5 Wine Chillers Worth Buying Today

Do you know, the real taste, aroma and flavor of wine cannot be experienced without proper storage at optimum temperature?

Wine chillers and coolers not only help you to achieve this temperature but also evolve deep wine flavors during aging. This is the best way to save your investment and protect wine from damaging factors i.e. unnecessary movements, heat, light, humidity and unfavorable temperatures. You’ll feel the real, deep and complex aromatic taste of wine whenever you open the bottle for yourself or partying.

If you have enough wine collection and know the serving temperature needs of red, white and champagne wines then purchase of wine cooler must be your first priority. The sensory traits of normal and refrigerated wines are different enough so the wine lovers feel it instantly.  Freshness, crispness and aromatic touch are the key parameters. All your investments will go in vain if your loved ones reject it on improper storage or serving. So, keep the best wine chiller at your place.

Today, the market is flooded with varietal wine coolers/fridges but we will tell you which one is most appropriate for you. We have listed the best chillers that are worth buying today in Singapore. These wine chillers will meet your storage and serving needs at malls, restaurants, home and workplace. Thanks to modern technologies for offering such amazing storage options, fittings, bottle capacities, temperature zones and smart operational facilities in wine chillers. 

Most importantly, the humidity controls, UV-resistant glass doors, anti-vibration system, door lock, interior LED lighting, temperature alarms, memory functions, reversible doors, adjustable shelves, wooden sliding, charcoal air filtration and upright storage space are key features that you should check before purchase and are included in the following wine coolers.

Wine Chiller Buying Checklist

  • Bottles with enough capacity to hold and build your collection
    Temperature range suitable for chilling all of your favorite wines to the perfect serving temperature
  • Temperature zones, either dual or single, give temperature versatility for your collection.
  • For the freedom to position your refrigerator precisely where you want it, choose between a freestanding or built-in design.
  • To maintain your wine at a consistent temperature, use thermoelectric or compressor cooling.
  • Locks for children’s safety
  • To keep cool air in, use triple pane glass or a well-insulated solid door.
  • LED lighting saves electricity and reduces UV radiation inside your cooler.
  • Shelves for wine bottles that allow them to be placed on their sides for long-term storage.
  • Design that is both durable and stylish, and will endure the test of time.
  • For the life of your appliance, outstanding Customer Service will provide answers to your inquiries and fast problem-solving.

Kadeka KS194TL/TR Wine Chiller

Kadeka Wine Chiller
Image from Kadeka website

Product: Wine Cellar
Model: KS194TL
Bottle Storage Capacity: 194
Installation Type: Built-in or Freestanding
Temperature Range: 05 °C – 22 °C
Temperature Zone: Single
Power Input/Voltage: 190W/220-240V
Weight: 143.6 Kg
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1835 x 655 x 685 (mm)
FeaturesLeft/right integrated handle
02 wire racks
Inverter compressor – Gas R600a
Black cabinet
10 label tags
LED temperature display (°C/°F) and door control panels
Stopper shelves with 13 sliding metal plates and bottle stabilizers
Built-in fan and lock system
Full rimless glass door frame with 03-layered anti-UV light
Charcoal filtration and functional temperature memory
Connoisseur set provided on demand for KS194TL/TR
(I Glass Holder, 1 Decor Rack, 1 Wine Support, 1 Accessory Box)
  • Energy efficient
  • Sufficient Storage Capacity
  • Smart lock and temperature alarms
  • Freestanding and easy to move around
  • Customer friendly integrated doors
  • Only 1 temperature zone
  • Expensive

The inverter compressor runs slowly and continuously maintains the required temperature in the chiller to keep your wine stock chill and ready to serve. The efficient fan cooling system ensures every bottle to be properly chilled and smooth air movement at every corner. Air filtration occurs through charcoal filters that remove odor compounds and keeps the inside area clean. The R600a gas makes it energy efficient and leaves less carbon footprints.

Smart control panel allows you to set the desired temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit and keep your wine collection chilled as long as you need. It’s too easy to use with a touch and monitor display system. The inner blue and red light show the elegant display of remaining wine stock so you can pick the bottles without light interference.

You can warmly offer the wine to hubbies while partying because there is no noise produced during shelf handling, telescopic rolling and sliding. Its wider body and woody racks also protects the labels from scratches and easy adjustment for enough wine stock. Yeah! You can impress your guests by serving fine wines and save your collection through built-in door locks.


Mayer 46 Bottles Wine Cooler MMWC46MAG

Mayer 46 bottles wine chiller
Image from Mayer Website
Brand: Mayer
Product: Wine Cabinet
Model: MMWC46MAG
Bottle (norm Bordeaux) Storage Capacity:  46
Temperature Range: 05 °C – 22 °C
Temperature Zone: Dual
Temperature Setting: Digital
Installation Type: Built-in or Freestanding
Power Input/Voltage: 100W/220-240V
Dimensions (H x W x D): 820 x 595 x 570 (mm)
Local Warranty: 02 years
Compressor Warranty: 06 years
FeaturesLED temperature display (°C/°F) and internal light controlling system
Humidity and temperature control panels
Black interior with seamless design
Adjustable wooden shelves and feet
Reversible and tempered glass door
Handle and door frame are stainless steel
Triple-panel glass for UV protection
  • Affordable price
  • Powerful and energy efficient
  • Dual temperature zone
  • Perfect storage conditions
  • Freestanding built in system
  • Limited capacity

The dual temperature zone facilitates the customers to store stocks for ready to serve and long term purposes. One can also adjust different wine types like red (15-20 °C) white (07-12 °C) in each temperature apartment and freely move the wine chiller to any suitable place i.e. kitchen, drawing room or living room.

Wine stock is easily managed in Mayer wine cooler as it has 136 liter capacity. If you are organizing a social gathering, celebrating a birthday or partying at home, you can smoothly offer the chilled wines to your loved ones within no time. Just place your stock in flexible woody trays and set the temperature range by using smart control panels. No external factor affects your premium wine drinks. You can plan your fun time before it happens.

Moreover, you can reward yourself by sipping your favorite wine and get its premium taste with Mayer wine chiller assistance. The inside 360° rapid air flow circulates optimum cooling atmosphere to every bottle of your loving brand. Just pick one and enjoy the taste!


Tecno 16 Bottles Wine Chiller TWC52CDN

Tecno 16 Bottles Wine Chiller
SpecificationBrand: Tecno
Product: Wine Cooler
Model: TWC52CDN
Bottle (norm Bordeaux) Storage Capacity: 16
Internal Shelves: Anti-froze double glass door
Dimensions (H x W x D): 480 x 470 x 540 (mm)
Local Warranty: 01 year
FeaturesIdeal for space-constrained homes
Compact minimalist design
Equipped with stainless steel handle
Easy operating temperature settings
Adjustable and removable metal racks
Tempered glass door (double tinned)
Low noise, quiet and energy saving compressor
  • Value for money
  • Energy saving wine chiller
  • Occupy less space
  • Manufactured from high quality material
  • Limited capacity
  • No LED
  • No Smart Lock option

The Tecno 16 bottle mini wine chiller is highly recommended for small families or newly married couples. It takes less space for fixing and provides outstanding wine chilling services with a one year warranty. Its stainless steel handle and double tinned tempered glass offers excellent handling while opening and closing the door.

Nowadays, living space issues are common over the world and the Tecno 16 bottle mini wine chiller is best fit for space constrained homes. Its compatibility and simple body structure ensure longevity, durability and room peace. Homeowners reported no complaints while using Tecno TWC52CDN.


Valenti VAW47S Wine Chiller

valenti wine chiller
Brand: Valenti
Product: Wine
Model: VAW47S
Bottle (norm Bordeaux) Storage Capacity: 47
Temperature Range: 07 °C – 18 °C
Temperature Zone: Single
Refrigerant: R600a
Power Input/Voltage: 140W/220-240V
Weight: 33 Kg
Dimensions (H x W x D): 820 x 484 x 600 (mm)
Warranty: Standard local warranty
Features3 wooden shelves
Frost free fan motor
Touchpad control system and LED display
Soft interior light with black cabinet color
Easy operating recessed handle
Low noise and energy saving compressor
  • Reasonable price
  • Sufficient storage capacity
  • Smart operating options
  • Efficient Cooling System
  • Only 1 temperature zone
  • Limited temperature range
  • No key lock

Valenti VAW47S Wine Chiller is the best-selling commodity online and scored 4.8 rating among user experience. Recommended for medium and large size families. The chiller continues its working without producing noise pollution.

The front transparent glass shows optimum storage of your favorite wine and attracts you towards premium sipping after a long day’s work. It’s the best reward to keep yourself relaxed!


Chateau Wine Cooler CW 36TH SNS

Chateau Wine Chiller
Bottle (norm Bordeaux) Storage Capacity: 30
Installation Type: Built-in or Freestanding
Temperature Range: 05 °C – 18 °C
Temperature Zone: Single
Refrigerant: R600a
Power Input/Voltage: 190W/220-240V
Dimensions (H x W x D): 813 x 380 x 595 (mm)
Compressor Warranty: 5 years
Spare Parts & Service Warranty: 1 year
Features5 wooden telescopic shelves
LED blue light and temperature display options
Efficient glass coating to maintain the heat balance
UV insulated glass door
Digital touch control system
Energy saving compressor
Reversible door
  • Reasonable price
  • Smart Operating options
  • Efficient air filtration system
  • Long duration warranty claims
  • Good ventilation and cooling circulation
  • Limited storage capacity
  • Only 1 temperature zone

The low emissivity glass installed in Chateau wine chiller CW 36TH SNS door is to protect your precious wine collection from external UV light and heat which disturbs the wine flavor, taste and aroma. Only the visible light allows you to go inside. The company provides extra quality to its customers with this unique feature. Only the true wine lovers understand its importance.

Efficient air filtration – active charcoal – purifies the odors and undesirable gaseous substances from the cooling air inside the wine chiller. Best suited for single wine flavor storage either instant serving or long term.

That brings us to the end of our list of the finest wine chillers in Singapore. We appreciate the fact that you’re interested in wine chillers. For you, we’ve compiled a selection of the best-selling and high-quality genuine items. If you purchased one of the goods listed above, we wish you the greatest customer experience possible. Have a wonderful drink ahead!

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