Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in Singapore

If you want to produce products or mend garments without visiting a tailor, a sewing machine is a need. However, there are many various types of sewing machines, from those meant for beginners to those made for experts, and not all sewing machines are created equal. We have put together a list of sewing machine brands ranked by Singapore’s Finest to help you locate the finest sewing machine in Singapore.

Here are the 5 Best Sewing Machine in Singapore.

Finest Sewing Machine in Singapore

The Janome Sewist 725S is a great sewing machine for beginners because it allows you to practice different stitches and stitch settings. The device features a hard case covering a metal internal frame. It has an LED light, a jam-proof quick set bobbin, and an integrated needle threader. 830 stitches per minute are the pace at which it can sew. It also contains a drawer where you may keep sewing supplies and accessories.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Has a top speed of 830 stitches per minute
  • Comes with a drawer for storage
Finest Sewing Machine in Singapore

The JA1450NT, another sewing machine from Brother, is comparable to the preceding model but simpler for novices to use. This model’s mechanism is simple to set up and makes it perfect for repairs and simple sewing. It has an automated needle threader and a top-loading bobbin system. Its softcover covering shields the free arm and light frame. The machine is also quite portable due to its lightweight construction and small design.


  • Capable of high-speed stitching
  • Compact design
  • Automatic stitch width and length settings
Finest Sewing Machine in Singapore

Look at the SINGER 3342 Fashionmate if you want a sewing machine that will last a long time. To increase durability, only a small portion of the metal frame is made of plastic. In order to help you see the thread as you stitch, it also has an LED light built in. You can get uniform stitches on a variety of fabrics with the built-in threader and the variable sewing speed. Depending on your demands, the machine allows you to change the stitch parameters. The machine has 32 stitch designs installed, which you can choose from using the dials.


  • Durable metal frame
  • Has a downloadable sewing assistance app
  • Has 32 built0in stitches
Finest Sewing Machine in Singapore

The Brother AS2730S is a sewing machine with conventional components and a few contemporary additions. It has a foot controller, needle threader, and a quick-set bobbin. A manual thread tension controller and an instructional DVD are also included for ease of usage. The AS2730 also contains an LED light so you can sew while seeing the fabric and your work. It is helpful for those protracted sewing sessions as well.


  • A traditional sewing machine build
  • Has 27 built-in stitches
  • Equipped with a built-in LED light
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Capable of 1-step button sewing
Finest Sewing Machine in Singapore

The NEX Portable Sewing Machine is the perfect gift for youngsters who enjoy arts and crafts if you’re searching for a practical gift. You can choose between two stitching rates on the machine, and the bobbin winding process is automated. The machine’s 12 stitch patterns let you use it for a variety of sewing tasks and repairs. It also contains a drawer for sewing supplies and four rubber anti-skid legs for increased stability. The sewing machine can also be operated using batteries or a plug-in converter.


  • Ideal gift for young sewing enthusiasts
  • Has 12 stitch patterns for projects and basic repairs
  • Can be used with batteries or as a plug-in

Finest Sewing Machine in Singapore

Your life will be made simpler if you get a sewing machine! With a range of fabrics, you’ll be able to produce high-quality work more quickly. You’ll develop a deeper love for sewing than you already have. Depending on what you want to use a sewing machine for, there are a variety of models available.

There are both beginner-friendly machines and commercial machines for people who manage a sewing business. I thus hope that these justifications have persuaded you to spend money on and get the best sewing machine in Singapore.

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