are more important and then slowly add on services based on their budget. Ofcourse, going in with a guns blazing approach is going to get you your results faster but it will also significantly drain your budget very quickly and for cash strapped startups that does not leave room for error.

“Our mission from the start has been to provide quality services and although we have a large client base ranging from SMEs to MNCs, currently our client base is majority start-ups and small businesses. We knew that the current costs offered in the market are too high for their budgets so we shifted our focus onto the number of users on our platform. Our model and SOPs have allowed us to cut prices for our clients which is how we managed to do our bit to give back to the community and help businesses achieve their business goals.” – Muhammad Fayyaz , Founder & CEO –

For well established companies, Inncelerator offers a customized solution where you can contact them for a quotation based on your company’s specific needs and requirements.

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