Art of Carpet Cleaning is your trusted service provider for carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning and all upholstery furniture in Singapore. Art of Carpet Cleaning is formed by 2 childhood friends that both graduated with a finance degree. We love carpets (like our customers and you) but found that the cleaning and maintenance were too costly. When surveyed, consumers always have the misperception that carpet cleaning services are only meant for the more affluent. Therefore, we made a bold move out from our corporate careers and devoted our time and efforts solely into the business. We want to reach out to all our customers and prove to them that professional carpet cleaning services is also affordable and widely available to the mass market.

Residential carpet cleaning

Office carpet cleaning

Rug cleaning

Sofa cleaning

Mattress cleaning

All other upholstery cleaning

Rug Cleaning
Minimum Charge
Time taken to clean: 30~ 45mins Time taken to dry: 2 ~ 4hours

Wall To Wall Carpet
Minimum Charge
Time taken to clean: 30mins ~ 1hour Time taken to dry: 2 ~ 4hours

Sofa Cleaning
Minimum Charge
Time taken to clean: 30mins ~ 1hour Time taken to dry: 2 ~ 4hours

We are a team of cleaners that spotted a serious imbalance in the singapore carpet cleaning market.

The local consumers have a growing need of carpet and upholstery cleaning services, but were always faced with challenges like: No time to clean; Do not know how to clean; Cannot trust cleaning service provider; Prices charged are overly expensive; Waiting time too long.

We are the consumers bringing you the consumer service that you need! You can trust us because we provide carpet and upholstery cleaning services that are: Professional, Affordable, Reliable, Flexible, After support service.

Home rug cleaning services

Office Carpet Cleaning services

Sofa cleaning services

Mattress cleaning services

Curtain cleaning services

Starting from $120

Carpet Cleaning Singapore is focus on providing customer with the upmost cleaning attitude. We strongly believe in leaving the cleaning job to the real Professionals. As parents we understand the time constraints of in juggling between work and children. We strive to provide the ultimate clean and safe environment for you and your family.

Rug cleaning
Office carpet cleaning
Sofa upholstery cleaning
Mattress cleaning

Below 500 sqft: $0.50 psf
501 to 1,000 sqft: $0.35 psf
1,001 to 2,000 sqft: $0.30 psf
2,001 to 4,000 sqft: $0.25 psf
4,001 to 5,000 sqft: $0.20 psf
Above 5,000 sqft: Call for free onsite quote
Minimum charge: $250

Art of Cleaning Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s leading carpet cleaning company. We specialise in commercial and residential carpet, upholstery sofa, mattresses, curtains, office and house and disinfection cleaning. Art of Cleaning Pte Ltd is also featured on Mediacorp News on office disinfection cleaning, sofa and carpet disinfection cleaning during the circuit breaker period in 2020.

Read featured story here.

1. Carpet Cleaning Service
2. Sofa Cleaning Service
3. Mattress Cleaning Service
4. Curtain Cleaning Service
5. House Cleaning Service
6. Office Cleaning Service
7. Disinfection Cleaning Service
8. COVID-19 confirmed case cleaning services

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De Hygienique is a leading professional carpet cleaning service provider in Singapore. Using biodegradable, low moisture carpet cleaning technology from Europe, cleaned carpet can be used after cleaning. No additional drying process is required. We do not just clean, we sanitise. After cleaning, the cleaned carpet will be sanitised to eliminate bacteria, mould, dust mite and other microorganisms. Besides carpet cleaning, we also clean professionally clean and sanitise mattresses and upholsteries.

Carpet cleaning service

Mattress cleaning service

Fabric sofa cleaning service

Leather sofa cleaning service

Carpet cleaning service price varies according to size and conditions.

DW Carpet Cleaning Singapore offers a one-stop solution for your carpet cleaning needs. We are specialised in providing a professional and reliable suite of cleaning services which include, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, sofa cleaning, upholstery cleaning, as well as mattress cleaning services. By investing in the latest cleaning technologies, we want to ensure that our clients only receive the best cleaning experience at an affordable price when they engage with our services. Our team of experienced cleaning specialists has served both residential and commercial clients across the past decade. We have managed to build a strong reputation in the industry and garnered many positive reviews on Google as well as recommendations from our customers. If you planning to engage professional carpet or upholstery cleaning, do not hesitate to call our friendly and responsive customer service team at +65 6653 2977 and we will be happy to assist!

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning prices ranges from $0.16/Sqft to $0.25/Sqft depending on the size of the carpet.

Keep Calm and Laundry On was built from a mix of passion for driving and a belief in the dignity of clean clothes. We aim to offer dependable quality and value-for-money service.

Regular carpet dry cleaning prevents build-up of allergens and bacteria, prolongs their lifespan and protects indoor air quality. Freshen them up so that your homes are a haven for you and your loved ones, not bugs!

We measure your carpet on-site so you’ll know exactly how much you are paying for. Our free pick-up and delivery service saves you the trouble of transporting your carpet to and fro. Want a hassle-free and effective way to clean your carpets? We’ve got you covered. Besides rugs and carpets, we can also help with laundry and dry cleaning of clothes and household items.

Visit us at our website and WhatsApp/text us for a non-obligatory cost estimate.

  • Rug cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
Varies with size, starting from $4 per square foot

WeCare was founded by Samuel Chen, a young yet ambitious man with extensive knowledge and skills in expertise of carpets and its cleaning. From a tender age, the said founder has been helping in his family business, one specialising in providing cleaning services and carpet cleaning to a wide range of clients in various aspects of residential, offices and commercial.

WeCare was established with Samuel’s vision in aspiring towards the top carpet cleaning specialist, one showing all valuable clients utmost attention and care when it comes to fulfilling their carpet cleaning needs, going the extra mile towards providing the best carpet cleaning solution for every carpet cleaning need.

Its mission aims to be everyone’s trusted carpet cleaning specialist with high quality of service from the team and optimum cleaning technology usage while maintaining the most affordable rates in the market.

  • Sanitising & disinfectant
  • Commercial & residential carpet cleaning
  • Sofas & mattress cleaning
  • one stop cleaning solutions

Price starts from $120 onwards

Cleanliness and Hygiene are fundamental essentials of our focus where eliminating allergens to reap good health benefits with improved indoor air quality are our highest priority. We provide quality standards of cleaning with state-of-the-art technology to achieve the best outcome at reasonable rates. You can be sure of our commitment to cleaning excellence with ProCare, Your Preferred Cleaning Partner. ProCare increases your return on investment by providing the following:
∙ A well-trained and experienced cleaning crew that you know and trust.
∙ A comprehensive cleaning designed specifically for your facility / home.
∙ The expertise and ability to provide additional services when needed.
∙ Proactive communication and a ready response any time the need arises.
∙ Top-of-the-line cleaning equipment and State-of-the-Art Technology.

Upholstery and carpet cleaning:

Mattress / Sofa / Chair / Head Board / Carpet & Rug / Fabric Wall Panels
Dry / Shampooing / Steam

For more accurate quotation, contact ProCare directly.

Big Red’ is Singapore’s leading provider of essential services since 1986. Over the last 34 years, ‘Big Red’ is proud to have diligently served thousands of clients in Singapore, with the ultimate aim of providing clean, healthy, and safe environments for people, whether they are working, shopping, occupying a hotel room, passing through an airport or residing in their own accommodation at home

Rug Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning
Mold Remediation
Upholstery Cleaning
Disinfection Products

Carpet Cleaning service price vary depends on the size.

Clean Care begun with one ultimate mission to help improve health and work-life balance of our residential customers and also to help improve business images of our corporate clients. With Singapore as a fast-paced economy, and time as the essence of money, a clean and a healthy working space or home is not only prerequisites for a functional environment, but also the basis of well-being.

Being in an evergreen industry, helping our customers to professionally maintain their carpet or sofa not only extends the longevity of their upholstery but also provides a healthier environment and builds good branding for both your employees and customers. Clean Care has been a trusted and proud partner for our wide array of clients from schools, cafes, restaurants, offices and also helps with regular upholstery maintenance cleaning for our Singapore Changi Airport.

As cleanliness & hygiene is the epitome of a healthy living environment, Clean Care’s purpose here is to surpass your expectations providing the quality service in all aspects you deserve.

  • Carpet Cleaning
    • Dust mite treatment
    • Stain treatment
    • Odour treatment

Carpet Cleaning service price vary depends on the size.