Choosing between a Cloud POS system and a Traditional POS system for your restaurant

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The restaurant industry has fierce competition and prudent owners are opting for cloud-based restaurant management systems to streamline their operations and ease their restaurant management processes.

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Restaurant management systems are a collective term used for software stacks used by restaurant staff and managers to help them with their day-to-day operations. A Point of sale system is a critical part of a restaurant management system.  If you are a restaurant manager and are deciding on the type of restaurant POS you want, you will largely have two options – a Cloud POS system and a Traditional POS system. The decision is a critical one as you might have to use one for many years. The POS you choose is an investment in the future of your restaurant and in this article, we will present a POS guide to help you make a decision that’s right for your restaurant.

First things first, let’s get down to the basics.

What is a Traditional POS system?

Remember before Spotify when we had to download songs and store them on our computers. You could only listen to the song on your computer which was in the study at home. The Traditional POS system is similar, it helps you store data in a local server and has an on-site setup. It is typically used by staff to process billing receipts and print Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT). Traditional POS systems were the go-to systems that were purchased before and were the popular choice.

The working of a traditional POS system sounds simple but it comes with a set of drawbacks. You need to manually upload data into the system, there are a risk of data loss, data security threats, high-up front costs, and most importantly data accessibility issues.

What is a Cloud Restaurant POS system?

A Cloud POS System also called cPOS system lets you pull your data from remote servers instead of local servers. The reliance on physical servers can get your data on the go. With a good internet connection, you have your data at your fingertips.

A cPOS is central to the entire functioning of your restaurant. Apart from printing KOTs and billing receipts, it is integrated with Analytics, Loyalty Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory management and Kitchen Display System.

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Which is the better Point of sale system in today’s world?

The Cloud restaurant POS system is more with the times and helps make the restaurant more efficient. The traditional POS system while serving its purpose is outdated which is baffling in the age of the internet with fast and easy data accessibility.

We have compared the two types of restaurant point of sales systems with different criteria for you so you can make an informed decision.

Security and maintenance

Maintaining your Cloud Restaurant POS is as easy as it gets. You can do it from anywhere and make security updates in real-time. After all, your POS serves to make managing your restaurant easy and stress-free.

Say goodbye to Manual Updates and hello to Real-Time Updates

Imagine having to update your server with every little change. Sounds exhausting, right? The traditional POS system allows you to update the server online only manually. Whereas the Cloud POS system lets you update in real-time, removes upgrade costs altogether, and gives you the latest version of your software, always.

Accessible from anywhere

In a remote location and need updates from your restaurant? No worries, you can access your data from anywhere on the Cloud. With a click of a button, you can access employee clock-ins, restaurant orders, and billing receipts from anywhere. Being physically present is no more a requirement.

Operate offline too

Lost internet connection? No worries, all data is in the cache memory of your browser or in your Cloud POS system. This data gets uploaded and synced the moment you go online. So, you can work offline and lose no transaction data while you are at it.

Easy on the pocket

The economic factor plays a huge role in any decision one makes. While having easier and more efficient ways of doing things is important, a budget-friendly option trumps most needs. The Cloud POS system is a cost-effective option. It lets you pay monthly instalments instead of paying a large sum upfront. Also, as mentioned above, there is no monthly maintenance charge.

Fully Integrated Systems for all your needs

Loyalty management, rewards system, online ordering, and payment all in one dashboard. Your restaurant operations are taken care of with an all-in-one solution with the Cloud POS system.

No ball and chain hardware holding you back

In the world of mobile devices, don’t be tied to your console to manage your restaurant. The Cloud POS system helps you manage all your operations on mobile, laptop, or tablet. If you have a black screen, you have all your data. The remote working option is now a definite reality.

A quick comparison of Traditional POS systems and Cloud POS systems to help you choose the right POS system for your restaurant:

ParameterTraditional POS systemCloud POS system
CostOne-time lump sum payment + Monthly maintenance chargesAffordable monthly payments and no maintenance charge
Data securityLowHigh
Data storageOn-site system and needs manual updatesCloud servers that automatically update data
Data accessibilityStored on local serversStored on remote servers. Let’s you update data online too so there is no data loss
HardwareConsole, stationaryMobile, tablets, phone
SoftwareOn-siteCloud and online

In conclusion

Selecting a POS system is a big decision and can entail a lot of risks for your restaurant. While a Cloud POS system seems like a better option there are a few more things you should take into consideration. A Cloud POS system doesn’t have a dependency on on-site machinery, lets you access data remotely, and provides data security, it needs a working internet connection for all its features. So, while working remotely seems like a convenient option, a working internet connection is still critical for most functions of the cPOS system. So, weigh the pros and cons and choose wisely. If you have any queries, leave a comment below.

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Choosing between a Cloud POS system and a Traditional POS system for your restaurant
Choosing between a Cloud POS system and a Traditional POS system for your restaurant

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