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Have you ever wanted to buy furniture from Carousell because they matched so well with your home decor only to decide against it for one reason: How will you bring your furniture home?

That is where GetVan comes into the picture.

What is GetVan?

GetVan is an on-demand van-hire service to help urban dwellers to fulfil their delivery needs at short notice. GetVan offers three services; GetVan Goods, GetVan Ride and GetVan Business.

GetVan’s Founder: Mr. James Neo

GetVan was founded by Mr. James Neo. Mr Neo is a former officer in the SAF. In 2014, he left the SAF to start his entrepreneurial journey leading to the founding of GetVan in 2016. Mr Neo, would later join ride-hailing giant Gojek in 2019 whilst running GetVan as the Head of Driver Acquisition. He would go on to become the Head of Market Insights.

In 2020, GetVan was acquired by Moovaz, a tech-enabled international relocation services company. As part of the deal, Mr Neo left Gojek and joined Moovaz as the Head of Supply while still heading GetVan.

GetVan’s Story

Have you been so frustrated with how things were being done that you wish you could do something to change it? Our founder, Mr Neo was in such a situation in 2016.

He made a trip to a furniture store and wanted to bring home his purchases immediately but had to wait an entire week for his items to be delivered. Further, he had set aside an entire day just to receive his items! Time that could have been better utilised doing something else.

This frustration led to Mr Neo thinking, “Only if hiring a van would be as simple as hiring a cab!” This was the beginning of GetVan.

GetVan Services

GetVan Goods

If you have a parcel, or furniture or other items which you need to transport to another location, then GetVan Goods is the service for you. Within GetVan Goods, there are 4 sub services, Send, Regular, Large and Extra Large.

Each of these services is catered to accommodate different sizes of items. The maximum dimension and and the size of the van for each sub service can be found below:


  • Max weight: 20kg and L + W + H < 150cm


  • Est size: 1.4 (L) x 1.4 (W) x 1.4 (H)
  • Van Equivalent: Renault Kangoo


  • Est size: 2.5 (L) x 1.4 (W) x 1.5 (H)
  • Van Equivalent: Toyota Hiace

Xtra Large:

  • Est size: 3.3 (L) x 2.0 (W) x 1.9 (H)
  • Van Equivalent: Mitsubishi Fuso

For all services except ‘Send’, GetVan provides the option of making a booking on a ‘per trip’ or ‘per hour’ basis. Depending on your needs, you may make an immediate booking or advance booking.

GetVan Ride

Group outings with friends and family is a common activity. Sometimes, during the outing, you may want to go to another location. In such a situation, GetVan Ride will come in handy. It’s on-demand services for group transportation will enable you and your friends to travel together.

There are 3 sub-services to cater to different group sizes. They are Limousine 6, Premium 10 and Premium 13 which can accommodate a maximum of 6, 10 and 13 passengers respectively.

Similar to GetVan Goods, you can choose to book your ride either on a ‘per trip’ or ‘per hour’ basis. Further, immediate booking or advance booking options are also available.

GetVan Business

Besides providing consumers with van hire services, GetVan also offers businesses bespoke last mile delivery solutions. This allows organisations to fulfil their delivery needs to their customers without owning any vehicles!

What Makes GetVan Unique

GetVan differentiates itself from the competition by putting you, the customer first. We achieve this by allowing service customisation, only hiring drivers with the right attitude and having a transparent pricing policy.

The competition offers bundled services which customers might not need and require them to pay for those services as well. GetVan on the other hand, allows customers to customise their services according to their need and pay accordingly.

GetVan only hires drivers with the right attitude. There is a strict code of conduct that all drivers have to follow. This helps to ensure the standards and experience customers demand of GetVan.

GetVan believes in a transparent and fixed pricing policy. Customers, before they book, will know exactly how much they will have to pay for the service. There are no surprises waiting for customers. Further, GetVan does not employ surcharge pricing. Be it peak hour or off-peak, customers pay the same amount.

Fulfil Your Transportation Needs With GetVan

GetVan was founded with a mission to help fulfil your delivery needs while providing a positive moving experience. With over 4 years of experience in providing last mile delivery services, you can be assured that your moving needs will be well taken care of.

Book your van now!

GetVan – We Move Better
GetVan – We Move Better

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