Food for Health (Singaporean Version)

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Google: “How to lose weight”, and there will be no lack of diets available for you to attempt, from Paleo to Intermittent Fasting, Low Carbs, Low Fats, Ketogenic and even Pizza diet. There’s too much information rather than the lack of it that is causing confusion among people throughout the world. Every year, there are new/renewed diets promising quick results by inspiring fitness models, celebrities, and attractive influencers teaching you how to lose weight and feel great. Many of us want to look like them, so much so that they will do everything within their means to achieve it.

Now, what about you? 

You are too busy to filter through all the information. 
You don’t trust fad diets because you have tried them before. 
You believe in the process. 

This is the first concept that we would like to introduce to you: First, you add (+), then subtract (-).

Step 1: Addition (+)

Depending on your timeline and risk/reward ratio, you may start by adopting 1 of the 3 habits, or 3 out of 3:  

  1. Vegetables: In a common Singaporean diet, many of us are lacking in nutrients as not many places offer nutrient-dense food. Challenge yourself by eating vegetables, lunch and dinner daily for the next two weeks.  
  2. Physical Activity or Movements:  Do you feel sluggish every day? Inactivity slows you down; add movements daily, such as walking a longer route to work, climbing the stairs back home or simply standing up to stretch in between work. 
  3. Sleep: We are a hardworking nation that is reported to be working long hours with little sleep. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep. This might be difficult, but you can start off by building good sleeping habits, such as limiting the use of any electronic devices 30mins before bedtime.

None of these options is easy to execute, and that is the whole point. 

Enforce one of the options into your daily life, making sure that you do it day in and day out. Once you have accomplished that for at least 1 month, then proceed to: 
Step 2: Subtraction (-)

  1. Process 
  2. Sauce 
  3. Fried Food

Easy? You would be surprised because everywhere you turn, most of our food is processed, includes sauce or is deep-fried. Remember: it’s not the chef’s job to make you healthy, it’s their job is to make the food as delicious as possible so that you will return back to eat their food. Subtract these three and you will be on your way to becoming a healthier you. 

Sooooo, what can I eat?! To assist you, we have compiled a list of food around Singapore Hawker Center that you can have on a daily basis.


Food for Health (Singaporean Version)

Halal and Non-Halal

Food for Health (Singaporean Version)

Indian and Vegetarian

Food for Health (Singaporean Version)

Other options: 

Food for Health (Singaporean Version)

For drinks, we recommend:

  1. Canned: Oolong, Green Tea 100%
  2. Tea O Kosong/Siu Dai
  3. Kopi O Kosong/Siu Dai
  4. Isotonic Drinks such as 100 Plus, Aquarius

These are extra options outside of hawker fare (refer to images on the right).

Now, remember to + before – 
The idea is to create a sense of choice rather than restrictions. 
Ever tried restricting yourself to 30 days without carbohydrates and found yourself revenge eating after that? 
With all these options, to begin with, we are pretty sure that you have a starting point. 

Remember this: At the end of the day, healthy or not, we always have a choice. This article is written by JG FIT PTE. LTD. You can visit their website at for more information. 

Food for Health (Singaporean Version)
Food for Health (Singaporean Version)

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