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What started as a humble starting to solve lighting industry-specific problems, which weren’t being addressed by other e-commerce platforms, has become an outsized online marketplace for lighting. Today, when a customer buys lights from us, it’s a logo of the trust they need in our brand.

The Delight logo may be an interpretation of what the corporate does, accentuated by a picture of a lampshade within the middle. Delight strives to supply an easy and straightforward sourcing experience to general Lighting professionals and otherwise.

Delight was born to build efficiency in managing the stock. Delight focuses on online retailing and wholesale sales of lighting products of various brands.

We attempt to pick the simplest lighting brands and deliver them at a minimal cost to the buyer. Be it normal LED tubes, LED bulbs, or Non LED, pendants or decorative chandeliers, electrical, professional fixtures, you’ll find everything at the press of a button at

A lot of lighting companies are overstocking the products, buying them at higher prices when needed. We wanted to deal with these problems by providing fast & safe deliveries, wholesale pricing, and multiple choices under one roof. Happy and satisfied customers are our biggest asset.

With thousands of retail and business customers, Delight has become a go-to brand in a short span of time.

Lighting prices are very dynamic. If you bought a light a couple of years back, the chances are you can buy the same at a much cheaper price today. Now think of a company which holds stocks of lights for 2 years. It is going to make an operational loss in no time with these products. Delight was born to tackle these problems by saving companies from stocking in the first place.

What do we offer?

  1. Competitive prices: We provide the best quality products at affordable prices.
  2. We ship globally: We have delivered our products in more than 30 countries and continue doing so.
  3. All products under one roof: Our website is comprehensive and sells products to different segments. Be it homeowners, electrical contractors, interior designers, corporates, hospitality industry, shipyards, or facility managers. We have something for everyone.

Many times, our customers are not sure of what kind of bulb they need. Let us see the types of bulbs available:

Fluorescent bulbs

These bulbs are mostly tubular in shape, have opaque lenses. There are no filaments in them. They are great to be used in kitchens or bedrooms.

Incandescent bulbs

These are made of thin wire filaments. Mostly not used these days but some buyers still prefer them.

Halogen bulbs

Often used in under cabinet lighting, landscaping, and track lighting. They have spirals of coiled wire filaments.

HID lamps

These lamps are not used usually at home. Most of the street lamps on roadways use these kinds of bulbs due to the immense light they produce.

LED lamps

Light Emitting Diodes are produced by LED bulbs that make them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Widely used, they are considered to be a good long-term investment due to their long life.

These are some of the tips you can use to decide the kind of lighting you need.

At Delight, our dedicated team will help you find the right kind of lights for your home. We respond to every enquiry and make sure the customer is heard and attended to. We do not have a minimum order value, and offer free shipping for orders above SGD300.

See you at the store at

We are located at 22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76 MidView City Singapore 573969

Delight—Your Friend Within The Darkness
Delight—Your Friend Within The Darkness

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