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With the increase of COVID-19 cases tied together with the tightening measures, the time we spent at home has inevitably increased. Undoubtedly, there will be an increased usage of our refrigerators at home.

Additionally, with the hot and humid weather in Singapore, it is hardly thinkable to live with a broken refrigerator. Hence, this is how important it is to maintain our refrigerator. This leads us to the question of how do I do it? Fret not, in this article, we have compiled some frequently asked questions (FAQs) combined with tips and tricks for maintaining your refrigerator.

First of all, we will be starting off with some FAQs asked:

Why is the side of my refrigerator hot? 

It is normal for the side of the refrigerators to be hot. There are pipes located at the side with gases moving along it. Hence, the side of the refrigerators tends to heat up.

Why does my refrigerator’s motor cut off suddenly?

This is normal. When the thermostat in the refrigerators detects that the environment temperature in the refrigerators have reached the desired temperature, it will cut off the motor to prevent further decrease in temperature. 

Why does the circumference of my refrigerator feel hot?

(Highlighted in red lines) 

This is normal. There are pipes located around the circumference of the refrigerator, the hot temperature along it will prevent condensation from happening which saves us the trouble of finding the refrigerator door hard to close.

Why is my refrigerator still not cold after repair?

Most refrigerators take about 1 to 2 days for the motor to stabilize the temperature within it.

Secondly, we will be touching on the tips and tricks to maintaining your refrigerator. For easier reference, below is a list of all the dos and don’ts:

Do(s) Don’t(s)
Lessen the times of the refrigerator door opening Do not block off air vents of the refrigerator
Lessen the duration of the refrigerator door openedDo not place too many heavy items on the side door of the refrigerator. This will cause the door hinges to weaken and result in door not closing properly

Last but not least, if there are any further enquiries about your refrigerator, feel free to contact our technicians at + 65 93822307 for immediate response.

At Cool Saviour Engineering we strive to make your refrigerator run as efficiently as possible for years to come. We believe that a good refrigerator should: 

  1. Keep your food fresh and healthy 
  2. Keep your drinks cool and always be on hand 
  3. Provide a safe and hygienic environment

In addition, we use the latest method to fix different domestic and commercial manufacturer brands (LG, Sharp, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire, among others). This allows us to provide our customers with expert refrigerator repair services, beginning with a free thorough and quick evaluation.

Additionally, Cool Saviour’s refrigerator repair parts and labor are guaranteed for 30-120 days at competitive prices. We also have certified technicians who are fully-licensed by ITE (Institute of Technical Education) and BCA (Building Construction Authority). 

Here are what some of our customers said about us:

David was very nice and provide helpful and useful information on how to take care of the fridge and the price is reasonable and he came within an hour or less after I called him. After the replacement of the spare part he will also help to clean and wipe and he was very friendly too! Very happy with his service! Highly recommended! ”

  • Regine Zhang

“ I almost wanted to buy a new fridge but just before that, I google and saw some good comments on David’s repair work.  So I took the risk to get him down during this “circuit breaker” time.  I was very happy with his professionalism and responsive. He is also very knowledgeable and experience. He got the repair work done within half to an hour while during that period, my helper and I quickly cleaned up the 10 over years of dirt, etc.  David was also very patient and helpful.  He even gave my helper and myself some tips on how to maintain the fridge so that the life span can last longer.  Thanks to David for saving my fridge and I have also safe cost (no need spend money buy new fridge). Yeah! ”

  • Adeline Sim

“Dropped a message to them at around 11 plus pm, I was shocked to receive instant reply from them at this hour. The guy on the other side  was really patient in explaining to me the problem with my fridge.  He was really professional and not pushy even though my fridge may not be worth it if to fix it. I am really appreciative of  his  useful advice.  Recommend to everyone!!! ”

  • Chee Yew Goh 

Therefore, rest assured and leave your worries in Cool Saviour’s hands.



Tel:  +65 93822307

Address: 446 Hougang Ave8 #B1-1635, Singapore 530446

Cool Saviour Engineering
Cool Saviour Engineering

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