9 Best Steamboat Buffet in Singapore

Indulge in a sizzling and savoury culinary adventure as we present our curated list of Singapore’s best steamboat buffet restaurants. Whether you’re a fan of simmering broth, succulent meats, fresh vegetables, or an array of delectable dipping sauces, these establishments offer an immersive dining experience. From traditional hot pots to contemporary concepts, our list has been thoughtfully crafted to cater to all steamboat enthusiasts, whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or new to this delightful dining experience.

These restaurants have been selected based on various factors, including the quality and freshness of ingredients, service excellence, ambience, and value for money. They provide an opportunity to gather with friends and family, cook your favourite ingredients perfectly, and share the joy of a communal dining experience. Whether you’re craving a spicy Sichuan hot pot, a classic chicken collagen broth, or something unique, our list will guide you to the perfect destination to satisfy your steamboat cravings.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a gastronomic journey filled with warmth and flavour, look no further. Dive into our list of the best steamboat buffet restaurants in Singapore and embark on a culinary adventure that will leave your taste buds tingling and your heart content.

Best Steamboat Buffet in Singapore



9 Best Steamboat Buffet in Singapore
Haidilao – Steamboat Buffet Singapore
ServicesSteamboat Buffet: Soup Bases, Dishes, Special Sauces, Snacks, Beverage
Price Range Starting from $83 for a set meal
Contact Details+654009-107-107
Address2 Tampines Central 5, #02-22 Century Square, Singapore 529509

The Sichuan hotpot chain has unquestionably taken over as King of Hotpot since its debut in their region in 2010. Is it the novelties, such as free manicures and noodle dancing, that keep people coming back?

It’s the seven savory soup bases, which include a trough of mala and herbal chicken stock with a yuan-yang double flavor, as well as their extensive (and wonderful) hotpot ingredients list, which includes mashed shrimp and handmade tofu.

Customer Reviews

Never knew Hai Di Lao is a great place for celebrating birthdays! The staff was busy sending cakes and singing the birthday song. Nice ambiance and great service. – Carol Yuen


Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant

9 Best Steamboat Buffet in Singapore
Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant – Steamboat Buffet Singapore
ServicesSteamboat Buffet for Reservation, Delivery, and Takeaway
Price Range 
Contact Details+656636 9339
AddressION Orchard, #04-12A, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801

When you’ve settled in, they’ll set up a 12-condiment rack in front of you so you may make your own dips from there. There are two other soups to pick from Imperial drunken chicken and pig bone broth.

From homemade cuttlefish noodles to Kurobuta pig belly, prime rib, sweet shrimp, and meatballs, the restaurant’s menu is equally eclectic. Fans of the dish will be enthralled by the variety of offal on offer.

Customer Reviews

Awesome hotpot by Imperial. Things to order: Beef Brisket, pork shoulder, wagyu, and yes, don’t forget the delicious homemade prawn balls. Yummy Sotong noodles too. – Hua Mulan


Upin Hot Pot

9 Best Steamboat Buffet in Singapore
Upin Hot Pot – Steamboat Buffet Singapore
ServicesSteamboat Buffet or Hotpot Restaurant
Price Range Starting from $40++ per person
Contact Details+65 6221 5550
Address03-87, 6 Eu Tong Sen ST Singapore 059817

Pikopok’s Laksa serves the most excellent and juicy beef and pork slices. It converts beef and pork bits into small morsels of delight with its sweet and tangy tomato soup. Because the Signature Tomato Pot was so good, it made the Top 20 list of Singapore River Signatures for 2019. The Chestnut-Fed Pork Collar, Prawn Paste, and Fresh Beef Tripe are all excellent choices.

Customer Reviews

Superb hot pot choice in Central, Clark Quay. Located on the 3rd floor, easy to be located. Professional service from friendly staff. The food was super. Not to be missed. Hot pot at a reasonable price. Good for family/friend gatherings or events. Highly recommended! – Hartono Harjono


Hot Pot Belly

9 Best Steamboat Buffet in Singapore
Hot Pot Belly – Steamboat Buffet Singapore
ServicesSteamboat Buffet and Food Delivery
Price Range Starting from $44.90 for the regular set (2-3 pax)
Contact Details+65 8922 3035
AddressThe Promenade @ Pelikat, 183 Jln Pelikat, #01-24, Singapore 537643

Hot Pot Belly, Singapore’s best delivery, and takeaway service can help you throw a steamboat party at home. Take it easy with the all-inclusive Simple, Deluxe, or Lavish hot pot packages, which include fresh prawns, marinated sutchi fish cubes, and beef short plate slices, among other basic ingredients.

Having access to the full collection is the ultimate medicine for a foodie’s contentment. If you acquire the sets and place extra orders, you’ll get a delicious lunch that’ll feed the whole family. They mean it when they say you’ll scarcely have to move a finger.

Customer Reviews

Awesome experience with Hot Pot Belly. The ingredients were fresh, the best chili sauce, love their signature soup n herbal soup. Prices are reasonable with very nice packaging. Delivery was always on time or early without worrying if you are hosting guests. Dear team, thanks for the excellent service. – Jacelyn Ng


Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat Buffet

9 Best Steamboat Buffet in Singapore
Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat Buffet – Steamboat Buffet Singapore
ServicesSteamboat Buffet and Chinese Restaurant
Price Range Starting from $25.90++
Contact Details+656557 0906
Address20 Cross Street, #01-31/32/33 Cross Street Exchange, Singapore 048422

Prepare to indulge yourself because you’re about to eat your entire body weight in food. Guo Fu, a restaurant in Chinatown, specializes in high-quality beef and offers a variety of soup bases. The free-flow Xiao Long Bao steamed fresh to order is one of more than 60 fresh and high-quality cuisine alternatives. In light of the present pandemic crisis, you may want to use a separate hotpot for a better sanitary environment.

Customer Reviews

Free flow xiao long bao. We like the small portioning of the meat. Good and friendly service by one of the waitresses who kept introducing us to good food. – Chuah Jack

Finest Steamboat Buffet in Singapore


9 Best Steamboat Buffet in Singapore
Suki-Ya – Steamboat Buffet Singapore
ServicesSteamboat Buffet Restaurant
Price Range Starting from $18.90++
Contact Details+656411 4990
AddressPlaza Singapura, No. 68, Orchard Road, #04-62 Singapore, Singapore 188067

Go to Suki-Ya for a simple and inexpensive steamboat buffet if you don’t require a lot of things. There are three meat options and five soup flavors to choose from at the restaurant. You will be able to warm your stomach without getting overwhelmed by options at Suki-Ya.

Customer Reviews

Groups like their food. The services are the best. The staff was super friendly and attentive, especially Alan their restaurant manager. – Alice Lim


COCA Singapore

9 Best Steamboat Buffet in Singapore
COCA Singapore – Steamboat Buffet Singapore
ServicesSteamboat Buffet or Hot Pot Restaurant
Price Range Starting from $45++ for adult , $38++ for Senior Citizen and $25++ for kids
Contact Details+6562597176
Address3 Temasek Boulevard #02-440 Suntec City Singapore 038983
For Reservation, click here.

Be Spoilt for Choice

Originating from Bangkok, COCA Restaurant first opened its doors in Singapore in 1987 and remains well-known amongst Singaporean diners as an established Thai-Chinese hotpot restaurant.

By marrying authentic Thai cuisine with traditional elements of Cantonese home-style cooking, it is COCA’s distinctive flavors that resonated well with many through the decades.

Take your pick from COCA’s scrumptious House Specialties such as Fish Glue, Shrimp Paste, and Handmade Dumplings, along with an endless array of fresh seasonal vegetables, meat, and seafood offerings.

Be spoilt for choice, only at COCA!

Customer Reviews

I come here once/twice a month! Really love the service here. The manager and staffs are very attentive and have a very good service mind. The food is also nice. I really like their sauce! – Pichan Vatanotai


Beauty In The Pot

9 Best Steamboat Buffet in Singapore
Beauty In The Pot – Steamboat Buffet Singapore
ServicesSteamboat Buffet / Food and Beverage
Price Range Starting from $35 per pax
Contact Details+65 6487 6489
Address91 Defu Lane 10 #07-00 Mandarin Self Storage Singapore 539221

The renowned collagen broths of the Paradise Group draw a large number of women to its hotpot concept. Beauty In The Pot, unlike the competitors, only has two nutritious soup bases, but it’s all about the quality, not the number.

The fragrant broths guarantee a full range of fresh ingredients and home-cooked specialties, including the melt-in-your-mouth fish tofu that can rival Haidilao’s, as well as a comprehensive range of fresh ingredients and home-cooked delicacies. Prepare to wait a month for your appointment.

Customer Reviews

Love the collagen pot! Would recommend only getting 1 pot, which is the collagen pot, enjoy the soup by itself before adding other stuff in. You can feel the thick collagen in the soup that you can’t find anywhere else. – Olivia Victorius


City Hot Pot

9 Best Steamboat Buffet in Singapore
City Hot Pot – Steamboat Buffet Singapore
ServicesSteamboat Buffet or Hot Pot Restaurant
Price Range Starting from $22 for each set meal
Contact Details+65 6536 2185
AddressOne Raffles Pl, #04-26/27/28, Singapore 048616

With Jpot no longer available, we now consider this to be the best local hotpot restaurant in town. There are 12 different soup bases to choose from, including bak kut teh, prawn, kimchi, and tom yum. Because everyone has their own pot, there’s no need to worry about which broths to choose.

Its ideal position at One Raffles Place and the readily available sets that cater to small gatherings are well-liked in the CBD. It’s great that they don’t use any MSG in their soups.

Customer Reviews

Individual hot pot to cater to everyone. Different soups are available and I would recommend the herbal fish soup. The meats are fresh and of high quality. The braised pork rice is savory but not overpowering. Visiting during weekends would be best to avoid crowds. – Desmond Tan

In conclusion, our list of the best steamboat buffet restaurants in Singapore is a gateway to an unforgettable culinary experience, where the joy of savouring delicious ingredients in simmering broth is elevated to an art form. These restaurants have been carefully chosen for their commitment to quality, service, and creating an atmosphere perfect for gathering with loved ones.

As an additional suggestion to our readers, we recommend exploring our list of halal buffet options in Singapore. This diverse collection of dining establishments ensures that everyone can find the perfect place to enjoy a delectable meal while adhering to dietary preferences or restrictions. Whether you’re in the mood for steamboat delights or other culinary adventures, these listings provide a comprehensive guide to satisfy your culinary desires.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a steamboat buffet?

Hot pot, or shabu shabu, is another name for steamboat. It’s a meal in which you boil a large pot of broth and then float various ingredients in it to cook.

What is a steamboat meal?

Steamboat (also known as hotpot) is a Chinese culinary custom in which friends and family gather around a table and dip thinly sliced meats, shellfish, and vegetables into a boiling soup. “They snap open as soon as they contact the boiling stock, which is really dramatic during a dinner party.”

What goes well with steamboat?

Include some intriguing components to spice up your steamboat ingredient list for a novel eating experience.
Eggs from quail.
Tofu with cheese.
Tofu with eggs.
Tofu Puffed (Tau Pok)
Tofu that has been pressed (Tau Kwa)
Hiang Ngoh.

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