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Always wanted to #GetThatFITLook but unsure how to get started? Thinking of improving your physical and mental health for the long term? If you’re still unsure of where and how to even kick-start your journey, you’re in luck! 

FITLUC specialises in offering customised Personal Training (PT) for anyone looking to enhance their fitness. Such services are provided for everybody, from youths to working professionals and the elderly. Numerous Celebrities have also trusted them, such as Felicia Chin, Maxi Lim, Lee Teng, Tay Ying and Amander Sings.

Fitluc Gym

FITLUC Trainers come from diverse discipline backgrounds, with a common passion in providing a service to cultivate fitness into people’s lifestyle. Each of them, with their own past experiences and knowledge, is driven to constantly strive and improve themselves, which translates into treating every client with precise specificity in every unique program.

Because every individual’s goals and lifestyle differ, Personal training can be tailored to their needs in a wide variety of ways. For instance, House-Call PTs are available to bring the gym experience to you in the comfort of your own home. There are also 1-on-1 and Corporate Online group classes offered through Zoom, as well as the freedom to experience the full FITLUC community at their flagship location. By choosing among many options, incorporating fitness into your lifestyle can be made as sustainable as possible so that you can maintain it in the long run. 

eir commitment to Singapore’s ageing population, FITLUC also offers such services to the elderly. Seniors aged 75 and above made major improvements to their physical movement and mental well-being, which ultimately improved their quality of life. After working exclusively with FITLUC for over a year, Dr. Anamah Tan has gone from relying on her walking stick to being able to climb the stairs on her own without assistance. She has also strengthened her body to be able to carry weight and do jumping jacks at the age of 82! 

Many gyms lack medical professionals to overlook client’s injuries if people do come in with pre-existing injuries and health conditions. However, with FITLUC, injured patients and clients are treated holistically since they have a partnership with Thomson Medical Centre to offer them perks, but also to provide them with a health and fitness ecosystem where both medical personnel and trainers can work hand in hand in order to provide them with the best rehabilitation program.

In this way, clients are spared the hassle of conveying complex medical issues to PTs, and instead can concentrate on staying diligent and consistent with their individually tailored plans. In one instance, a patient from Thomson Medical actually recovered from hamstring surgery under FITLUC’s supervision and was able to return to original walking gait and resume an active lifestyle.

In addition, FITLUC also offers youth and athlete training, emphasising the importance of proper motor movements to begin your journey towards fitness success. Training professionals have years of personal experience in general and sport-specific training, which allows them to provide a functional, safe, and effective fitness program suited to a youth’s current abilities and long-term goals. They’re currently working with clients as young as 13 years old! 

By hosting events such as a Downtown Race. FITLUC aims to foster connections between clients; extending the power of a close-knit fitness community.

Each of the trainers on the team is carefully selected by Lucas himself, who shares a similar passion for offering more than just workout plans. Trainers are individually specialised in different areas, including strength and conditioning, crossfit, sports-specific training, rehabilitation, and mobility. With the intent to advocate the lists of benefits in which fitness can impact an individual, they are determined to empower clients to lead a thriving and flourishing well-being. 

Ultimately, FITLUC provides comprehensive fitness services to an array of demographics so that people can make fitness a part of their lives as best as possible. They are your gateway in starting your fitness journey! The company has changed how people think about fitness and well-being by transforming them from always chasing aesthetics to staying physically and mentally fit for years to come. If you have the desire to train, FITLUC will let you experience quality Personal Training and take you towards your fitness goals!

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