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Established in 2019, Fidz Pest Management quickly gained credibility with the leadership of a group of dedicated local Singaporeans with vast and extensive knowledge of pest control, both locally and abroad, whilst keeping to their mission:

“To get rid of pests FULLY, QUICKLY, FOREVER.”

With a zero-tolerance for error, they provide nothing shortage of customer satisfaction.

Fast but efficient.

Home-grown only just right before the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic, their work processes have already surpassed the efficiency of many established companies that have existed many decades before, be it in the same industry or not:

By harnessing the advancement of technology, Fidz Pest Management piloted a successful technological integration to provide light-speed but yet accurate and efficient processes that allow customers to have instant and online access to enquire, engage services and retrieve reports from the convenience of their mobile phone.

Why the importance of a quality pest control?

As customers, it is our natural instincts to usually jump straight into purchasing the cheapest product or service that is palatable to the pocket.

Same goes for pest control, the general public’s buying attitude would bend towards the cheapest price, resulting only in a short-term solution with a recurring problem. However, often a time, we fail to see the importance of a quality service which encompasses the following:

1. Understanding the pest

Are you having common pest problems such as ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, termites, rats or mosquitoes?

How about some uncommon pest problems such as booklice, weevil, dog tick or cat flea?

Fret not! They have it all covered.

But do you know, that even within a particular species of insects, there are sub-species? And within these individual sub-species, their appearance would be different, their characteristics would be different, their breeding area would be different, etc.

Take for example, a cockroach. A common sub-species in Singapore would be American cockroach and German cockroach.

Since the characteristics of each sub-species defers, the treatment methods would be different as well. By understanding pests in greater depth, they are able to isolate and target the problem to solve it quicker.

2. Consideration of the location

Common questions a pest controller would have asked you before may be:

  • How many room HDB?
  • Is it a landed property?
  • What is the floor area of the office / warehouse?

But without the need to ask such probing questions, these are some of the answers our specialists would give you that you would not have already known:

  • A pest control treatment has been done here previously
  • There is a huge landscape area nearby
  • Your house has high humidity
  • Your lighting is emitting higher UV rays

These are some of the information that play a crucial role in providing a tailor-suited treatment for your home or workplace that could unravel deeper issues within your premises. They are the experts on it and aim to provide you with only the best recommendations and advices, from the heart.

3. The treatment processes

Many might have experienced pest control treatment elsewhere previously that have left them with the unexpected and disastrous aftermath, such as oiliness, strong chemical smell, messy house, etc.

At Fidz Pest Management, they have treatment solutions that are odourless, eco-friendly and hassle-free. And after the careful consideration of the above 2 pointers and recommending the best treatment solution, they prepare their customers, both physically and mentally, for what is to come. Nobody likes surprises especially when it comes to pests!

4. The preventive methods

What good is a pest control if the pest comes back at the end of the day? Alas, the customer would be spending more for engaging ‘cheap pest control’ multiple times, leaving the problem still unresolved.

Their service does not just end with eliminating the problem only, they prevent the problem too! Through the careful consultation of Fidz Pest’s highly-trained specialists, they target the problem on a long-term perspective. 

Update, upgrade, implement.

Their own research team

With the evolving nature of pests that causes immunity over time, Fidz Pest Management has a research team that works tirelessly around the clock to provide only the most effective solution. This is further enhanced by the continuous gathering of complex data through customer feedback, ground observation and statistics, to only provide nothing but the best. Working closely with major pesticide and chemical partners, Fidz Pest Management are always updating their inventories to keep their promise of providing only the best.

Through frequent in-house trainings, their specialists are constantly upgraded and well-versed not only in pest knowledge, but also in consultation and report writing. Customers would be well-assured of an informative and a quality work done.

By fusing technology, biology and chemistry, Fidz Pest Management have set a new benchmark in the pest control industry that focuses on promptness and quality.

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