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Being an avid photographer, Daniel transited from product and event photography to wedding photography when he shot his good friend’s wedding. Loving the emotions and fun that wedding brings, he created Daniel Sim Photography to embark on his wedding journey. Meeting couples from all walks of life, he started telling each of their unique stories through his lens. Love is indeed one of the strongest emotions and his aim is to bring out true emotions in each and every frame captured. Interactions between loved ones, friends and family come to life as they laugh and cry and enjoy their special day. He has a knack for waiting for a moment to happen and capture it in its purest form. Daniel Sim Photography has been growing & operating for over 5 years now, and they are still looking forward to tackle the challenges ahead.

The photographic journey started when Daniel’s father passed him a film camera during his secondary school days. He would then visit car shows and events space to capture. Finally investing in his first DSLR during his school days, he slowly evolved to shooting concerts and live music events. He honed his craft and realised that he loved capturing pure moments rather than objects like in product photography. From photographing golfers at a tournament to musicians in his element during a song or a group of Ministers gathering together for a national day event, he exposes himself to all genres of photography in order to be a well-rounder that excels in any situation. He loves to travel and is a big foodie as well. Travel Photography is one of his big loves and from there he incorporates landscape photography into wedding day to get epic shots for couples. One of his other hobbies is to also explore food spots in Singapore and overseas. He documents his food journey just as passionate as his wedding photography. And through food, he was able to connect with more people and eventually telling their stories with his camera. He brings his experience from his many journeys into his photographic style. A very personable a collaborator, Daniel loves to share ideas on how to create beautiful memories that are unstaged.

He has created a team with videographers and graphic artists over 5 years, emerging a tight knit team that’s ever ready to tackle any event. Even going so far as to be equipped to provide multi-camera live streaming services that are in high demand now. Even with the downturn from Covid-19, the team was hard at work bringing their craft and services to the next level. They identified the shift and demands of innovation in order to still have memorable celebration in the midst of a pandemic and upgraded the necessary skills and acquired gear to be able to perform at the highest of levels.

Couples who love candid and real moments that are not staged will love the vibrant colors of Daniel Sim Photography’s style. Not following trends, the photos of Daniel Sim Photography is evergreen. It will last for generations to come. They strive to capture artistic yet honest moments of your special wedding day. Their Services include Pre-wedding photography to Actual Day Wedding Photography, couple engagement photography and even maternity shoots when brides become mothers. Their packages are customised to each couple’s specific needs during their wedding. Perhaps some couples need lesser odd hours and they are able to cater to their needs. As weddings are evolving and the laws changes, they too evolve their packages to make sure you get a bespoke experience for your very special day. Their aim is for you to smile and enjoy as you look back on your images and videos and feel the warmth of love all over again!

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Daniel Sim Photography – Singapore Wedding Photographer
Daniel Sim Photography – Singapore Wedding Photographer

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