The Finest Porridge in Singapore

Porridge holds a special place in the hearts and palates of many across the globe, and in Singapore, it transcends its humble origins to become a gastronomic wonder that reflects the rich tapestry of the city-state’s diverse culture and cuisine.

In Singapore, porridge is more than just a bowl of simmering rice; it’s a celebration of culinary ingenuity, blending tradition and modernity with every spoonful. Whether found in vibrant hawker districts or esteemed restaurants, porridge in Singapore offers a delectable journey through flavours that cater to every palate.

Discovering the Best Porridge Spots


Tiong Bahru Xian Ji

ServicesCoffee Shop
Operating HoursDaily: 7 AM–12 AM
Contact Details+65 9863 4647
Address57 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 160057

Another Singaporean indicator of a food stall’s quality, besides extremely large lines, is how quickly its offerings run out. The fact that Xian Ji’s congee frequently sells out well before its 1pm closing time is essentially proof that this congee is top notch.

With meatballs, watercress, offal, and slices of pig, their famous pork porridge has all the fixings we want to start our mornings. These ingredients give the melt-in-your-mouth congee a delicious meatiness.

Customer Reviews

One of the best / freshest Cantonese porridge place in town. Can customize the ingredients you’d like to add it. Also has you-tiao, pork liver, intestines and option to add in a raw egg. Normally only opens in the morning from 7am to 9:30-10am. – Cynthia Wei


Chai Chee Pork Porridge

ServicesHawker Stall
Operating HoursDaily: 4 PM–12 AM
Monday: Closed
Address#01-23 85 Bedok North Road, Singapore 460085

For those looking for congee after hours, Bedok’s famous Chai Chee Pork Porridge is a well-known location for dinner and night in the east of Singapore. A runny egg is best eaten with the gooey porridge, minced pork, and crispy dough fritters that make up the dish’s hallmark.

Customer Reviews

Chai Chee pork porridge S$4.50 at fengshan foodcentre. the pork and minced pork is tender and fresh. Porridge is of a thick texture that do not go watery after stirring it. They also added a little preserved veg to it. There are two stalls having the same name, the one in the morning and afternoon is only $3.50, but at evening supper one is $4.50 got the same thing – Michelle Tan


Yin Ji

Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 9:30 AM–7 PM
Contact Details+65 6443 3875
Address#01-01, 133 Amoy St, Singapore 049962

One of the most well-known congee chains in Guangzhou is Yin Ji, which was founded in the 1950s. Since then, the business has expanded to Singapore, opening its first flagship location at Amoy Street to provide residents a taste of congee from the region that gave rise to Cantonese cuisine. The velvety porridge is flavored with scallions, sliced omelet, and crispy peanuts. We may be found at Yan Ji in the Central Business District if you’re craving straightforward congee.

Customer Reviews

Pleasantly surprised that the food here are truly delicious! All food are above average standard. Only disappointment are the fried chicken wings which are very bland. Definitely worth a try if near the area. – Randy Lim

The Finest Porridge stores in Singapore

Soon Lee Porridge

ServicesHawker Stall
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 6 AM–8:30 PM
Address448 Clementi Ave 3, Singapore 120448

Despite its unassuming exterior, Soon Lee Porridge’s Hainanese porridge delivers a powerful flavor punch owing to a secret stock, lard oil, copious amounts of beef, and copious amounts of spring onions and shallots. To make your version of this decadent dish of comfort food better, add an egg.

Customer Reviews

Very comforting bowl of savory bowl of porridge. Flavourful and generous with the toppings. My favorite is the minced pork with egg, and I really like the minced meatballs inside! Gotta eat it quick though, cause it gets watery when it starts to cool.. Does not come with you tiao but a nearby store sells pretty good ones! Queue is not too bad if you go at 9am+ or 10. – Yu Ai Wong


Sin Heng Kee

ServicesPorridge Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 7 AM–8 PM
Tuesday: Closed
Contact Details+65 9118 1569
Address#01-150, 685 Hougang Street, Singapore 530685

Sin Heng Kee is a little restaurant that specializes in all varieties of congee and is tucked away in the Hougang heartlands. There are more than 20 distinct options on the menu, but each one has the same treacly oatmeal foundation that draws customers back for more. Since Sin Heng Kee produces their own meatballs by hand, the meatball and egg variation is one of our favorites.

Customer Reviews

Best porridge in town! Be prepared to queue for at least 15 mins and then wait about 30 minutes for your piping hot bowl of creamy goodness chockful of ingredients! Go for the signature porridge. My parents frequently travel across the island just to eat here. Ingredients are generous and great quality, squid thick and tender, liver so velvety and just ooh la la. It can be confusing to secure a table, and approach the lady manning the delivery station. Price? Cheap! For the quality you pay! – Putri Iin Alimsijah


Mui Kee

ServicesCantonese Restaurant
Operating HoursWeekdays: 11:30 AM–2:30 PM, 5:30–9 PM
Weekends: 8 AM–9 PM
Contact Details+65 6737 2422
Address#01-12 Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road, Singapore 228208

Anyone who has searched Hong Kong for culinary jewels will be familiar with Mui Kee. But as of last year, this Mongkok institution has established a permanent second home in Shaw Centre, guaranteeing that aficionados no longer need to go across the world for a bowl.

However, there are no drops in quality. The Mui Kee outlet in Singapore still boils the congee base for five hours to achieve a velvety-smooth consistency, and your final dish is prepared in traditional copper pots. Mui Kee provides premium alternatives including having your congee matched with Alaskan king crab, abalone, and lobster in addition to the traditional pork, fish, and chicken congees. Make sure to get a side of crispy dough fritters whether you choose the main menu item or one of the specials.

Customer Reviews

Been here a couple of times for dinner, but was first time I had lunch here. Slight difference in the menu for lunch and dinner, with the claypot stuff mainly for dinner only. The food portions are pretty generous, with lots of ingredients in the different types of porridge available. Recommended dishes include the century egg porridge and the claypot liver (for dinner) or the blanched liver (for lunch). – Toh Hong Rui

In Singapore, porridge is not just a meal; it is a gastronomic experience that captures the spirit of the city-state’s rich culinary tradition. Congee continues to bring people together and excite tourists and residents alike, whether you enjoy a bowl of the original version or one of its more contemporary iterations. Its continued appeal is evidence of Singaporean cuisine’s versatility and originality. Indulge in a warm bowl of porridge the next time you’re in the Lion City to sample the complex tastes that represent Singapore’s diverse culinary heritage.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Singapore porridge?

The foundation of Singaporean dinner culture is Teochew porridge. Boil the rice for Teochew muay over medium-high heat so that the grains roll rather than settle to the bottom of the pot. Tony Boey, the source. If you reside in Singapore, you may have Teochew muay (Teochew porridge) for a late-night dinner.

What is the difference porridge and congee?

The texture of the rice is the easiest and most obvious way to distinguish between congee and porridge. In congee, the rice is completely cooked until it has dissolved into a glue-like or starchy texture. Porridge, on the other hand, plainly has a soup or water basis and the rice still mainly maintains its form.

Is congee the same as rice porridge?

Congee is a type of rice porridge cooked by cooking rice in a lot of water until the rice softens (/kndi/; derived from Tamil kadi). Congee can range in thickness from a Western oatmeal porridge to a gruel, depending on the rice-to-water ratio.

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