CLDY champions 10,000 small to medium businesses, enterprises with speedy and secure cloud hosting services

CLDY champions 10,000 small to medium businesses, enterprises with speedy and secure cloud hosting services
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28 March 2022, Singapore —, Singapore’s up-and-coming multi-cloud service provider, has hosted over 10,000 websites and emails since launching in August 2021.

CLDY’s success is fuelled primarily by the brand’s understanding that hosting is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

“Recognising our customer’s needs and current resources allows us to provide performance-focused solutions. We deliver this to customers by simplifying technical jargon — helping even the most non-tech-savvy users understand what they need to level up their hosting experience”, said Alvin Poh, Chairman of “After all, when you and your customers have a shared understanding of the solutions implemented, you get to be on the same boat towards success. “

Simplicity happens to be at the centre of CLDY’s platforms as well. The brand takes pride in its intuitive hosting panel, allowing users to easily manage their websites and emails in one place.

Accompanying its promise of providing simple web hosting services are four other values — speed, stability, security, and support — all of which help CLDY stand out in the already saturated hosting market.

CLDY delivers on its word with a reliable infrastructure; a network of redundant servers hosted worldwide that act as a key factor in their backup and load balancing strategies. This helps business owners rest easy, knowing that their web host can commit to fueling 200% uptime and traffic surges.

Stability is of course accompanied by both speed and security. And with CLDY, speed is definitely of the essence as they commit to delivering 30% faster performance — or your hosting costs are free for six months. It’s a bold claim, but achievable with the help of servers hosted on the latest SSD hard drives to ensure powerful performance for your business or enterprise.

A team of administrators manages these servers — overseeing activity, and security, as well as optimising structures to ensure that the servers remain agile.

Unlike major hosting providers, who have notoriously been on the news due to massive hacking incidents, CLDY takes security into the heart. Servers and websites are equipped with SSL and industry-standard encryption — ensuring that business owners never have to worry about data and profit loss.

Also among its catalogue of online solutions are two proprietary software: AntiScam and SpamShield — both designed to protect businesses from spam, malware, and virus attacks.

SpamShield filters spam emails, something many businesses risk facing now that customers and operations have shifted to the cloud.

Currently, SpamShield has generated 99% accuracy for over 14,000 businesses in clearing spam — allowing owners to focus on growing their business instead of worrying about the growing threat of cybercrime.

At its beta stage, AntiScam aims to filter everything from phishing emails to highly sophisticated attacks.

Finally, CLDY’s rise to success is anchored on its tight-knit global team. The open work culture has proven to be a competitive advantage as it has led to more efficient decision-making — and of course, unparalleled support to its over 10,000 (and growing) list of customers.

Backing up all these insights is a shared 60 years of technical and customer support experience across CLDY’s leadership team.

Together, CLDY aims to simplify your move to the cloud with speedy, stable, and secure solutions that are backed by always-on support — giving other “ #1 hosting providers” something to think about.

About (Kloud-dee) is a company offering cloud hosting services in Singapore. Since opening its doors in 2021, CLDY has remained committed to providing a multi-cloud experience for its customers. The brand is aligned toward being a customer-centric, innovative hosting solution for every customer’s need. focuses on solving pain points and problems that businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world face when they begin their move on the cloud.

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CLDY champions 10,000 small to medium businesses, enterprises with speedy and secure cloud hosting services
CLDY champions 10,000 small to medium businesses, enterprises with speedy and secure cloud hosting services

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