Create Your Exceptional Corporate Videos with fewStones

Create Your Exceptional Corporate Videos with fewStones

Video marketing has become one of the most effective ways to advertise your products or services in Singapore. It is crucial that you incorporate videos into your marketing strategy.

When you work with fewStones, you are assured of a high-quality video along with expertise and guidance from professional video production experts.

Our team at fewStones has been producing videos since 2011. With a client-focused approach and flexibility, we are trusted by over 500 local and international brands. From conceptualisation to filming and editing your video, we will be with you throughout to make sure the video meets all of your requirements.

Here are the main production services that we can provide to your business in Singapore:

Live Action Videos

A live-action video refers to videography that records real-life objects, landscapes, and people. If a video requires a camera for filming, it is a live-action video.

Creating live-action videos allow your business to deliver authenticity to your viewers with an emphasis on emotions and details.

Four of the most popular live-action video styles that we can create and produce for you include testimonial videos, event videos, commercial videos, and corporate videos.

When you work with us, we will help you throughout the process.

It usually begins with conceptualising the entire project to align goals and objectives. Finding a cast and location follows. After this, we can help you create scripts and storyboards for your video which will make filming a lot easier.

During filming, our team will help you during the hours or days that you will need for your shoot and once that is finished, we also have video editors that will edit your video.

We will help you throughout all of these important stages to make sure that we can create the best possible live-action video for you.


2D Animation Videos

Video animation refers to using and manipulating drawn figures so that they appear to be moving. 2D animation videos allow for more opportunities that may not be possible to perform in real life.

You will be able to tell your story in a simple yet compelling format. The power of video animation brings your wildest imagination to your viewers’ screens.

Three of the most popular 2D animation video styles that we have been creating are infographic videos, whiteboard videos, and cartoon videos. These video styles are great if you want to create an effective and entertaining explainer video.

To create these videos, we will first layout everything that needs to be done. After this, we piece your story together with a script and storyboard so we can get a rough look at how your video will flow.

Once a storyboard and script are approved, we can now create all the graphic designs that will suit your brand. Lastly, we will animate these graphic designs and add music and sound effects as well.

Our team of video animators and graphic designers will make sure you get the best 2D animation videos that you can use on all platforms.

3D Animation Videos

3D animation videos are videos that rely on 3D animation techniques. This process is more intensive than creating 2D videos as it requires tasks like character modelling, rigging, animating, and adding texture and lighting.

These videos can look more immersive and realistic compared to 2D videos because it adds another dimension. 3D videos are one of the most popular choices when you want to visualise using more realistic effects.

Three of the most effective 3D animation video styles that we can create are product demo videos, virtual tour videos, and prototype videos. Using 3D for these video types makes your products and concepts come to life.

Creating 3D videos is a complex process that involves 3D modelling objects to be included in the video and rigging which creates the bone structure of the 3D model. After this, there is the texturing process which gives models more detail.

Once this is all done, our 3D animators can add movement to the characters according to what your story is about. After rendering all of the animations, composing is done to add any colour corrections and other visual effects.

This process may seem overwhelming at first, but when you work with our team of graphic designers and 3D animators, you will be assured of an effective 3D video for your business.

Personalised Videos

If you want to connect with your customers in a more unique and effective way, then you should strongly consider using personalised videos.

Personalised videos are videos that have been customised for a specific individual viewer. They are a powerful way of capturing and keeping the attention of your customers and clients.

Adding personal details like your viewer’s name, photo, or company is a great way to connect with your viewer and to place the focus on them. These videos are effective at marketing, sales, recruitment, and holiday greetings.

Personalised videos can present a great opportunity for audiences in Singapore because most companies have not delved into it just yet.

Now is the time to get ahead of your competition in Singapore and be one of the first companies to successfully utilise personalised videos for their customers. We are the only agency in Singapore that has combined a creative team for video production with a technical team for personalised videos.

Interactive Videos

Another emerging and innovative video format that you should consider using are interactive videos. Interactive videos are videos that support and allow user interactions. In this video type, viewers can dictate the video’s story and content.

While normal videos can always get you good results for engagement, interactive videos offer a deeper level of connection that your audience will not get from watching standard videos.

This allows interactive videos to have more possibilities in terms of engaging with their audience. You can have gamified content, give quizzes, clickable menus, interactive storylines, and allow viewers to control their viewer perspective.

The appeal of these videos really boils down to how they share the power to create with their viewers which is something you will never experience with typical videos.

At fewStones, we can push your corporate videos to go the extra mile with the added feature of interactivity. You will be able to stand out against the rest with these features, especially when interactivity is not the norm for videos in Singapore.

Corporate Photography

Corporate photography covers all photography that is used to promote your company’s brand, products, or services. It provides photos that can be used in a lot of different materials that can be used internally and externally.

At fewStones, we have our own in-house team of professional photographers who can shoot and edit all corporate photos that you will need for your business in Singapore.

We have a wide range of corporate photography services which include corporate headshots, product photography, event photography, real estate photography, and more.

We can provide on-location shoots in your office or a location of your choice, whether it is indoor or outdoor. We also have a new photography studio in Dhoby Ghaut which is in a very central location and just 5 minutes away from the nearest MRT station.

When you work with our team of photographers, you will be able to get the highest quality corporate photos that will make your business in Singapore stand out.

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