Gowash – Bringing To Your Doorstep

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At Gowash, we believe that caring for your car is as important to us as it is to you.

The founder of Gowash enjoys having a work-life balance lifestyle. Her car is the time-out place to unwind after a hard day’s work, which many car owners would be able to relate to. From blasting your favourite music, having extra pairs of shoes or change of clothes in the boot, or simply just taking a long relaxing drive. In between her busy work schedule and family commitments, she has had to find time for regular car wash and polishing.

As such, we understand the frustration of having to queue at car wash bays and time taken to travel to and fro plus long waiting time for car grooming, when this time can be better spent on things that matter.

Hence, Gowash – a mobile car grooming service company was formed. At Gowash, we are not satisfied until you are, serving customers’ needs is our first priority – to be there for you at the time and place as required. Be at the comfort of your own home, watching your favourite television shows, or tending to your chores while our professional groomers work on your car in your vicinity. Consistent positive reviews from our customers highlights the standards that Gowash represents.

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Select from a range of packages from car wash, car wash and wax, car polishing, ceramic glass coating, internal care to cater to your individual needs.

Gowash classic wash package includes shampoo wash, vacuum, light interior wipe, rim cleaning and even tyres shine, which will take approximately 1 hour. Or choose Gowash detailed wash package that includes door frame cleaning, light claying and express wax, especially for special occasions where your car needs to be sparking clean or you simply want to take extra care of your car.

Opt for Gowash car wash and wax, Gowash car polishing and Gowash ceramic glass coating, for more protection and shine for your car’s exterior.

Alternatively, you may opt for Gowash internal care package if you need more protection and care for your car’s interior, such as air con bacteria sanitizing and even pest fumigation.

If you have concerns over stain marks and light scratches on your car, opt for Gowash paint restoration package that includes the classic wash with clay bar treatment, complete with polishing to remove stain marks, light scratches, restore the glossy paintwork and 3D water repellent effect sealant wax. Your car will look as good as new!

We have add-on services such as air con bacteria sanitizing, leather seats care and water repellent treatment for windows! As some car owners have furry friends, there is also an add-on option for pet fur cleaning from car interior, that means less fretting over fur on your clothes and smell on your car seats, and more time to enjoy your car.

Make Gowash your go-to brand for your car grooming needs today!
For booking, email to hi@gowash.sg; or Whatsapp +65 9682 4851

We aim to provide quality car care through use of effective and efficient car care systems catering to individual needs, enabling you to have more time to do things that matter to you.

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Gowash – Bringing To Your Doorstep
Gowash – Bringing To Your Doorstep

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