The Finest Yong Tau Foo in Singapore

The popular Singaporean meal Yong Tau Foo delivers a wonderful and varied gastronomic experience that captures the city-state’s vibrant culinary tradition. This famous cuisine, which has Chinese origins but was developed and refined in Singapore, is a potpourri of tastes and textures that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the country’s heterogeneous background.

We will examine the history, components, method of preparation, and distinctive Singaporean twist of Yong Tau Foo in Singapore as well as how it came to be a standout favorite of both locals and visitors. Yong Tau Foo is a meal that should not be missed, whether you’re a food connoisseur trying to satiate your palate or a visitor hoping to explore the exciting Singaporean cuisine scene.

Best Yong Tau Foo in Singapore


Fong Yong Tau Foo

Contact Details+65 6262 2788
Address164 Bukit Merah Central, #01-3623, Singapore 150164

For individuals who like Thai flavors instead of clear soup, dry, or laksa, Fong Yong Tau Foo offers a distinctive broth called tom-yum soup. Every item is priced at the normal S$0.70, and the spotless, thoughtfully organized counter makes for an even better dining experience. We also appreciate that you may assist yourself to the fried shallots, sweet sauce, laksa leaves, chili, and peanuts at the counter in addition to unique dishes like the bacon-wrapped enoki and carrot packed with fish paste.

Customer Reviews

Currently my favorite yong tau foo shop with its large array of ingredient choices. The stuffing is fresh and delicious. Highly recommended to go for clear soup & laksa soup. And their chee cheong fun is smooth, thinly sliced and one of the best. Avoid peak hours if you don’t want to Q and fight for a table! – Amy Leong


Seng Heng Family Restaurant

Contact Details+65 6482 1759
AddressYishun Central 1, #01-235 Blk 925, Singapore 760925

The laksa gravy yong tau foo at Seng Heng Family Restaurant is one of the reasons we like going there since it isn’t overly thick or heavy. This version of the meal gives it a more recognizable flavor and an authentic reminder of what classic Yong Tau Foo once tasted like. A table for two will cost you roughly S$7, which, in our opinion, is rather reasonable.

Customer Reviews

Actually, this eatery serves Yong Tau Foo and Laksa Yong Tau Foo. Had each on different occasions and I thought wow… what have we been missing out after staying Yishun for so long? For their Yong Tau Foo, 6 pieces plus noodles cost only $4. Not just that, the soup was tasty along with bee hoon mee. Where to find such price? Blessed the stall owner. And today, tried their Laksa Yong Tau Foo. It was good. Fragrant and the taste was quite balanced, like just perfect especially the aftertaste if you are a heavy taste bud. Instead of queuing for the famous Laksa just opposite their block, this one is good too without queues. You can take out or dine-in. – Stella Chen


Fu Lin Tofu Yuen

ServicesChinese Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 9:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Contact Details+65 6446 2363
Address721 E Coast Rd, Singapore 459070

Disclaimer: If you decide to “go healthy,” Fu Lin is not where you want to be. You choose the pieces to be deep-fried to perfection, placed on a dish, and covered in a rich meat-mushroom gravy rather than briefly blanching each component in stock. The price of each ingredient ranges from S$0.40 to S$2, and there is a minimum purchase size of six pieces. The thick bee hoon that is provided with your order and covered in the same sauce as your pieces is our personal favorite portion of the meal.

Customer Reviews

Very big shop with plenty of seats. The selection of items is very big, and it was all nicely fried. There wasn’t a taste of smelly oil, so I guess the oil was fresh. The noodles with meat sauce was very delicious too. – Ken W

The Finest Yong Tau Foo in Singapore

Hup Chong Yong Tau Foo Blk 203

ServicesCoffee Shop
Operating Hours7:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Closed on Fridays)
Contact Details+65 9790 0563
AddressToa Payoh N, #01-1121 Block 203, Singapore 310203

Since we’re not exactly health nuts, we’re noticing another yong tau foo shop that is obviously just beneficial for the soul in the spirit of #YouOnlyLiveOnce. Think of goodies like Mozzarella pig dumplings and Hup Chong hotdog fishcake that you won’t find anywhere else when thinking about the wide variety of fried food selections at Hup Chong Yong Tau Foo that will appeal to the glutton in you. The fried meatballs—handmade flavor bombs made with fresh pork and dried seafood—are the one item that many regulars order.

Customer Reviews

Ordered both soup and dry. Delicious! The ingredients are fresh and the price is very affordable. $13.60 for almost 3 person’s share. The soup is very flavourful although is light. Meatballs and meat stick are their signature. Fried to the right crispness. The service is friendly too. Crowded but still greeted everyone with a smile and friendly attitude. Food comes very fast. No complaints at all. – Ruth Sek Wan Ru


109 Yong Tau Foo

Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 11 AM–10 PM
Contact Details+65 6226 1109
Address90 Circular Rd, Singapore 049441

Although there are quite a few people waiting in line at 109 Yong Tau Foo at lunch, both the food and the people move quite swiftly. Expect the usual variety of things to pick from; our favorite part is the beancurd skin, which is flash-fried to order. The selection is rather nice. If you want a hefty lunch, the thick, creamy laksa sauce will satisfy your cravings, but if you’re feeling a little healthier, choose the flavorful clear broth that isn’t excessively salty.

Customer Reviews

Friendly and service-oriented workers, a variety of choices even though it is past lunchtime at 3 p.m. The soup is tasty and flavourful. Definitely will return if around the area. – Elson Cheong


Yong Xiang Xing Dou Fu

ServicesHawker Stall
Operating Hours11 AM–4 PM (Closed every Monday)
Address32 New Market Rd, #01-1084, Singapore 050032

Yong Xiang Xing Dou Fu, in contrast to the customary countless methods to YTF, adamantly holds that there is only one proper method, which involves a standard bowl of the same nine components served in a clear soup. The winning soup in the $5 bowl appears modest at first, but it contains a crisp mix of savouriness and a slight hint of sweetness. Most days, we can be seen here sucking it all the way to the bottom.

Customer Reviews

Delicious bowl of Yong Tau Fu soup ($4.50) just full of umami. There is only 1 item on the menu and you will get a 10-piece mix of tofu, fried tofu, beancurd fish paste rolls, and fishballs in soya bean-based soup. The dipping sauce is tasty but sometimes i am ok without it. Expect a perpetual snaking queue since opening. The uncles will serve your bowls to your table after you have ordered. – Simple

In conclusion, Singapore’s Yong Tau Foo is a delicious and varied gastronomic treat that perfectly captures the blend of tastes and cultures that make Singapore’s food scene so unique. This meal delivers a distinctive and scrumptious experience that should be appreciated by everyone who visits the Lion City, with its origins in China and a Singaporean touch that distinguishes it.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Yong Tau Foo Singapore’s history?

History. Early Chinese immigrants introduced Yong Tau Foo to Singapore from the Guangdong area of China. The term “stuffed tofu,” also known as Yong Tau Foo or, refers to the practice of filling tofu or other foods with ingredients including fish paste, veggies, and meat.

Is yong tau foo healthy?

Yong tau foo is yet another Hakka food to be added to the list. Similar to the Teochew porridge, yong tau foo is healthier since you may choose the components. Avoid fried foods and choose the tofu and a variety of veggies instead.

What is Yong Tau Foo made of?

In Singapore, hawker centers provide a cuisine known as yong tau foo, which consists mostly of tofu-based products filled with fish paste or minced pork. There are several methods to obtain your.

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