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Premium customised curtains and blinds for homes and offices.

$200 – $50,000

Singapore Curtains and Blinds is your one stop curtains & blinds specialist. We provide customization for all types of curtains, blinds, solar films and wall paper. We cater to both commercial and residential customers and strive to be the top service provider in the industry. Give us a call to experience our professionalism!

  • Day curtains
  • Night curtains
  • Motorised curtains
  • Roller blinds
  • Outdoor blinds
  • Rainbow blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Venetian blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Solar film
  • Wallpaper
Night curtain (80%/90% blockout): $18.00 – $20.00 per metre
Night curtain (100% blockout): $28.00 per metreDay curtain (Turkey): per metre $18.00
Curtains (2 layers)
1 unit from $580.00 – $780.00
2 unit from $780.00 – $880.00
3 unit from $880.00 – $980.00
4 unit from $980.00 – $1280.00
Roller Blind System Psf $5.00/$9.00
Heavy duty light system
(1 year warranty comes with 10 years guarantee)Blackout or Dim out (Sunlight effect)
1 window panel: $300.00 onwards
2 units: from $480.00 – $580.00
3 units: from $580.00 – $680.00
4 units: from $680.00 – $780.00
Korean blind System $7.50 or $15.00/sqft
Heavy duty light system
(1 year warranty come with 10 years guarantee)
Price given by 1 col tone fabrics
1 window panel $350.00 onward
2 unit from $580.00-$680.00
3 unit from $680.00-$780.00
4 unit from $780.00-$880.00

Window Blind Singapore humbly set up in 1995 as a home-based customized curtain maker in the HDB flat, and we are one of the leading curtain shops in Singapore now. For more than two decades, Window blind Singapore continually provides the top-notch window covering products and creating a beautiful, unique ambiance for every customer. Regardless of residential, commercial, or industrial projects, we committed to providing our clients with our professional advice and thumb-up services. Up to date, Window Blind Singapore has supplied and install different design styles of curtains and window blinds for more than ten thousand customers with our mission of 100% customer satisfaction. However, our vision is to continuously offer great affordable products with functionality and always be your reliable curtain shop in Singapore.

  • Curtains
  • Blinds
    • Roller blinds
    • Outdoor blinds
    • Timber wooden blinds
    • PVC Blinds
    • Venetian blinds
    • Korean rainbow blinds
    • Vertical blinds
    • Roman blinds
  • Window films
  • Office curtain and blinds
  • Curtain rail racks
  • Wood curtain rods

Operating since 2012, Singapore MTM Curtains is a one-stop window furnishing provider who specialise in all types of quality window furnishings such as curtains, blinds, window and grilles.
Not only do we offer a huge range of quality materials, but we also make it a point to bring in the latest new blinds system technology to customize curtains and blinds solutions.
Our products come from only reliable factories or imported directly overseas. We ensure a full QC process until the final installation for our customer’s satisfaction.
Being persistent in our belief by providing best quality products and solutions while remaining competitive pricing at all times.
We are always happy to hear from our return customers, referral through word-of-mouth has been building up our customer base and this is what makes us believe in our continuity success.
At Singapore MTM Curtains, we fabricate to your needs.

Day & Night curtains
Dim-out curtains
Blackout curtains
Acoustic curtains
Motorised curtains
Window Films
Solar films
Frosted films
Blackout films
One-way mirror films
Customised printed film
Roller blinds
Outdoor heavy-duty roller blinds
Zip track
Venetian blinds (Wooden/PVC)
Korean combi blinds
Roman blinds
Vertical blinds
Honeycomb blinds
Acoustic blinds
Bamboo chick
Customised printed blinds design
Korean wallpaper
Customised printed wallpaper designWindow Grilles & Windows

Subjected to material and product measurement, minimum per order $200 onwards.

Being one of the first local companies which specializes in window furnishings, Meridian itself is widely recognized by both commercial and residential clients. Meridian started from being a retailer to now having our own factory, to cater to firms and customers at a direct factory price while retaining our quality. Started with only two products; curtains and blinds, we have since evolved and started doing vinyl flooring, deckings, etc.

Our vision for these past years has remained unchanged; To keep evolving and serve as a one-stop solution to all of our potential customers who come to us.

Read featured story here.

  • Curtains
    • Day Curtains
    • Dim Out Curtains
    • Night Curtains
  • Blinds
    • Korea Blinds
    • Roller Blinds
    • Bamboo Chics

Balcony Blinds are great decorative elements that can project the personality of the owners if chosen according to the overall aesthetics of the home. But they are not only an aesthetic complement. In addition, our blinds protect furniture from the sun’s rays, dust, and rain; they are a good way to regulate outside lighting, help you save electricity, and take care of the privacy of the home, among other things.

Our products are manufactured with high-grade materials, offered in various colours and models from classic to modern that allow to enliven and re-design your home. Here you will find a unique product according to your custom needs and requirements.

  • Outdoor PVC roller blinds
  • Outdoor PVC venetian blinds
  • Outdoor bamboo chicks
  • Outdoor bamboo fencing

From $8 – $13 psf

We Have The Widest Array Of The Most Exquisitely Designed Curtains Singapore Homes Deserve & The Most Diverse Range Of Blinds Singapore Homeowners Can Be Proud Of. Being in the Singapore soft furnishings industry for over 10 years, we use only top quality fabrics and materials, and our blinds are priced competitively.
Our team of professionals have years of experience to give you sound advice as to what your space needs.

Whether it’s for HDB, condominium, bungalow, office, or retail shop, we have the know-how and the expertise to make the right recommendations that can make that vision in your head come to life.

Here at The Curtain Expert, we have ready-made and made-to-measure curtains with plenty of fabrics to choose from.

  • Curtains
    • Blackout curtains
    • Day curtains
    • Motorised curtains
    • Night Curtains
  • Blinds
    • Bamboo blinds
    • Outdoor blinds
    • Roller blinds
    • Wooden venetian blinds
    • Vertical blinds
    • Roman blinds
    • Rainbow blinds
    • Zipscreen blinds

As a leading curtains supplier in Singapore, we are very much committed in providing our customers with only the best curtains and blinds to suit the design of their window dressing. What’s more, we carefully select the window blinds that we provide to match quality standards, so you can rely on the durability of the curtains that we sell.

We offer a wide range of curtains, roller blinds, venetian blinds, and Korean blinds for our customer, so you will definitely find what you are exactly looking for. We guarantee whatever curtains and blinds you pick from our curtains package selection will beauty and elegance to your home or office windows.

  • Curtains and blinds

We are MGL Curtain and Furnishing a local curtain supplier that has been around since 2005. We specialise in custom-made curtains and all types of blind systems.

Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation in the industry by giving our best expertise, craftsmanship and service to our customers.

We are proud to have served more than three generations of Singaporeans, and will continue to bring the most ideal window coverings to your homes and offices.

  • Curtain
  • Roller blind
  • Venetian blind
  • Combi blind
  • Motorised solution
  • Wallpaper
  • Outdoor blind
  • Smart curtain

From $568 – $898

ShadeSpace is the first premium platform in Singapore that allows users to select and browse Fabric Collections against their selected wall colours. In the past, shoppers would have had to head down to a store to view booklets of fabrics and imagine how they would look in their home.

This would often result in dissatisfied customers when their curtains or blinds arrive and it turned out vastly different from what they expected.

Understandably, our brains can’t superimpose a small piece of fabric against our walls to accurately imagine the overall look and feel of the home.

This is one of the primary driving factors of why we do what we do at ShadeSpace. It’s a problem all home owners face when purchasing their Curtains & Blinds, and we want to ease your mind off the already heavy burden of the rest of the renovations.

  • Roller blinds
  • Honeycomb shades
  • Wooden blinds
  • PVC Venetian blinds
  • Aluminium Venetian blinds
  • Korean blinds