Singapore’s Finest Costume Events

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We love costumes simply because of the joy and laughter it brings to everyone. Whether you’re a bystander awe-struck by the atmosphere or the person feeling ridiculous in a costume, each one of those emotions is valid. That’s the magic of costumes!

Today, we’re doing a roundup of our favourite Costuming projects. Take a look and decide which is the finest of them all?

Superhero Ensemble @ Esplanade

When Toa Payoh South Community Club asked us to dress up seventy of their musicians, we were jumping for joy! Until they mentioned that there will be no costume fittings – that made us really nervous. With a generic size guide, we began packing our costumes and tagging them to each member of the ensemble. Armed with gigantic roller-racks, we rolled in the costumes on performance morning and distributed them within a tight schedule.

When the madness was over, we nearly couldn’t believe what was in front of us. We had walked into a theatre with seventy musicians in costumes playing the tunes of our favourite superhero movies!

Costume Truck @ Capitol Theatre

Imagine our excitement when we were invited to bring our Costume Truck to IPBA 2019 Singapore’s closing night. We literally parked in front of the beautiful historical architecture. The guests would simply walk up to the truck, pick a costume, fit them and head straight for their event. I remember a spontaneous group of six that committed to wearing the full Ghostbusters gear with the attached backpacks and bright LED guns – all night long. It was a crazy night of unplanned fun!

As the night came to a close, they simply had to return the costumes at the truck before stepping into their ride. A fuss-free costume experience specially designed for our guests – lawyers with hectic schedules.

Family Photoshoot by The Curious Light

Yes, the sweetheart of the family recently graduated and it was time for a family photoshoot like most Singaporean families. With all the Money Heist craze then, we added that concept into the shoot too. This family of five suited up in iconic red jumpers like the trending Netflix series and wandered the streets of Singapore with a talented photographer.

More than just the pictures for postings, it was also a heart-warming family bonding session!

Birthday Party @ CCM Costume

Running out of Birthday Party ideas? Here is one to consider – dress up together. Make it casual, remove the pressure of dressing to theme is compulsory. Even without a coordinated theme, it can still be an evening of endless laughter. In the costume house, you have the luxury of spontaneously assigning the friend you love the most with the most ridiculous outfit. Your phone gallery will be filled with candid moments to fill your Instagram feed for a month!

A perfect hangout to let your hair down and forget about all your daily worries for a bit.

Halloween @ Lazada

We love a company that loves fun as much as us. During the pandemic, company events disappeared almost instantly and all the ‘fun time’ at work were taken out to only be replaced with more ‘work from home’. When the team from Lazada knocked on our doors, we were all pumped up. We worked closely with them to ensure that safe distancing measures were adhered while allowing their staff to keep their usual ‘fun at work’ that Halloween!

Yes, the experience is not entirely the same without free interactions but all the effort is worth it. Imagine being greeted by a fully clothed ghost while taking temperatures. It is a horrifying injection of fun over those gloomy months.

What is your pick of the finest costume experience?

If these don’t satisfy your fun-o-meter, how about hitting us up to design and execute your own costume event?

Article byHasyna Neo, Costume & Mascot Creator – Customade Costume & Merchandise Pte Ltd

Singapore’s Finest Costume Events
Singapore’s Finest Costume Events

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