The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore

The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore

Singapore offers expert carpet cleaning services that are focused on serving both residential and commercial clients. These services make use of cutting-edge tools and methods to clean carpets of stains, grime, and other impurities, giving them a brand-new appearance and feel.

In many Singaporean homes and companies, carpets play a significant role, and with time, they may gather a lot of filth and debris. Your carpets’ lifespan may be increased and they can maintain their finest appearance with the aid of professional carpet cleaning services.

Singapore offers a wide range of carpet cleaning services, including deep cleaning, dry cleaning, and steam cleaning. Depending on the kind of carpet you have and the degree of cleaning required, one of these techniques may be suggested over another because each one has certain advantages.

There are several trustworthy businesses to pick from in Singapore if you’re seeking top-notch carpet cleaning services. The inexpensive prices, flexible scheduling, and first-rate customer care provided by these businesses make it simple to maintain your carpets’ cleanliness and attractiveness.

Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore


Art of Carpet Cleaning

The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore
Art of Carpet Cleaning – Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore
ServicesResidential carpet cleaning, Office carpet cleaning, Rug cleaning, Sofa cleaning, Mattress cleaning, All other upholstery cleaning
Price RangeRug Cleaning
Minimum Charge
Time taken to clean: 30~ 45mins Time taken to dry: 2 ~ 4hours
Wall To Wall Carpet
Minimum Charge
Time taken to clean: 30mins ~ 1hour Time taken to dry: 2 ~ 4hours
Sofa Cleaning
Minimum Charge
Time is taken to clean: 30mins ~ 1hour Time taken to dry: 2 ~ 4hours
Contact Details+65 8788 2788
Address130 Lorong K Telok Kurau, Singapore 425769

In Singapore, Art of Carpet Cleaning is your go-to company for carpet cleaning, couch cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, and other types of upholstery furniture cleaning. The founders of Art of Carpet Cleaning are two childhood friends who each have a finance degree. They adore carpets (as do our clients and you), but the expense of cleaning and maintenance is prohibitive. When customers are polled, they consistently believe that carpet cleaning services are reserved for the wealthy.

As a result, they made the courageous decision to leave their corporate jobs and devote their time and energy completely to the firm. They aim to reach out to all of their clients and show them that professional carpet cleaning is not only inexpensive but also readily available to the general public.

Customer Reviews

Robbie and Krishna’s team are responsive, professional, and reasonably priced. I was shocked when they showed me the amount of dirt extracted. Will definitely engage their service again and will recommend them to anyone in need. – Chan Bing Hong


Singapore Carpet Cleaning

The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore
Singapore Carpet Cleaning – Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore
ServicesHome rug cleaning services, Office Carpet Cleaning services, Sofa cleaning services, Mattress cleaning services, Curtain cleaning services
Price RangeStarting from $120
Contact Details+65 82475558
AddressBlk 1  Defu Lane 10  #01-563  Singapore 539182

They are a group of cleaners that saw a significant imbalance in the carpet cleaning industry in Singapore. Consumers in the area have an increasing demand for carpet and upholstery cleaning services, but they have always encountered problems such as little time to clean; no idea how to clean; lack of faith in the cleaning service providers; too costly prices; long wait times.

They are the customers who provide you with the customer service you require! You may rely on us because we provide professional, affordable, dependable, flexible, and after-sales service for carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Customer Reviews

Singapore Carpet Cleaning did an excellent job in cleaning my sofa last October 17, I am a first-time customer and I am very satisfied with the service, will engage them again. The operation and admin staff are very accommodating, friendly, and helpful. Highly recommended! Will give them 5 stars! – Iandi Inder


Carpet Cleaning Singapore

The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore
Carpet Cleaning Singapore – Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore
ServicesRug cleaning, Office carpet cleaning, Sofa upholstery cleaning, Mattress cleaning
Price RangeBelow 500 sqft: $0.50 psf
501 to 1,000 sqft: $0.35 psf
1,001 to 2,000 sqft: $0.30 psf
2,001 to 4,000 sqft: $0.25 psf
4,001 to 5,000 sqft: $0.20 psf
Above 5,000 sqft: Call for free onsite quote
Minimum charge: $250
Contact Details+65 8418 3248
Address51 Ubi Avenue 1, #05-18, 408933

Carpet Cleaning Singapore focuses on giving customers the best cleaning experience possible. They strongly think that cleaning should be left to the professionals. They understand the time restrictions of combining jobs and children as parents. They try to give you and your family the cleanest and safest environment possible.

Customer Reviews

I took the services of Jimmy Jason and Shariff for cleaning my sofa. They were spot on about their promise of quality work and top-notch service. The sofa was squeaky clean and the detailing was good. I would recommend them for value for money, true promise, and very high quality of work. Great job. Definitely a repeat customer. – Santosh Bukitgar


Art of Cleaning

The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore
Art of Cleaning – Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore
Art Of Cleaning Pte Ltd – Your Trusted Cleaning Service Provider

Art Of Cleaning Pte Ltd – Your Trusted Cleaning Service Provider

Art of Cleaning Pte Ltd was founded by 2 childhood friends that left their 9-5 corporate careers. The …
ServicesCarpet Cleaning Service, Sofa Cleaning Service, Mattress Cleaning Service, Curtain Cleaning Service, House Cleaning Service, Office Cleaning Service, Disinfection Cleaning Service, COVID-19 confirmed case cleaning services
Price RangeFor Prices, see here.
Contact Details+6567881788

Art of Cleaning Pte Ltd is a prominent carpet cleaning business in Singapore. They specialize in carpet, upholstery, couch, mattresses, curtains, office and house cleaning, as well as disinfection. During the circuit breaker time in 2020, Art of Cleaning Pte Ltd is also featured on Mediacorp News for workplace disinfection cleaning, couch and carpet disinfection cleaning.

Customer Reviews

Robbie and Pradeep came to clean my stained sofa and did a good job. Stains were removed within 30 mins. They were professional and polite. – EL


de Hygienique

The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore
de Hygienique – Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore
ServicesCarpet cleaning service, Mattress cleaning service, Fabric sofa cleaning service, Leather sofa cleaning service
Price RangeCarpet cleaning service price varies according to size and conditions.
Contact Details+65 6749 1950
Address53 Ubi Avenue 1 #03-44 Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore 408934

In Singapore, De Hygienique is a prominent professional carpet cleaning company. Clean carpets may be utilized immediately after cleaning using biodegradable, low-moisture carpet cleaning technology from Europe. There is no need for a separate drying procedure. They not only clean, but they also sanitize. The carpet will be sanitized after cleaning to remove germs, mold, dust mites, and other microbes. They also professionally clean and sanitize beds and upholstery, in addition to carpets.

Customer Reviews

This is my second time using De Hygienique and I must say the team is detailed in the cleaning process, punctual, and more importantly very thoughtful. The supervisor went out of his way to give me a rim of shrink wrap to wrap up my carpet to bring to another location. He was even worried if I could manage. Thank you. This team deserves compliments for delivering such excellent service. Blessed Christmas. Will definitely use your coy for carpet cleaning. – Michelle Anne Ng


DW Carpet Cleaning Singapore

The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore
DW Carpet Cleaning – Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore
ServicesCarpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning
Price RangeOur carpet cleaning prices range from $0.16/Sqft to $0.25/Sqft depending on the size of the carpet.
Contact Details+65 6232 6601
Address1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07F, Singapore 169201

DW Carpet Cleaning Singapore is a one-stop shop for all of your carpet cleaning requirements. They specialize in offering a professional and dependable suite of cleaning services, including carpet, rug, couch, and upholstery cleaning, as well as mattress cleaning services. They aim to ensure that when their clients use their services, they get the finest cleaning experience at a reasonable price by investing in the newest cleaning technology.

Over the last decade, their team of skilled cleaning specialists has serviced both residential and business clients. They’ve managed to establish a solid reputation in the business, garnering several favorable Google reviews as well as client referrals.

Customer Reviews

This company was really helpful in helping us clean our carpet and sofa. Even though we had numerous stuff which needed cleaning, the workers were able to do their job very promptly. In fact, the quality of their work was way above my expectations. Great job everyone! – Andy Lu

The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore

WeCare Carpet

The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore
WeCare Carpet – Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore
ServicesSanitising & disinfectant, Commercial & residential carpet cleaning, Sofas & mattress cleaning, one-stop cleaning solutions
Price RangePrice starts from $120 onwards
Contact Details+65 8201 1864
AddressHeng Loong Building #05-03, 61 Bukit Batok Crescent, Singapore 658078

Samuel Chen, a young yet ambitious guy with vast knowledge and abilities in the field of carpet cleaning, created WeCare. The stated founder has been assisting in his family business, which specializes in offering cleaning services and carpet cleaning to a wide variety of clients in all areas of home, office, and commercial environments since he was a small child.

WeCare was founded with Samuel’s vision of becoming the best carpet cleaning company in the world, one that gives all of its valued customers the utmost attention and care when it comes to meeting their carpet cleaning needs, going above and beyond to provide the best carpet cleaning solution for every carpet cleaning need.

Customer Reviews

Superb service! Very professional and friendly people. Great quality for the money! Do recommend! Thank you! – Angelika Wdowska Cupido


ProCare Cleaning Services

The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore
ProCare Cleaning Services – Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore
ServicesUpholstery and carpet cleaning:
Mattress / Sofa / Chair / Head Board / Carpet & Rug / Fabric Wall Panels
Dry / Shampooing / Steam
Price RangeFor a more accurate quotations, contact ProCare directly.
Contact Details+65 6910 8533 
Address33 Ubi Avenue 3 #05-23  Vertex  Singapore 408868 

Cleanliness and hygiene are important elements of our emphasis, with allergen elimination being our top goal in order to gain the health advantages of improved indoor air quality. They give high-quality cleaning services using cutting-edge technology to get the finest results at affordable prices. With ProCare, Your Preferred Cleaning Partner, you can be confident in their dedication to cleaning quality. ProCare helps you get a better return on your investment by offering the following services:

∙ A well-trained and experienced cleaning crew that you know and trust.
∙ A comprehensive cleaning designed specifically for your facility/home.
∙ The expertise and ability to provide additional services when needed.
∙ Proactive communication and a ready response any time the need arises.
∙ Top-of-the-line cleaning equipment and State-of-the-Art Technology.

Customer Reviews

Thank you for the Wonderful service from William and Khoo! They were super detailed in the process and went all out for the cleaning of our 7-year-old mattress and sofa! Thank you once again! – HuiXuan Chen


Big Red Carpet Cleaners

The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore
Big Red Carpet Cleaners – Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore
ServicesRug Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Mold Remediation, Upholstery Cleaning, Disinfection Products, Bio-Decontamination
Price RangeCarpet Cleaning service prices vary depending on the size.
Contact Details+656241 9443
Address3018 Bedok North Street 5, #01-15 Eastlink Building, Singapore 486132

Since 1986, Big Red has been Singapore’s premier provider of critical services. ‘Big Red’ is proud to have diligently served thousands of clients in Singapore over the last 34 years, with the ultimate goal of providing clean, healthy, and safe environments for people, whether they are working, shopping, staying in a hotel room, passing through an airport, or living in their own home.

Customer Reviews

Big Red did an excellent job in restoring my home. The guys in red – Shamim, Aminul, and the team thank you so much for doing a thorough job. Superb teamwork and good work attitude. – Jamaliah S.


Clean Care

The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore
Clean Care – Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore
ServicesCarpet CleaningDust mite treatment, Stain treatment, Odour treatment
Price RangeCarpet Cleaning service price vary depending on the size
Contact Details+65 6602 8171
Address5 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #01-23 Singapore 768161

Clean Care began with a single goal in mind: to help our home customers better their health and work-life balance, as well as to help our corporate clients enhance their company image. With Singapore’s fast-paced economy and time as the most valuable commodity, having a clean and healthy working environment or home is not only a must for a productive environment but also the foundation of well-being.

Because they work in an evergreen business, assisting our customers with expert carpet or sofa maintenance not only extends the life of their upholstery, but it also creates a healthier atmosphere for both your staff and customers. Clean Care has been a reliable and proud partner for a variety of our clients, including schools, cafés, restaurants, and workplaces, as well as assisting with monthly upholstery maintenance cleaning at Singapore Changi Airport.

Because cleanliness and hygiene are at the heart of a healthy living environment, Clean Care’s goal is to exceed your expectations by offering the high-quality service you deserve in every way.


Clean & Care Solutions Pte Ltd

The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore
Clean & Care Solutions Pte Ltd – Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore
ServicesCarpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning, rug cleaning, sanitizing
Price Range
Contact Details+65 81801819
Address320, SERANGOON ROAD, #04-31A, Singapore 218108

Clean & care provides the best cleaning services for the residential and commercial sector at the most affordable prices with top-notch certified state of art equipment and environment-friendly chemicals



The Finest Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore
Helpling – Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore
Helpling Singapore – Personal Digital Home Concierge Service for all your Household Needs

Helpling Singapore – Personal Digital Home Concierge Service for all your Household Needs

Helpling is a digital home concierge service with a vision to provide quality living for everyone through our …
ServicesSteam cleaning, Hot water extraction cleaning, Dry cleaning
Price RangeFrom $50
+65 3158 3871
Address120 Robinson Rd, #09-01, Singapore 068913

Helpling is a digital home concierge service with a vision to provide quality living for everyone through its tech-enabled platform and dedicated home advisors. They take care of the time-consuming and dreadful household tasks for you so that you can spend time on other things that matter. Whether you need a part time helper to clean your home, a technician for your leaking aircon, or carpet cleaning before guests come over, your home advisor can arrange it for you.

The longevity and aesthetic appeal of carpets in homes and businesses in Singapore must be maintained, which is why expert carpet cleaning services are necessary. These services are able to successfully remove dirt, stains, and other impurities from carpets using cutting-edge tools and methods, leaving them feeling and appearing clean.

In Singapore, there are several carpet cleaning services that each have their own special advantages. Whether you go for steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or deep cleaning, it’s critical to work with a reliable, knowledgeable business that can offer top-notch services at reasonable pricing.

The entire health and well-being of your family or employees may be improved by investing in routine carpet cleaning services to keep your carpets clean and sanitary. Don’t delay in scheduling a professional carpet cleaning service to benefit from a cleaner and healthier living or working environment.

If you need more help around the house, they also offer additional services. They also provide other services such as deep cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, and move-in/move-out cleaning.

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