Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day is one of the numerous international traditions that Singapore has absorbed through the years. Given the enormous cultural variety of the city-state of Singapore, this comes as no huge surprise. Although Valentine’s Day is not a recognized national holiday in this country, many people nevertheless enjoy the day.

Valentine’s Day in 2024, 2025, and 2026:

2024Feb 14WednesdayValentine’s Day
2025Feb 14FridayValentine’s Day
2026Feb 14SaturdayValentine’s Day

These dates are estimated. We will update this page once the official announcement is out.

Since Chinese New Year falls around the same time every year, Valentine’s Day here in Singapore is essentially integrated into that celebration. Valentine’s Day activities include going out for fancy, romantic dinners, giving presents or red roses, and exchanging cards. Many people simply disregard the holiday and choose to stay at home or go out to a club.

The Roman god of love Cupid, who is poised to shoot his bow and arrow into the hearts of his “victims” in order to inflict lovesickness, is one of Valentine’s Day’s icons. Hearts in shades of pink and red are also prevalent.

Even though Valentine’s Day falls on the 15th day of Chinese New Year and not necessarily on February 14 of each year, one custom of single young ladies tossing a mandarin orange into the Singapore River at night is viewed as having a strong connection to February 14.

While Valentine’s Day is commonly observed in Singapore, it should be noted that some people may find it to be too commercialized. Some people and couples might want to observe the occasion in more understated or intimate ways, focusing more on the emotion behind it than its commercial features.

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