The Finest Maternity Shoot in Singapore

The Finest Maternity Shoot in Singapore

Are you anticipating the arrival of your little one and searching for a special way to commemorate your pregnancy journey? Look no further than our exceptional maternity shoot experience in Singapore. Our professional photography session is crafted to capture the essence and elegance of motherhood, highlighting your radiant glow and the profound love you feel for your unborn child.

Guided by experienced professionals and set against a backdrop of diverse and captivating scenes, our maternity photoshoot promises a truly unique and unforgettable experience. The curated selection of backdrops and props ensures that your photos will be a timeless treasure, preserving these precious moments for years to come.

Whether your preference leans towards a classic and refined style or a more whimsical and playful approach, our team of skilled photographers is dedicated to delivering results that align with your individual vision. Entrust us with the opportunity to assist you in creating a cherished tribute to this extraordinary chapter in your life, ensuring that the beauty of your pregnancy is forever etched in stunning imagery.

Why you should take a maternity photo shoot?

You’re counting down the days till the arrival of your little one! You may be hesitant whether or not you want to invest time and money in professional maternity photographs at this stage of your pregnancy, depending on how you feel. Perhaps you’re self-conscious about your appearance, or perhaps you’re unsure about the expense of a picture shoot. While it’s crucial to make the best option for you and your requirements, there are several reasons why maternity photographs are well worth the expense and a decision you won’t regret.

  • To celebrate your pregnancy journey

Pregnancy may not be a pleasant experience for you, especially in the last months. You may not want any photographs of yourself taken as your body becomes larger, and you may not want to share them with friends and family. It may be difficult to watch your body change so dramatically, and it’s easy to forget how amazing and incredible pregnancy is. A maternity picture session allows you to focus on the new life your body is working so hard to develop, rather than how you appear and may help you remember the thrill and joy of welcoming your child into the world.

  • To capture the joy and anticipation

Pregnancy, no matter how you’re feeling physically, is a moment to look forward to the future with hope and joy. As you focus on parenting your new kid in the months and years ahead, you may forget how it felt to be anticipating their birth. In the years to follow, maternity photographs might serve as a recall of those sentiments. After all, most women only have a few pregnancies in their lifetimes, and you’re unlikely to regret having a keepsake from that unique time.

  • To mark this very special moment in your family’s growth

You can never have too many photographs of your family. So much of life is lost in the haze, and we frequently forget more than we recall. Whether you’re expecting your first kid or your fourth, your pregnancy is an excellent opportunity to take family photographs that include not just you and your spouse, but also your precious children. If you schedule picture sessions on a regular basis, you’ll be able to track your family’s evolution through time, something your future self and children will appreciate.

  • For gender reveal or name your child

A professional maternity photoshoot may be a wonderful way to reveal your child’s gender or name—or perhaps both! There are so many fun and imaginative ways to use photographs to announce your baby’s name or gender to the world, and your photographer would be delighted to assist you. Look for inspiration on Pinterest or consider the interests or activities that you and your spouse have as a way to share your news with the world.

  • Or to have an excuse to get all dressed up

Let’s face it: most of us don’t feel our best gorgeous during pregnancy. You could spend a lot of time in your most comfortable clothes and very little time on your hair and cosmetics. However, pregnancy photographs are the ideal reason to go all out on your beauty regimen, whether it’s fixing your own hair or visiting a professional for the ultimate look. Pregnancy is a moment in many women’s life when they really need to feel attractive since they don’t always do. A maternity session allows you to appreciate your own beauty and strength while also reminding yourself of how lovely you are.

  • It may be a quality time for you and your partner

As they celebrate the new life they’ve produced, the relationships between couples are one of the most fascinating aspects of maternity sessions. Your maternity picture shoot provides you and your spouse the opportunity to reflect on the life you’ve created together and how much your relationship has evolved since the beginning. Plus, pregnancy photos are a wonderful opportunity to commemorate a significant change in your family’s life and in who you both are as you prepare to become parents.

  • You can get images worth displaying

Many individuals have wedding photographs on their walls, but imagine having photos from every step of your family’s development—from marriage to your first kid all the way down to when you become grandparents—on your walls. Maternity photographs document a special period in your life that is equally as significant as your wedding day. You’re about to welcome a new kid into your lives and your house, which is a major step! It’s a special occasion that, like your wedding day, calls for expert photographs.

I hope we can persuade you to do your maternity shoot as soon as possible before your baby arrives. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest and most remarkable maternity photo studios for you to select from. Examine the list below and make plans based on it.

Best Maternity Shoot in Singapore


Tomato Photo

ServicesMaternity & Newborn Photoshoot
Baby Milestone, 1-Year-Old and Kids Photography
Family, Extended Family Photoshoots
Graduation Photoshoots
High School Senior Portraits
Corporate Photoshoots
Price RangeSession Fees start from $450.
Contact Details+65 8858 0088
Messenger Chatbot
Address62 Ubi Road 1 #10-23, Oxley Bizhub 2, Singapore 408734

Hart is a Master Photographer who has been creating works of art for expecting mums since 2008. Maternity Photoshoot is one of the genres that require precise lighting control that shows off mummy’s best side. Creating light and shadow with expert lighting hide the unwanted area, yet shows off mum’s best side.

Celebrating a women’s pregnancy curves with a maternity photoshoot and the bond that they share with their husband. The images produced are uniquely yours and a class of their own. Don’t take our word for it, let our Maternity Images speak to you.

You can be certain we’re a trustworthy and reliable studio for your maternity photoshoot.


Bambini Photography

Bambini Photography

Bambini Photography

We are the only studio in Singapore that have an adult sized bath tub which allows us to do milk bath photo sessions. …
ServicesMaternity & Newborn Photoshoot
Maternity and Baby Milk Bath Photoshoot
Themed Baby Milestone Photoshoots
Cake Smash and Birthday Celebration Photoshoots 
Family, Extended Family Photoshoots
Graduation Photoshoots
Corporate Photoshoots
Price RangeSession Fees start from $250,
Corporate Headshots from $169,
Newborns from $500.
Contact Details+ 65 8717 1558
Messenger Chatbot
Address62 Ubi Road 1 #10-24, Oxley Bizhub 2, Singapore 408734

Bambini Photography is a one-stop portrait studio that specialises in capturing maternity, newborn, children, graduation, corporate and family portraits since 2009. Our style of maternity photos had also evolved since 2009. We started off doing mostly dark and moody images in the earlier days and gradually moved onto light and airy romantic shots. 

In 2017, we installed an adult-sized bathtub in our studio offering maternity milk bath photography. The first in Singapore, mum-to-be was able to do both dry and tub shots in one session, in our studio. Many of our clients also return for their 2nd, 3rd maternity shoots and have since continued to come back for annual family photo sessions with us.

We spent the last 13 years creating the various styles of maternity photography and made it into a Maternity Photoshoot Lookbook! With more than 13 years of experience in the photography industry and thousands of satisfied and hundreds of returning clients; you can be certain we’re a trustworthy and reliable studio, and we are sure you will find a style(s) that suits what you have in mind for your maternity photoshoot.


Our Momento

ServicesROM Photography, AD Wedding Photography, Family Photography, Maternity Photography, Graduation Photography, Birthday Photography.
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8020 2902
Address Jurong West Street 42 Block 419, Singapore 640419

Experience Our Momento through photographs of your perfect memories. We provide photography services specially for the lovebirds, families and all things treasured through moments, memories and mementos in the form of photography and prints. We aim to provide modest pricing services to all audiences as we believe these values are a shared unity from all walks of life. Akin to nature which are universal, we hope to bring a look of freshness in the style of our photographs.


Xiaoyun Photography

ServicesMaternity and Newborn Photography
Price RangeSession Fees start from $250
Contact Details+65 86473470
Address2 Venture Dr, #06-07, Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526

Xiaoyun Photography is a photo studio based in Singapore. The Xiaoyun is an international award-winning newborn and maternity photographer, specializing in timeless and artistic maternity photoshoots in Singapore.


Mamamiyo Photography

ServicesMaternity Photography
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9760 0798
Address82 Lor 23 Geylang, #06-04 Atrix Building, Singapore 388409

Dedicated to producing the best baby photography and maternity photography in Singapore, they capture the beauty of your pregnancy and the treasure of your life. Do check their portfolio of maternal and newborn photography in Singapore, and don’t miss their packages and promotions.

Many are familiar with engagement shoots, bridal shoots but pregnancy photography and maternity shoots in Singapore are generally less heard of.

Some say that a mother’s love is the most beautiful, and Mamamiyo is happy to capture and bring out this motherly love, joy and beauty through their lenses through their maternity photoshoots in Singapore.


White Room Studio

ServicesMaternity Photography
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6235 7037
Address219 River Valley Rd, Level 2, Singapore 238277

Featured island-wide and situated in a Peranakan shophouse full of natural light and nostalgic character, be spoilt for choice over 2400sqft of beautifully restored heritage space in River Valley, Singapore, as they explore a wide range of warmth, natural lighting and atmosphere during your shoot!

Their talented team has over 50 years of combined experience in the portrait industry. Whether in the studio or the great outdoors, they make themselves part of your family, capturing what is real and emotional. For inspiration on the unique fine art portraits, they could create for your next shoot, get to know them!

Finest Maternity Shoot in Singapore

Meadow Lullabies Photography

ServicesMaternity Photography
Price Range
Contact Details+65 91918015
Address449A Bukit Batok West Ave 9 #06-70 Singapore 651449

Meadow Lullabies is a photography service based in Singapore, specializing in maternity and newborn photography. Our love for nature drives us to incorporate rustic tones into our setups. We carefully select props and fabrics sourced mainly from Europe, paying attention to even the smallest details, such as how the fabrics should flow and drape. Every single session is planned and prepared with great care and effort.

We have a deep passion for photography and strive to create timeless images that showcase our skills and highlight the beauty of your little bundle of joy. Rather than attempting to do everything, we focus on continuously refining our craft to bring out the very best in our work.


Firefly Photography

ServicesMaternity Photography
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6694 6123
Address1 Yishun Industrial Street 1 A’Posh Bizhub #07-19, Singapore 768160

Firefly Photography Singapore is a multidisciplinary team providing Photography and Videography Services. They empower creatives to help families, individuals and businesses immortalize and materialize media assets that communicate stories, love, bonds and glowing moments.

To empower creatives to create and immortalize bonding moments for you and your loved ones by leveraging innovative software and hardware technologies, world-class training and the best in class customer service with user experience and seamlessness in mind, from enquiry through booking a service, payment, after-sales service and product delivery. In the process to become the leading photography and videography studio in the whole of South-East Asia.


Fion Boon Photography

ServicesMaternity, Newborn and 1 Year old Photography
Price Range
Contact Details+65 88251079
Address12 Woodlands Square, Woods Square Tower 1

Renowned for her artistry in maternity, newborn & cake smash photography, Fion immortalizes these milestones with grace. Specializing in capturing the delicate beauty of expectant mothers, tender moments of newborns, and the joy of a child’s first birthday cake smash, her works exude elegance, emotion, and timeless charm.

Fion Boon Photography was born in April 2016, out of passion, courage and a spirit of adventure. Prior to that point, she was nicely settled in her corporate life in Melbourne, and everything changed the day Fion discovered newborn photography. Before she knew it, she was all prepped, trained and equipped to bring newborn photography to the next level of quality, originality and experience on their sunny island!



ServicesMaternity Photography
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6225 5508
Address11, #07-19 Woodlands Cl, Singapore 737853

They have been in this industry for a couple of years now. Their motto is (still the same) to create beautifully posed photos.

With their extensive experience, state-of-the-art equipment, technique and talent, they will be able to complement your special event. You will have no worries be it on your wedding, registry of marriage, birthday parties, dinner and dance or any other events. You name it, They’ll do it. They, as profession wedding and event photographers, will always be there to capture the special moment.

They have been doing photography for families and children for around 10 years and they know exactly what you need. Making everything cosy and simple for you is what they’ll like to do because it also means making space for some fun. Creating creative photographs is between you and me! They also welcome you to bomb us with any ideas. They are here to listen to you and together, they will create a wonderful images that are uniquely yours! Documenting every part of your life has never been such fun.


Ashley Low Photography

ServicesMaternity Photography
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6443 3953
Address62 Ubi Road 1, #08-01 Oxley Bizhub 2, Singapore 408734

Family Photography Studio specializes in Newborn Photography. They capture your baby’s first year of growth moments with your family.

Hello!! I am the founder of Ashley Low Photography. I am a family photographer specializes in newborn & baby photography. My studio was set up in 2011 and since then I have photographed more than 2000 children of all ages.

My photography style is well known for being full of vibrancy and life by utilizing colours, fabrics and props. Trained by 3 award-winning Newborn Photographers in UK and Australia, I emphasized on baby’s safety and comfort in my photoshoot sessions.


Yikeshu Bridal and Photography Studio

ServicesMaternity Photography
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6221 9096
Address63 Ubi Ave 1, #06-07 63@UBI Singapore 408937

Yikeshu is a photography studio with a touch of bridal solution just for your wedding.

At Yikeshu, we understand that things are getting more expensive in Singapore. That is why they wish to provide excellent products at reasonable prices without sacrificing the great service that they always believe. The studio’s vibe is down-to-earth, they make sure of a comfortable friendly atmosphere once you step into their studio boutique.


Littleones Photography

ServicesMaternity Photography
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9728 1598
Address52 Glasgow Road 549359

British photographer Kate is the talented and award-winning woman behind Littleones Photography. Established in Singapore in 2007 and before that in London in 2004, even before that I was a qualified nurse! I have spent my whole teenage and adult life surrounded by people and learning the art of talking to people and making people feel comfortable and at ease.

Along with being a qualified nurse, my mother ran a nursery from home, so I grow up with babies and little people in my life everyday. I learned from a young age, how to wrangle a toddler, calm a tantrum, turn around a grumpy face, and became an expert ‘baby whisperer’. I am also a very lucky mummy to 3 beautiful children and step-mummy to another 3 beautiful children. Getting to know people is my skill and something which makes the whole photography experience for clients relaxing. I love meeting new people from all different walks of life and from around the globe.

To wrap up, opting for a maternity photoshoot presents a wonderfully expressive means to celebrate and immortalize the extraordinary phase of your life. The premier maternity photoshoot experience in Singapore provides an exclusive and tailored session aimed at capturing your unique radiance and beauty as you anticipate motherhood. Guided by our skilled photographers and an array of captivating backdrops and props, the result is a captivating collection of images that will remain cherished throughout your lifetime. Seize the opportunity to freeze this moment in time – secure your maternity shoot today and craft a enduring homage to the boundless joy and love of impending motherhood.

Do check out our list of family photographers if you are also planning for a fun-filled family photoshoot.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a maternity shoot, and why should I consider one in Singapore?

A maternity shoot is a professional photography session capturing the beauty of pregnancy. In Singapore, it offers a unique and personalized experience to celebrate the joy of impending motherhood.

When is the best time to schedule a maternity shoot?

The ideal time for a maternity shoot is between the 28th and 32nd weeks of pregnancy when the belly is beautifully rounded. However, individual preferences and comfort should also be considered.

How long does a typical maternity shoot session last?

A maternity shoot session usually lasts between 1 to 2 hours, allowing ample time for various poses, outfit changes, and capturing the essence of the expectant mother.

Do I need to bring my own outfits and props for the maternity shoot?

While some photographers provide a selection of outfits and props, it’s advisable to bring personal items that hold sentimental value. Discuss this with your photographer beforehand.

Can I include my partner or other family members in the maternity shoot?

Absolutely! Many maternity shoots in Singapore encourage the inclusion of partners and family members to capture the shared joy and excitement of this special time.

What locations are popular for maternity shoots in Singapore?

Popular locations include scenic parks, beaches, and iconic urban landscapes. Discuss your preferences with your photographer to choose a location that resonates with your style.

How far in advance should I book a maternity shoot in Singapore?

It’s recommended to book your maternity shoot several weeks in advance to secure your preferred date and allow ample time for preparations.

Are retouching and editing included in the maternity shoot package?

Most maternity shoot packages include basic retouching and editing to enhance the overall quality of the images. Discuss the specifics with your photographer.

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