Qing Ming

Qing Ming is a significant holiday observed mostly by those of Chinese origin in Singapore as a time to remember one’s ancestors. It is also known as “Tomb Sweeping Day” since one of the customary ways to observe it involves washing and sweeping out the graves of your ancestors.

Qing Ming in 2024, 2025, and 2026:

2024April 4ThursdayQing Ming
2025April 4FridayQing Ming
2026April 5SundayQing Ming

These dates are estimated. We will update this page once the official announcement is out.

Although Qing Ming is not a recognized public holiday, many people use their yearly leave to take part in family rituals.

People made a variety of offerings for their departed relatives in Qing Ming. Food, wine, paper crafts, fake gold bars or paper money, incense sticks, or chopsticks are just a few examples. Whatever is provided is meant to be a sign of respect for the deceased and is thought by some to ensure that they will have all they need in the hereafter.

Qing Ming was initially preserved by the Chinese emperors of the Zhou Dynasty. This ceremony was only carried out in ancestral temples. Later, during the Han Dynasty, Qing Ming evolved into a practice that regular people engaged in visiting their loved ones’ graves. However, Qing Ming rites are still carried out in some temples today. It is believed that these ceremonies might grant the deceased “merit” to aid in a good rebirth or reincarnation.

Many people skip work on Qing Ming because it brings about a lot of retail activity and transportation congestion in Singapore.

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