The Finest Sake Bar in Singapore

Enjoy your sake at these Japanese pubs and izakayas in Singapore, whether it’s warm or chilly. At these Singaporean pubs, gather your friends and shout “kanpai” while sipping endless glasses of sake.

From sushi to ramen to omakase experiences, Japanese imports are something we can’t get enough of. However, the neighborhood’s bar culture includes lots of places to get drunk, including sake bars. Would you like to enjoy yourself? Get your dose of the pleasantly cool rice liquor at one of these magnificent sake bars in Singapore.

Best Sake Bar in Singapore


Ishinomaki Grill & Sake

The Finest Sake Bar in Singapore
Ishinomaki Grill & Sake – Sake Bar Singapore
ServicesSake Bar
Operating HoursLunch: 11.30 AM to 3.00 PM
Dinner: 6.00 PM to 10.00 PM
Contact Details+65 6737 1065
Address390 Orchard Road, B1-02/02A/03 Palais Renaissance, Singapore 238871

You may have a wonderful meal cooked from a range of high-quality ingredients at this grill-only eating concept, which also offers real Izakaya meals and Japanese cuisine. The sake and shochu are of the highest caliber. You will be thrilled with every meal and come back for more since the delicious cuisine offered at this restaurant is always of the highest quality.

Their extensive collection of alcoholic sake, which also has a high level, goes perfectly with their excellent dishes. Since they want to ensure that it is of the finest quality, they individually source the sake for their restaurant from a group of Sake Sommeliers. If possible, they will go to several sake breweries and prefectures in Japan so they may sample the sake before serving it to their customers.

Visit them if you want to experience real Japanese cuisine. Without any additional chemicals, you’ll enjoy the flavor of traditional Japanese cuisine.


  • Dining is set in a cozy fishing boat’ cabin, furnished with raw wood and metal finishes
  • Perfect place for any occasion that calls for a toast, or gatherings, as it welcomes any reasons to indulge in celebrations
  • Excellent service
Customer Reviews

Highly recommended! Great food and even more splendid service when we celebrated my dear friend, Mr. Richard Eu’s 99th birthday. – David Aw



The Finest Sake Bar in Singapore
Kabuke – Sake Bar Singapore
ServicesSake Bar
Contact Details+65 8822-5525
Address200A Telok Ayer Street (Level 2) Singapore 068638

Kabuke, a restaurant secluded on the second story of a shophouse near Telok Ayer, specialized on wagyu and sake. Enjoy the former in rice bowl versions with toppings like eel, uni, and foie gras. Then, follow it all up with a choice of sake from its ever-changing menu. You have the option of ordering your beverage by the glass, carafe, or bottle, depending on how well you know it.


  • Provides sake-tasting flight
  • 50-seater Sake gastrobar
  • Cozy atmosphere
Customer Reviews

Amazing food, great ambiance, wonderful sake flights. 2 nights in a row, and definitely many more to come! – Sean Yeo


Bam! Restaurant

The Finest Sake Bar in Singapore
Bam! Restaurant – Sake Bar Singapore
ServicesSake Bar
Operating HoursTuesday – Saturday 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM/6:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Contact Details+65 6226 0500
+65 9178 0664
Address38-40 Tras Street Singapore, Singapore 078977

It was turned from a warehouse into a charming tapa bar with wooden beams, textured cement, metal, and rustic mirrors in an industrial design, and it is nestled away in Tras Street. The décor of the bar combines Spanish and Japanese styles. It is brimming with eating options, including small plates à la carte and an omakase menu.

A traditional Spanish lunch starts with cold, light food and progresses to warm hearty ones. The Gazpachuelo, a Málagan fisherman’s broth that often includes garlic, an egg yolk, fish stock, mayonnaise, and olive oil, is a delicacy to try. Any of the 80 labels can be enhanced with sake. If you’d like to see the chefs in action, you may also choose to seat at the counter.


  • First gastro establishment to pay tribute to ‘Modern Shudo’ – the contemporary way of sake enjoyment
  • With discreet private dining space and a relaxed open kitchen
  • Omakase style dining
Customer Reviews

We tried the omakase menu and the chef was very accommodating to my friend’s numerous food allergies and restrictions. He managed to come up with various alternatives and all of it was very delicious. The service staff was very attentive too. We had a good time. – Josh Phong Lin


Shukuu Japanese Izakaya and Sake Bar

The Finest Sake Bar in Singapore
Shukuu Japanese Izakaya and Sake Bar – Sake Bar Singapore
ServicesSake Bar
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday 17:30 – 22:30
Contact Details+65 6327 9240
Address8 Stanley Street Singapore, Singapore 068727

Shukuu Izakaya, which was established by four friends who adore all things Japanese, is a great place for first-timers to sake. You’re invited to ask the knowledgeable sake sommeliers at the bar for advice. On its website, there is even a sake blog to give you a taste of what to anticipate. Even sake can be ordered online and delivered, bringing the culture of Japan right into your house.


  • Over 60 different types of Sakes from various renowned breweries in Japan
  • Calm and relaxing atmosphere
  • Has its own Sake, made by a storied brewer, and bottled especially in a traditional Tokkuri
Customer Reviews

Great ambiance with great decorations. The staff was friendly and provided us with some recommendations for the sake when we were deciding. The mini spicy salmon don was delicious and paired really well with the sweet sake. – Jon Tan



The Finest Sake Bar in Singapore
Kakure – Sake Bar Singapore
ServicesSake Bar
Operating HoursLunch: Mon – Fri: 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM
Dinner: Mon-Sat: 6:30 PM to 10.30 PM
Contact Details+65 9061 6109
Address29 Scotts Road Singapore 228224

You’ll be thrilled to discover Kakure, a brand-new excellent boutique bar that specializes in high-end Japanese food, which is located in the same building. Due to its dark lighting and plush leather seating, this bar is designed for sake lovers and is situated atop the modern Japanese restaurant Ki-Sho. When you go, you have a lot of options to choose from since the sake is both straightforward and complex and comes in a wide range of flavors. Because each sake is only offered once, only you will have the opportunity to sample each one, giving you bragging rights. The Tatenokawa Junmai Daiginjo, the native sake of the Kakure, is a delicate, aromatic libation with a fruity aftertaste.


  • Restaurant and bar all in one
  • Over 50 labels of sake are on the list
  • The decor is an exquisite mix of East and West
Customer Reviews

Excellent service, excellent food, and an excellent atmosphere. Thoroughly enjoyed the place and dinner. – James Mary Nison

The Finest Sake Bar in Singapore

Neon Pigeon

ServicesSake Bar
Contact Details+65 3129 7551
Address#01-01, 36 Carpenter Street, Singapore 059915

This contemporary izakaya, distinguished by the characteristic pink neon pigeon sign at the entrance, exudes grungy appeal with its dark lighting and concrete finishes. Local street artist Zero decorated the walls with artwork and graffiti, including paintings of pigeons (obviously). Get some grilled octopus, chicken karaage, or Tokyo hummus to share. Not to mention the selection of sake they now have. If you’ve never had sake before, the menu will tell you which sakes are sweeter or dryer so you may choose one that suits your taste.


  • Hip Atmosphere
  • Friendly Bartenders
  • Creative Cocktails
Customer Reviews

Everything about this place is top-notch. The decor and the vibe are fresh and very cool. The food is creative and delicious. The cocktails are sublime. But the service is chewy on top. It’s wonderful to have such a high standard of service from every manager of the team – hostess, servers, general manager, and everyone who makes this a favorite place. Thanks, Neon Pigeon. – Beth Hollahan



ServicesSake Bar
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday 12:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Contact Details+65 8189 1849
Address9 Circular Road Singapore, Singapore 049365

The glass doors to Jidai are tucked away in the center of Circular Road and may go unnoticed at first, but it’s definitely worth a visit. You’ll be greeted by rows of fortune cats as you walk inside this French-Japanese fusion eatery. From small 300ml bottles to enormous 1.8L behemoths to be shared in a large group, it has sake in a variety of tastes and sizes. As you enjoy delectable grilled yakitori sticks, clink your glasses and take a sip.


  • Authentic Japanese
  • Cozy ambiance
Customer Reviews

Service was warm and welcoming, and food came out swiftly thankfully to feed us hungry wolves. The wines were great and really well-priced. I can’t wait to return to try the other dishes. – Johan Lim



ServicesSake Bar
Operating HoursDaily 5:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Contact Details+65 6221 3950
Address5 NEIL ROAD, Singapore, Singapore

Expect choice paralysis if you visit this eatery in person. Be ready if you are ever there since their menu is bigger than what is shown on their website. However, thanks to the welcoming atmosphere, you can unwind and enjoy your lunch without feeling rushed.

A trio of Japanese cheese plates with tastes like smoked radish, miso-marinated, and crab butter is one of their unique offerings. There are more alternatives because each taste has a different texture. This soup also contains pickled radish and okra in addition to shiitake mushrooms. Instead of soy or miso, the dashi stock is created using kombu, bonito, and mackerel. Their oden frequently comes with mustard and is eaten cold.


  • Island Wide Delivery
  • Authentic Japanese
  • Cozy ambiance
  • Seasonal Ingredients
Customer Reviews

Loved every single dish I had here, simple yet delicate. Best accompanied by some of their sake selection. – Zhou Jiajun


Iko Restaurant and Bar

ServicesSake Bar
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday Lunch | 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Dinner | 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Contact Details+65 8866 5218
Address65 Neil Road, Singapore 088897

According to the Iko team, sake is essential to life. This cyberpunk-themed izakaya strives to operate in the “Iko style,” offering contemporary Japanese cuisine prepared using various cooking methods. The staff takes the selection of its sake list extremely seriously, going through a series of tastings each month. You may be guaranteed to find sakes on either end of the spectrum — sweet or dry — by carefully sifting through hundreds of excellent handmade sake.


  • Creative Cuisine
  • Late-Night Dining
  • Cozy Atmosphere
Customer Reviews

Wide variety of food and drinks on the menu and excellent service from their crew. Every dish we ordered is as good as it is plated. We will return again. check out the pictures for reference. – Huiyu Teresa Yap


Hoppy Bar by Hachi

ServicesSake Bar
Operating HoursMonday to Friday 11 AM – 3 AM
Saturday 5 PM – 3 AM
Sunday 5 PM – 12 AM
Contact Details+65 6225 9622
Address16 Enggor Street #01-02, Altez Singapore 079 717

It offers a genuine Japanese bar feel and is about a 5-minute walk from the MRT station. If you want to leave quickly after spending time here, it’s great for after-work beverages. On the other hand, pork skewers and chicken hearts are well worth the cost. Excellent choices include Wagyu steak, grilled kampachi, yakitori sticks, and crab mentaiko. Both the interior and the outdoors have chairs and warmth, yet they also have a different atmospheres. You may enjoy the rare wind and high chairs outside, but the tatami arrangement interior will make you feel just at home. There are also counter chairs where taking off your shoes is required.


  • Cozy ambiance
  • Has outdoor seat
  • Amazing music in the bar
Customer Reviews

The food here has been consistently amazing – from appetizers like crab mentaiko to mains of grilled kampachi, yakitori sticks & wagyu beef, everything we ate tonight was on-point with you. I’ll let the food photos speak for themselves. – Sierra Charlie

I appreciate your reading. We hope that this list will assist you in locating the ideal sake bar where you may sip a delectable beverage. Singapore offers something to offer everyone who enjoys sake, whether you’re searching for a laid-back venue to unwind after work or a more upmarket one to commemorate a special event.

Do check out our list of Sports Bars and have time to try their delicious food.

Frequently Asked Question


What is a Japanese Izakaya?

The three characters that make up the Japanese word izakaya stand for “stay-drink-place,” which refers to a location where you may enjoy a drink, unwind, and settle in.

What is sake made out of?

Rice. Rice, water, koji (rice mold), and yeast are the main components used to make sake. Sake is produced by the use of fermentation and filtering, just like wine and beer. Instead of the typical long-grain type, sake is made from a unique breed of rice that has had its outer layers polished off.

Is sake a beer or liquor?

A sort of brewed alcohol is called sake. Similar to beer and wine, sake is a brewed alcohol prepared from fermented rice juice rather than being distilled. Sake normally contains 15% alcohol by volume, which is significantly less than common spirits like tequila, whiskey, and gin.

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