Gentle Smile Dental Studio Smile Makeover: Let your Smile Tell Your Story

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Everyone wants that million dollar smile, but what does that look like for you? Is the perfect smile simply white, straight teeth? Research shows that the first thing people notice about someone is – you guessed it, their smile! More than their eyes or clothes, many people base their first impression of someone on their smile. Beyond happiness, a smile can also convey assertiveness, warmth, confidence and approachability, among many other things. What do you want your smile to convey?

Gentle Smile recognizes that there is more to the perfect smile than sparkling white, perfectly straight teeth. Our clients come to us to ‘fix’ their smiles for more than aesthetic reasons. They want a revamp to not only improve their appearance, but to also boost or highlight certain qualities that go beyond the skin. People say “a smile is worth a thousand words”, thus it is important for us to understand your story before we can evaluate what cosmetic dentistry work would suit your needs. Are you aiming for a professional look to align with your career trajectory? Or are you looking to appear more inviting and charismatic as you venture into the dating world? There is more than one look to a smile just as there are countless stories out there to be told. The perfect set of teeth not only has to match your facial features, but also enhance your lifestyle and personality.

Many factors affect how a set of teeth is perceived – the whiteness of the teeth, alignment, and even the shape of the teeth. Did you know that the ridges of our teeth can make us appear older or younger? Rounded or squarish teeth are associated with a more feminine or masculine appearance, and even the sharpness of our canines can convey vastly different traits. A more prominent, sharp canine can make us appear more strong and robust, whereas a canine with a duller edge will bring out a softer, gentler look overall.

Gentle Smile Dental Studio Smile Makeover: Let your Smile Tell Your Story

Here are a few examples on how these qualities can change one’s entire presence. We received a female patient, well into her career, who wanted to appear more assertive at work. For this, we recommended a squarish design to convey a sense of dominance and strength, this was achieved through ceramic veneers and a gum lift. On the other hand, we would recommend a roundish design to convey a softer, more free-spirited look, and this is often a choice more popular with the ladies. 

Not just women, men undergo cosmetic dentistry to highlight certain characteristics too. A large number of our clients are also middle-aged males who want to appear more outgoing and approachable, yet exude a sense of charisma. To suit those needs, we’d likely recommend a squoval or triangular design to convey those qualities. 

Take charge of your narrative with Gentle Smile, let us help you achieve the perfect smile for you. Match your smile to your identity and let others finally view you for how you want to be portrayed. We provide a first consultation for $100, which will also include a virtual photo simulation of your teeth taken at our in-house studio. From there, you will be able to discuss with our dentist, Dr Chua, on your ideal set of teeth. 

Find out more about Gentle Smile and the services we have to offer at For any enquiries, you can reach out to us via email at, or call us at +65 6677 3232. 

Gentle Smile Dental Studio Smile Makeover: Let your Smile Tell Your Story
Gentle Smile Dental Studio Smile Makeover: Let your Smile Tell Your Story

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